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Link Academy FY2020 Real Estate Test Answer Bulletin Qualification School Daiei will release the WEB scoring form on October 16

[FY2020 real estate test answer bulletin] Qualification school Daiei will release the WEB scoring form on October 16
Answer bulletin by qualified school Daiei’s real estate engineer Meister lecturer

A group company of Link and Motivation Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Chuo-ku, Tokyo, Representative: Yoshio Ozasa, Securities Code: 2170), a stock that operates career schools (“PC School Aviva” and
“Qualification School Daiei”) nationwide. Company Link Academy (Headquarters: Chuo-ku, Tokyo, President: Joji Yokoyama, hereinafter referred to as our company) will be held on October 16th (Sunday). We will publish the bonus prediction web mark sheet.
Answer bulletins, test reviews, etc. will be released as they become available. [Image 1

● Qualification School Daiei
October 16, 2020 Building Lots and Buildings Transaction Specialist Examination Bulletin Page
10/16: Web mark sheet distribution that allows self-grading. For those who have tried the web mark sheet, we will also send you a “list of model answers”.
10/18 Test review (estimated pass score), video distribution scheduled Please use it not only for those who have taken the exam, but also for those who aim to pass the real estate contractor exam in the future. Preliminary answer report/examination review introduction of the commentator Qualification school Daiei Special review by real estate master lecturer! [Image 2

Kuniharu Kusumoto, Qualified School Daiei Real Estate Architect Meister Lecturer 33 years experience as a real estate instructor
qualification category unit
national exam series
Kuniharu Kusumoto
After working as a sales employee for condominiums, he has been in charge of lecturer and course development for qualified school Daiei for 33 years.
He has served as a lecturer at numerous trainings at the Ministry of Finance, universities, and companies, and is currently working as a Daiei Real Estate Architect Meister Lecturer to provide support for passing the certification through teaching materials development and lectures.
In addition to real estate agents, he has also passed administrative scrivener, condominium manager, manager, rental real estate management manager, money lending manager, business practice legal test level 2, welfare housing environment coordinator level 2, and FP level 3. national examination specialist.
■ What is a real estate agent?
Real Estate Architect is a national qualification with more than 200,000 applicants per year.
As an expert who supports smooth real estate transactions, there is a stable demand, such as being required to set up in the office, and it is popular regardless of gender as a profession that aims for career advancement, independence, or opening a business after obtaining the qualification.
■ Advantages of acquiring a real estate agent
Due to the high level of expertise and the existence of a monopoly business, the real estate agent is a qualification that can be expected to have stable needs.
Recently, due to the growing awareness of compliance, it is expected to be useful in finding a job, changing jobs, and advancing your career, as well as in other industries and industries.
In addition, the study period required to pass tends to be shorter than other national qualifications, making it easy to obtain. The qualification school Daiei, operated by Link Academy, has its own textbooks and curriculum so that even those who are new to studying for a real estate broker qualification can efficiently acquire the necessary knowledge.
The lecturer and career navigator will work together to provide solid support, so you can take on challenges with peace of mind.
●Aim to pass in 2023! Daiei’s real estate broker course now open [Reason why Daiei’s real estate broker course is chosen]
Attendance satisfaction rate of 97.6% Thorough support from a personal trainer until passing the exam
A live class where everyone can learn together with a real-estate master lecturer and other students
Make the most of your free time! An app that focuses on learning efficiency and allows both input and output
You can study in a nearby classroom (approximately 90 locations nationwide) or at home (online)
[Image 3d70464-21-4689120ec41543658914-2.jpg&s3=70464-21-f7deb4f588acb1e768e2c324516f3a9b-1121x247.jpg
If you are unsure about your career, we will deliver 3 things you can understand with “Free Guidance / Free Trial”
Understand the contents of the real estate license examination Understand the “study content” and “schedule” necessary for the exam Learn about Daiei’s classrooms, staff, and course content
Please feel free to contact us.
▼ Qualification School Daiei’s Real Estate Architect Course
Daiei has about 90 schools nationwide, centered on terminal stations that are ideal for commuting to school.
You can choose either “School” or “Online”.
[Image 4d70464-21-4eddc8aadaa4c4ec29a2-4.jpg&s3=70464-21-b54002921454efd764797917608eea45-400x300.jpg
Qualification school Daiei
Qualification school Daiei document request
Qualification School Daiei’s “Free Guidance / Free Trial”
■Company profile
Link and Motivation Co., Ltd.
・Representative Director and Chairman: Yoshio Ozasa
・Capital: 1,380,610,000 yen
・ Securities code: 2170 (Tokyo Stock Exchange Prime)
・ Headquarters: 15th floor, Kabukiza Tower, 4-12-15 Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo ・Established: April 2000
・Business structure of the Link and Motivation Group
Organizational development division (consulting/cloud business, IR support business)
Individual Development Division (career school business, cram school business) Matching Division (Recruitment business, ALT placement business) Venture incubation
[Image 5d70464-21-d3d881d5a0016bf5b4c2-5.jpg&s3=70464-21-5364d154ef1da0865350a6d959b8567f-651x457.jpg
Link Academy Co., Ltd.

Link Academy, which operates the qualification school Daiei, We are the first Link and Motivation Group company in Japan and Asia to obtain ISO 30414 (Guidelines for Disclosure of Information on Human Capital announced by the International Organization for
All staff recognize the importance of motivation and engagement, and strive to continuously improve and enhance the motivation of students.

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