Link Co., Ltd. Cloud phone service “BIZTEL” releases “number conversion service” that freely expands extension link with FMC service

Link Co., Ltd.
Cloud phone service “BIZTEL” releases “number conversion service” that freely expands extension link with FMC service
Easy linking of preconfigured “Office Link (R)” (NTT Com) and “Business Call Direct” (KDDI) with cloud PBX

BIZTEL, a cloud-based PBX / call center system developed by Link Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo, President: Genji Okada, hereinafter linked), has the top domestic market share (*1) for six consecutive years. , today we will start offering an optional “number conversion service” that facilitates cooperation with other companies’ FMC services (*2) and extensions.
*1 Deloitte Tohmatsu Mick Economic Research Institute, Martech Market Current Status and Prospects 2022 Edition, Cloud-based CRM Market (No. 6)
*2 Abbreviation for Fixed-Mobile Convergence. A service that allows you to make and receive calls using your company’s external and extension numbers using your mobile phone.
BIZTEL is a pioneer of cloud-based telephony systems that offer a wide range of Internet telephony services for businesses. It features a lineup that maximizes the strengths of the cloud, such as “BIZTEL Call Center”, which allows you to build a call center with the Internet and a PC, and “BIZTEL Telework”, a business phone service that packages convenient functions for working from home.
If a company that is already using the FMC service newly introduces BIZTEL and tries to realize extension calls between the two services, the numbering rules for extension numbers (numbering system such as number of digits) are different from each other. In the past, it was necessary to change the numbering rules on the FMC side and conform to the BIZTEL numbering system. As a result, the numbering rules were reconsidered, the FMC terminal extension numbers were changed, and the extension table was rewritten. This was a major burden on the general affairs and information system departments, and was a barrier to the introduction of cloud PBX. .
With the number conversion service released this time, when making extension calls between the FMC service and BIZTEL, numbers can be automatically converted according to each other’s numbering rules, so there is no need to change numbering rules or extension numbers. In addition, it is possible to greatly reduce the work man-hours of the person in charge of general affairs and information system and to extend both services.
In the past, BIZTEL had provided “BIZTEL Mobile”, a service that converts mobile phones and smartphones into extensions through collaboration between FMC and BIZTEL. further promote fusion. [Image 1d7832-64-921e93b79adbf4275b70-1.png&s3=7832-64-2c1f596797e9420e5e8755deb084b393-907x336.png
Image diagram
■ FMC service that can use “number conversion service”
・KDDI “Business Call Direct”
・NTT Communications “Office Link (R)” (*3)
*3 “Office Link (R)” is a registered trademark of NTT DoCoMo, Inc. ■ Usage fee (excluding tax)
[Image 2d7832-64-bfd66f5a662dbe263cbe-0.jpg&s3=7832-64-ef9ec881b3b23b1787af76b92708b4a9-284x102.jpg
■ Service details page
BIZTEL will continue to provide new functions and improve services in order to contribute to the efficiency of corporate telephone operations.
Since its service launch in 2006, BIZTEL has been developing a wide range of corporate telephone systems and call center systems as a pioneer of cloud-based telephony services. Currently, more than 2,000 companies have introduced it, and more than 41,000 seats are in operation. 6th edition)”, it was listed as the service with the top share for the sixth consecutive year in the cloud-based call center system. In addition, in the “Software Business New Market 2022 Edition” published by Fuji Chimera Research Institute, we have achieved the top domestic share of SaaS CTI (telephone and computer integrated system) (2021 results, amount basis). .
For details of the service, please visit About Link Co., Ltd.
Link Co., Ltd. is a cloud-based call center system “BIZTEL” with the top share for 6 consecutive years, centered on the dedicated hosting “at+link” with the largest number of operating units in the industry, and the cloud-based hosting “Link Baremetal Cloud”. We provide various subscription-type services such as the security platform service “PCI DSS Ready Cloud”. We are also engaged in agricultural business, and since October 2011 we have been operating the natural grazing dairy farm “Nakahora Ranch” in Iwaizumi Town, Iwate Prefecture. For details of the business, please visit
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