Linkedin Japan Co., Ltd. LinkedIn surveys trends in the human resources market Japanese job seekers emphasize “rewarding” in addition to “remuneration”

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LinkedIn surveys talent market trends Japanese job seekers focus on rewards and rewards
Applications for remote work jobs are even more active

LinkedIn, the world’s largest business-specific social networking service, is conducting a survey of LinkedIn members around the world on the conditions that job seekers prioritize when choosing a job. The we. According to a survey, job seekers in Japan emphasize “good remuneration and benefits,” “challenging and impactful work,” and “work-life balance.” was seen. In addition, when we analyzed the job postings and application status posted on LinkedIn, the ratio of applications for remote work jobs in Japan is increasing, and the ratio of remote work jobs to all job openings is also increasing. It turns out that
●Japanese job seekers emphasize “work that is rewarding and impactful” in addition to “substantial remuneration and benefits”
In this survey, both in Japan and globally, “sufficient remuneration and benefits” ranked first as the most prioritized condition for job seekers to work. In addition, “work-life balance” and “flexible work styles” are ranked high both in Japan and globally, reflecting the major changes in work styles due to the impact of the corona crisis. On the other hand, in Japan, “challenging and impactful work” ranked second, and “opportunities to work on innovative projects” ranked sixth. It can be seen that there is a tendency to place more emphasis on job satisfaction. Another characteristic of Japan is that “Empathy for the company mission” ranked in 10th.
Globally, “skill improvement” and “career advancement” ranked high, indicating a tendency to emphasize individual growth opportunities. [Image 1d66809-25-a389c3631439793422af-1.png&s3=66809-25-b23c2ff110a084dc34e96015fe574cbe-2405x1467.png
Figure: Ranking of conditions prioritized by job seekers in Japan and globally (Based on LinkedIn’s monthly “Talent Drivers” survey of global members) Demand and supply for remote work are increasing in Japan
We also analyzed remote work jobs posted on LinkedIn and how job seekers applied for remote work. Analyzing the data after 2020, in Japan, the ratio of remote work applications to the total number of applications increased from 7.6% in September 2020 to 14.2% in September 2021, and in September 2022 It has increased to 21.0%. In parallel, the ratio of remote workers to all job openings increased from 3.1% in September 2020 to 7.8% in September 2021 and 10.8% in September 2022. %. It can be seen that the desire for remote work among Japanese job seekers is increasing year by year, and companies are also increasing the number of remote work jobs.
[Image 2d66809-25-da373c070cd5e6699a51-0.png&s3=66809-25-364e3d46b061ebed160e444111b95c13-2408x1189.png
Figure: Job openings for remote work in Japan and application status of job seekers
(From data related to paid job advertisements posted on LinkedIn) From these surveys and analyses, it can be seen that Japanese job seekers emphasize rewarding, work-life balance, the company’s mission, and seek a flexible working environment, including remote work, in addition to remuneration. HR/Recruiters should ask job seekers and employees what their organization values ​​and how they support their employees in order to attract top talent and develop strategies for employee retention. It is considered that it is becoming more important to show Creating a company page on LinkedIn can also be a useful tool to showcase your company’s mission, culture and how your employees work.
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