Live Max Co., Ltd. PayPay coupon campaign will be held at 165 Live Max Hotels & Resorts nationwide!

Live Max Co., Ltd.
PayPay coupon campaign will be held at 165 Livemax Hotels & Resorts nationwide! ~Limited time until October 30th (Sun)! Earn points up to 5% of the accommodation fee! ~

Livemax Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo, Representative Director: Ken Ariyama) will open 165 Livemax Hotels & Resorts nationwide from October 3, 2022 (Monday) to October 30 (Sunday). We will hold a PayPay coupon campaign where up to 5% of the accommodation amount will be returned to customers who paid with the payment service “PayPay”.
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[Campaign details]
If you acquire 2 types of Livemax Hotels & Resorts coupons in advance with the “PayPay” app and use them for payment, up to 5% of the payment amount for payments of 5,000 yen or more including tax (up to 500 points/time) ) will be given as PayPay points. For payments of 30,000 yen or more including tax, up to 3% of the payment amount (upper limit of 2,000 points/time) will be awarded as PayPay points. Please use the PayPay coupon campaign at your accommodation during your business trip or at your memorable inn during your trip. For details on how to use PayPay coupons, please see here
*When you acquire two types of coupons and pay with PayPay, the coupon with the higher point return will be applied.
* If the total amount of coupons granted reaches a predetermined amount, it may end without waiting for the end of the available period. Please note.
* Hotel Livemax BUDGET Umeda is not eligible for coupons.
About LiveMax Hotels & Resorts
Livemax Hotels & Resorts is Japan’s largest directly managed hotel brand with 166 stores nationwide.
[Hotel Livemax brand] 143 buildings nationwide
Under the theme of a simple accommodation style to fully enjoy your trip, we are developing three brands, each classified by rank. We promise a comfortable lifestyle for our guests.
1. Hotel Livemax BUDGET series
Casual series with the theme of “casual style that can be used at a reasonable price”
2. Hotel Livemax Series
Standard series with the theme of “simple accommodation style to fully enjoy your trip”
3. Hotel Livemax PREMIUM series
Hotel Livemax series top-class series with “natural hot spring spa & sauna and amenities that are one rank higher”
Official website:
Official Instagram: @livemax_hotel
[Livemax Resort] 23 buildings nationwide
Aiming to be a resort hotel that can be used without hesitation under the theme of “making the resort more familiar”, we will respond to various needs such as guest room open-air baths and spas using natural hot springs and buffet-style meals.
Official website:
Official Instagram: @livemax_resorts
[About reservations]
Hotel Livemax Official Website: Livemax Resort Official Website: Official app: Search for “Hotel Live Max” on the AppStore and GooglePlay [About inquiries]
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