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LIVING TECH Association Online community “UXD KURASHI LAB.” Concluded a media partnership with the LIVING TECH Association

LIVING TECH Association
Online community “UXD KURASHI LAB.” Concluded media partnership with LIVING TECH Association
Through experience-based projects with about 3,000 members, feedback from users is returned to manufacturers and the possibilities of smart homes are communicated.

This time, UXD KURASHI LAB., an online community specializing in living and housing operated by Develop Japan Co., Ltd. UXD Center (Minato-ku, Tokyo, Center Director: Ken Kimura), which provides digital strategy consulting, and LIVING, a general incorporated association. The TECH Association (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo, Representative Director: Tomohiro Yamashita, English: LIVING TECH ASSOCIATION JAPAN, hereinafter referred to as the LIVING TECH Association) has concluded a media partnership for its activities. In the future, we will actively disseminate information on the voices of users and the possibilities of smart homes, with the common mission of “enriching people’s lives with technology.”

Background of the media partnership
Since its establishment in April 2020, the association has continued to work toward the realization of its mission of “Enriching people’s lives with technology.” In the last two years in particular, we have held conferences for corporations, made presentations at events, exhibited at exhibitions, etc., focusing on activities to expand the circle of member companies that support our mission. And this time, in order to accelerate the realization of the mission, “UXD KURASHI LAB.” “UXD KURASHI LAB.” is a community that provides a place for
approximately 3,000 users to explore and discuss better living and housing. Based on the concept of “enjoying life and creating a home that is uniquely yours”, we use events and questionnaires to disseminate new ideas and services based on the voices of our members, and carry out activities to spread them to society and companies. The two organizations have been collaborating on online events for some time, but will conclude a partnership with the aim of further strengthening cooperation. In the future, we will strive to realize the mission of both parties by jointly disseminating the voices of users of “UXD KURASHI LAB.” to LIVING TECH Association member companies and society.
UXD KURASHI LAB. Producer Mariko Nagai Comment
Our living environment is changing day by day, and our mission is to continue to listen to the voices of consumers and deliver them to society and companies. Even if we say smart home, people have different images and different levels of introduction, so we would like to help create products and services that can update people’s lives for a better life. I am excited to explore new ways of living together with the consumer representative lab members and the companies that belong to the association members.
▼ Comment from Tomohiro Yamashita, Representative Director of the LIVING TECH Association
The smart home has a lot of value that you can experience and understand. Last year, with the cooperation of two families, we had them experience a smart home, set up a workshop, and convert their home into a smart home. One month later, we interviewed them about changes in their lives. One of the comments that left a strong impression on me was the comment from the person who experienced it, saying, “At first, I thought it would be fine without it for a month, but after experiencing it, it would be a bit of a problem if it disappeared.” I felt that I was able to receive such a comment because I experienced the moment when technology enriched my life. It was also an opportunity for companies promoting smart homes to learn hints for popularization. Through this partnership with UXD KURASHI LAB., it is expected that information dissemination through user collaboration will become even more active, and user voices and requests will be conveyed to companies and society, and the realization of the association’s mission will be accelerated. doing.
Operating company: Development Japan Co., Ltd.
Representative: Tomohiro Takahashi
Planning and operation: UXD Center (Center Director: Ken Kimura) Location: Azabu Matsuya Building 5F, 2-8-10 Azabujuban, Minato-ku, Tokyo Business: Planning and development of digital marketing
LIVING TECH Association Overview
Name: LIVING TECH Association
Location: Tatsumura Aoyama Building, 5-4-35 Minami-Aoyama, Minato-ku, Tokyo Established: April 28, 2020
Official website:
board member:
Representative Director: Tomohiro Yamashita (Representative Director of Renoveru Co., Ltd. / Organized by LivingTech Conference 2017-2018) Representative Director: Daisuke Sawada (Amazon Japan G.K. Alexa International Business Development Headquarters General Manager) Director: Yuichi Uno (General Manager, Consumer Business Department, Signify Japan G.K.)
Director: Masahiro Ito (Panasonic Corporation Life Solutions Company Marketing Headquarters Solution Business Division General Manager) Director: Kozo Takei (Founder of Real Estate Tech Association) Director: Katsunori Azuma (General Manager of Business Development Division, YKK AP Inc.)
Director: Tsuyoshi Yamada (Executive Officer, Marketing Division Manager and New Business Development Office Manager, iRobot Japan G.K.)
Auditor: Haruo Narimoto (TMI Sogo Law Office Partner Lawyer) Advisor: Tsuyoshi Nakamura (TEPCO Energy Partner Co., Ltd. Sales Headquarters Customer Sales Department Deputy General Manager Living Digital Media)
Media Partners:
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