log build Co., Ltd. Log build, a remote site visualization application, was selected as one of the 20 startup pitches at PropTech & ConTech Startup Conference 2022, the largest in Asia.

log build Co., Ltd.
Selected as one of 20 startup pitch companies at the Asia’s largest PropTech & ConTech Startup Conference 2022, log build, a remote site visualization application.
In addition to PropTech, ConTech (construction tech) is also the theme, and companies working on DX in the real estate and construction fields gather together.

Log build Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Fujisawa City, Kanagawa Prefecture, Representative Director: Kenichi Nakabori, Log Build), a startup company founded by the president (former site supervisor) of a construction company in Shonan, is Asia’s largest real estate tech & construction tech specialized type. We will be on stage at the pitch conference “PropTech & ConTech Startup Conference 2022”.
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log build was selected as one of 20 companies selected from public offerings at the startup pitch conference “PropTech & ConTech Startup Conference 2022” on the theme of PropTech (real estate tech) and ConTech (construction tech) by Digital Base Capital Co., Ltd. and PropTech JAPAN. and conduct a startup pitch.
Overview of PropTech JAPAN・PropTech Startup Conference 2022
PropTech JAPAN started activities in 2017 to build a startup ecosystem in the real estate and construction fields. Currently, the community members have exceeded 1,700 people, and the excitement is accelerating day by day.
PropTech Startup Conference 2019, which was held in 2019, is back for the first time in three years. This time, in addition to the theme of “Construction DX”, we have come back with more power as PropTech & ConTech Startup Conference 2022.
Twenty startup pitches and booth exhibitions selected from public offerings, and three panel session programs by a total of 15 leading industry leaders will allow you to understand and connect with cutting-edge PropTech and ConTech in one day.
■ Event overview
Name: PropTech & ConTech Startup Conference 2022
Date and time: October 21, 2022 (Friday) 9:05-18:00
Location: KABUTO ONE (Nihonbashi Kabutocho, Chuo-ku, Tokyo)
Capacity: 500 people
Organizer: Digital Base Capital Co., Ltd., PropTech JAPAN
Price: Regular ticket 10,000 yen (tax included)
・Startup companies
・Venture capital, investors
・Real estate companies (developers, real estate contractors, management companies, etc.)
・Construction companies, house builders
・Financial institutions (banks, trust banks, insurance companies, etc.) ・ Those who are interested in real estate and construction DX ■ Event details site
What is log build
Log build Co., Ltd., a construction tech that develops the service “Log System” to realize remote construction management in a wide range of fields such as general contractors, house builders, building contractors, remodeling and renovation, is a construction company in Shonan. Established in February 2020 as the VR/AI/Robot Division of a certain ecomo*1. In November 2021, a total of approximately 100 million yen will be raised as a pre-series A round.
Representative Nakabori is a manager of construction tech and a manager of a construction company, and develops solutions that are really necessary to solve problems for the industry while making use of his experience as a site supervisor.
As a solution to social issues such as labor shortages, aging population, long working hours, individualized management systems, and quality control systems, which are becoming more serious in the construction industry, application” is in the spotlight.
Service overview
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■ Log Walk / 360-degree remote safety management and progress management app using VR photos
Log Walk is a remote site visualization app using VR photography that allows you to “experience as if you were at a construction site”. 360-degree photos uploaded by craftsmen are instantly converted into VR space, and not only the construction manager (site supervisor) in charge, but also internal members such as design and quality control departments, superiors, as well as external contractors involved in construction. Anyone can easily check the current site situation remotely.
With this service, while checking the VR site uploaded by the craftsman from the site, it is possible to manage not only progress and quality control but also safety from the office or remote workspace without moving.
It is a completely new remote site management tool in Japanese construction tech.
-Log Walk’s VR site space sample
https://bazaar.log-system.jp/url-share/603336b4062abe001213a630/Xp6rJ4GwRNo-OzrAK236UM9BEiolge3c ■ Log Meet / Remote quality control application specialized for remote site attendance
With a UI that is easy to use even for craftsmen, it is possible to have online meetings with all people involved in the construction site using the video call function. It is also possible to share the screen of the shared pointer on the screen, the remote shutter, various drawings and the VR space of Log Walk, which are functions to prevent communication loss peculiar to construction sites.
■ Log Kun / An avatar robot that can patrol the site 24 hours a day An avatar robot that can be operated from a smartphone, iPad, or PC regardless of location or manned or unmanned. It is possible to check progress, manage safety, and check quality many times a day without having to travel to the site.
Representative profile
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log build Co., Ltd.
Representative Director Kenichi Nakabori
Born in 1971. After graduating from high school in Kanagawa, after working as a company employee, he worked at a construction company in Tokyo, and became independent at the age of 26. From his own experience as a site supervisor, he finds problems in the construction industry. While running ecomo Co., Ltd., a construction company that uses natural materials, he has built a new system that looks ahead to the future of the industry. In February 2020, he launched log build Co., Ltd., which develops AI and VR Photo, remote site attendance applications, remote construction management robots, etc. He has been involved in the construction industry for about 30 years, and has given many lectures to construction companies nationwide to convey how to start and structure the industry DX.

*1 ecomo Co., Ltd.
A construction company in Shonan. (Headquarters: 4-1-9 Jonan, Fujisawa City, Kanagawa Prefecture; Representative Director: Kenichi Nakabori) Launched Smart Builders, which realizes new ways of working with technology, and drives the transformation of the industry into DX. Digital shift is progressing the most in Japan, and the online system is in place, and we are conducting activities to spread our know-how throughout Japan. Participated as a special lecturer at a seminar hosted by a major building material manufacturer.
URL: https://www.ecomo-life.com/
[Contact for press inquiries regarding this release]
log build Co., Ltd.
Business manager Keita Kuniyoshi
Inquiries: https://www.log-build.com/inquiry/
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