Logistics strategy construction/problem solving A consultant from Funai Research Institute will give a lecture at the 20th Supply Chain Logistics Seminar (sponsored by Senko Co., Ltd.)

Logistics Consultant Funai Soken Logi
[Logistics strategy building/problem solving] A consultant from Funai Research Institute will give a lecture at the 20th Supply Chain Logistics Seminar (sponsored by Senko Co., Ltd.)

Seiji Akamine, a consultant of Funai Soken Logistics Co., Ltd. (Tokyo head office: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, Representative: Shigehiro Suga, hereinafter “Funai Soken Logistics”), which provides logistics and logistics consulting services, will give a lecture on the seminar “Second At the 20th Supply Chain Logistics Seminar”, we will explain the theme of “What shippers should do toward 2024”.
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seminar theme
Future Logistics Strategies Required in a Rapidly Changing Logistics Environment The environment surrounding logistics is undergoing various changes, such as the development of measures to respond to legal revisions, labor shortages due to the declining birthrate and aging population, changes in the social and economic environment due to the spread of COVID-19, and the evolution of the latest technologies such as AI and IoT. is occurring.
In this seminar (sponsored by Senko Co., Ltd.), information that is a must-see for logistics personnel, such as hints for building logistics strategies and problem solving, and introduction examples, was delivered. We will explain the theme of what the shipper should do. Please join us for the trend prediction seminar hosted by Funai Soken Logi! A seminar hosted by Funai Research Institute Logi “2023 Trend Prediction Seminar” A little early pre-presentation “!” will also be held on November 16, 2022 (Thursday).
At the seminar, we will predict the industry topics that logistics companies and shippers are most concerned about, and tell them what they should do now.
It will be live streamed online and you can participate from anywhere in the country, so please consider this as well.
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≪ As soon as we reach the capacity of 500 people, we will stop accepting applications. ≫
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The “Logistics Industry Trend Forecast Seminar” is held at the beginning of every year, but this year, we will inform you of the logistics trend forecast for 2023 “a little earlier”.
Company introduction
About Funai Soken Logistics
One of Japan’s largest comprehensive logistics consulting companies that consistently supports from the formulation of strategies and tactics to their execution in the logistics field. Based on a wealth of experience in supporting both shippers and logistics companies, we provide practical consulting that solves customer issues at the essential level. We provide one-stop “logistics solutions” that customers need, based on four axes: consulting, community, network, and database.
Company Profile
Headquarters: 22nd Floor, Nippon Life Marunouchi Building, 1-6-6 Marunouchi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 100-0005 (Tokyo Headquarters)
Representative: Representative Director Shigehiro Suga
Established: May 10, 2000
Capital: 98 million yen
Phone: 0120-659-456
Email: marketing@f-logi.com
Website: https://www.f-logi.com/

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