Long-awaited new colors Popular crew socks from United Athle that will be the main part of your outfit!

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[Long-awaited new colors] Popular crew socks from United Athle that will be the main part of your outfit!
LIME SHOP New arrivals at Yahoo store from October 20th! It is a color variation that holds down the trend.

These socks have a simple line design that adds a focal point to your outfit. Toughness inspired by old school-like skater socks is a trend. There is no color to throw away even if you have all the variations of solid color and line socks! Useful as an accent for your daily outfit. [Image 1d59167-532-bba0f42cbc3f3ce39d76-3.jpg&s3=59167-532-b7c224e33e0c6e02b8057cf876984977-800x800.jpg
The point is the thick sole pile and robust ribs.
The length is just right and goes well with shorts. Of course, even with long pants, if you can catch a glimpse of it, it will add a stylish touch!
Not only solid colors, but also line socks are available, and the lines that look like high-cut sneakers will accent your outfit. [Image 2d59167-532-945dedde99ad46ed5ad1-5.jpg&s3=59167-532-58321aa4c1916c7c1c892a2ff501bfb5-800x800.jpg
Crew-length socks with an exquisite length that you want to wear with shorts and sneakers.
One of the features is the toughness of the thick sole pile and elastic ribs that sampled skater socks.
[Image 3d59167-532-847a823923af66000596-2.jpg&s3=59167-532-7f699678d1fa93fb9a853de55035e9a8-800x800.jpg
Not only solid colors, but also line socks are available, and the lines that can be seen from high-cut sneakers will accent your outfit. Enjoy fashion from your feet with United Athle!
[Image 4d59167-532-3294cc58b5171222993d-4.jpg&s3=59167-532-849a37ac320da5e6e97a2e0cb93c8b0d-800x800.jpg
*What are crew socks?
A thick, ribbed sock that goes down to the bottom of the calf. The origin is that the crew (sailor) was wearing it.
It is also called “rib socks” because many of them are characterized by rib knitting.
As an item that makes street fashion such as skaters fashionable, it is popular as a standard item for both men and women.
[Image 5d59167-532-a5454d346841ad12474d-0.jpg&s3=59167-532-fb1c67e69403d59eed117637d18f0d04-800x800.jpg
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United Athle bottom pile crew socks Suggested price 1,170 yen → 950 yen (tax included)
https://store.shopping.yahoo.co.jp/lime-shop-japan/united9240.html [Image 6d59167-532-caad2eba71d496a565ff-6.jpg&s3=59167-532-ea75a44f29009b90ac9ed3699a0777e3-800x800.jpg
[Image 7d59167-532-a391695ab76a092d4075-7.jpg&s3=59167-532-bba6418c1e8d742f1b15cfa5856468f9-800x800.jpg
Material: 80% cotton, 19% polyester, 1% polyurethane
*Antibacterial and deodorizing thread is used.
Size: 25-29cm
Height from heel to opening: 26cm
【important point】
*Please wash with similar colors.
*Please use non-fluorescent detergent. Do not use chlorine bleach or detergents containing fluorescent whitening agents.
*Please use a pressing cloth when ironing.
*Do not iron the printed part.
*Due to the nature of the dye, the color may transfer due to friction or sweat. *Please understand that there may be a difference in color between the image and the actual product due to the nature of the camera and monitor.
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