LPI-Japan Accredits Livermy Co., Ltd. as the 18th HTML5 Academic Accredited School

LPI-Japan Accredits Livermy Co., Ltd. as the 18th HTML5 Academic Accredited School
-Incorporating the HTML5 Professional Certification Test into In-house Education and Promoting Acquisition of Certification to Develop Digital Creative Human Resources-

LPI Japan (hereafter: LPI-Japan, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, Chairman Atsuo Suzuki, https://lpi .or.jp) has made Livermy Co., Ltd. (hereinafter: Livermy, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, Representative Director Yuki Kawai, https://rivermee.com/) an “LPI-Japan HTML5 Academic Accredited School (*2)”. Announcing accreditation. With this accreditation, the school will focus on education such as support for acquiring HTML5
professional certification that can prove skills and knowledge of the latest web technology, aiming to develop digital creative human resources who can create new value.

Livermy is a notable company that develops various businesses in addition to the “Digital Creative & Solutions Business” and “Human Resources Business.” The company trains professionals in each field in order to create “unprecedented” services with the power of digital. As part of this, we will incorporate the HTML5 Professional Certification exam into our in-house education and promote certification
LPI-Japan certifies that Livermy can provide high-quality education to examinees aiming to acquire HTML5 professional certification by clearing the learning environment standards set by this organization, and also conducts lectures and seminars for employees. We will support the company’s efforts to develop human resources through
implementation, etc.
Through these activities, LPI-Japan supports engineers in voluntarily learning and acquiring IT skills, and actively engages in activities to develop an environment where open technology engineers can be evaluated and play an active role.
Livemy Co., Ltd.
Representative Director Yuki Kawai
Thank you for certifying Livermy Co., Ltd. as an LPI-Japan HTML5 academic accredited school. Since our establishment in 2018, we have been developing mainly the “Digital Creative & Solutions Business” and the “Human Resources Business”. We are looking for friends who agree with our desire to make the world more convenient and enjoyable with the power of digital technology.
(*1) HTML5 Professional Certification:
HTML5 Professional Certification is a certification system that fairly, strictly, and neutrally certifies technical skills and knowledge related to the latest markups such as HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript. Consists of Level 1, which measures the basic ability to create web content that supports multiple devices, and Level 2, which certifies the ability to develop and design web applications and dynamic web content that support inter-system cooperation and the latest multimedia technology. It has been.
(*2) LPI-Japan HTML5 Academic Accredited School System:
The “LPI-Japan HTML5 Academic Accredited School System” is a program that aims to spread high-quality web technology education in cooperation with IT educational institutions and human resource development departments of companies. In order to become an academic accredited school, it is necessary to clear the learning environment standards set independently by LPI-Japan, and accredited universities, vocational schools, PC schools, corporate training institutions, etc. You can prove that you can provide quality education to You can see the “LPI-Japan HTML5 Academic Accredited School List” below. https://html5exam.jp/measures/learning.html#institutions
We hold online briefings on this system from time to time. Please apply from the following.
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The HTML5 Professional Certification Exam will be delivered by Pearson VUE worldwide, including Japan. Please see below for the Pearson VUE exam reservation site.
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