luco Co., Ltd. luco Co., Ltd. has raised a total of approximately 100 million yen as a pre-series A

Luco Co., Ltd.
luco Co., Ltd. raises a total of approximately 100 million yen as pre-series A Expanding the team to further accelerate development in order to create a new creator economic zone

Luco Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, Representative Director: Lubunken), which provides the distribution screen design service “Scolab” that operates on the browser, is a J-KISS type new share that is underwritten by existing and new investors. Through the issuance of reservation rights, a total of approximately 100 million yen was raised.
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Funding overview
■ Procurement amount
104 million yen
■ Procurement method
Issuance of J-KISS stock acquisition rights
■ Background and purpose of procurement
With the mission of “creating a new entertainment economic zone”, we have been providing “Scolab”, a distribution screen design service that runs on the browser since the end of July 2022. The main purpose of the funds raised this time is to invest in strengthening the team for business expansion. By expanding the organization, we will accelerate the development of “Scolab” and create new value in parallel, further accelerating the creation of a new entertainment economic zone.
■ Underwriters (titles omitted, in no particular order)
B Dash Ventures, Skyland Ventures, Adways Ventures
Individual investors: Eiji Araki (DJ RIO), Masao Ito, Kensuke Furukawa (Kensu), and one other person
Investor comments
B Dash Ventures Co., Ltd. Representative Director Hiroyuki Watanabe Currently, the method of obtaining the distribution screen design, which is one of the factors that determine the quality of VTube distribution, is limited. Scolab will become an indispensable platform for VTubers, and I will accompany luco to demonstrate its presence in the rapidly growing VTube market.
Skyland Ventures General Partner CEO Yoshihiko Kinoshita
The business idea for Scollabo, which is operated by LUCO, came out after a discussion with Mr. Azu, who was looking for a business idea in 2021 to aim for a presence like Canva for live streaming. It took a year before the beta release, but the best product team was assembled, and the quality of the product exceeded my expectations, even considering my experience of investing in many startups as a VC. It is also used in other regular online meetings. As the first investor of LUCO, I believe more than anyone else that LUCO will make great strides globally and become a global start-up.
Skyland Ventures Venture Capitalist Kota Murakami
I still can’t forget the surprise when I used Scolab’s first demo, and the operation on the web browser was immediately reflected on the live streaming screen. I am convinced that everyone at LUCO is a wonderful team with management and engineering capabilities that can continue to create products of such reliable quality. I’m looking forward to the new updates that are coming, and thank you for your continued support! Adways Ventures Co., Ltd. Director Akihiko Nishioka
We are looking forward to the realization of live distribution that can be completed on the browser!
Every Vtuber’s daily distribution activities become a little more convenient, and the listener’s promotion becomes a little more fun. Scolab is such a product that you can’t live without. I’m looking forward to seeing Canva and Figma evolve into the next generation in an age when all human beings are turning into avatars!
The service that shocked me! This is amazing. I wish you the best! Representative’s comment
Luco Co., Ltd. CEO Lubunken
In this round of fundraising, we were able to have people who have deep connections and knowledge in the industry strongly sympathize with our vision and participate. I feel very honored.
First of all, we will start by providing the functions that current users have come to expect, but at the same time, thanks to the investors, we will propose new ways of creative communication that will be brought about by Scolab. It is expected that it will be possible to continue
There are still many unknowns, and it is a long way to go, but we will continue to take on the challenge of building a new economic zone that is close to our “likes” while borrowing the funds that have been entrusted to us and our wisdom.
Recruitment information
[Image 6d89630-19-0a9a418a1f03df72739c-3.png&s3=89630-19-15b8ed7faef3cbf187c1f7be519a9752-1136x755.png
This time, luco Co., Ltd. has decided to carry out recruitment activities for engineers, UI / UX designers, and corporate staff for the expansion of the business of “Scolab” in conjunction with fundraising. In the future, we will accelerate business and
development with the aim of becoming a mechanism that connects distributors and creators, distributors and viewers.
We are looking forward to receiving applications from those who sympathize with luco’s mission of “creating a new entertainment economic zone”.
■ Web engineer recruitment page (mid-career/side job)
■ UI/UX designer recruitment page (mid-career/side job)
What is Scolab
[Image 7d89630-19-9bef30a80f58a2271023-1.png&s3=89630-19-0c19126dd13481639890daa00bc31315-3900x2194.png
Scolab is a delivery screen design service that runs on a browser. The service is currently being released as an open beta test. More than 4000 materials can be used for distribution etc. for free.
・ Official website:
・ Official Twitter:
About Luco Co., Ltd.
[Image 8d89630-19-145a6bddc13b97bd945c-2.png&s3=89630-19-262b2c86c879e129f584faea465e5ff3-1920x1080.png
・ Location: 19-19 Uguisudani-cho, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo No. 3 Kano Building Room 203 ・Representative Director: Ryobunken
・Business description: Internet service planning and development and translation business
・Date of establishment: October 16, 2019
・ Twitter: https:/
Details about this release:


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