MAIMO, a travel brand originating in Japan, has started selling original luggage tags.

MAIMO, a travel brand originating in Japan, has started selling original luggage tags.

MAIMO, a travel brand originating in Japan, launched on September 17, 2022 (KURUKURU Co., Ltd.: Headquarters: Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo;
Representative Director: Yasuhiro Sekizawa) will start selling luggage tags with original designs today.
[Image 1

[Privacy options that expand with a little ingenuity]
Luggage tags are popular accessories for travel suitcases.
It can be used for a wide range of purposes, such as making it easier to distinguish your luggage from other people’s luggage, attaching it as an accent to your design, or storing your contact card in case it is lost.
This product makes it possible to disclose information in line with the times by adding a twist to the contact card.
[Contact card with SNS account name column added]
Speaking of contact cards on luggage tags, it is common to list information with a high degree of privacy such as names, addresses, and phone numbers. However, there are many people who feel
uncomfortable writing personal information on tags attached to the outside of their suitcases. Therefore, this product has a
specification that allows you to freely select the privacy level of the information you write by adding an “SNS account name entry field”. It is possible to communicate while maintaining a sense of distance by expanding the options for the medium to be contacted by the person who found it when it is lost. We’ve kept things up-to-date so that you can stay in touch while protecting your privacy using direct messages and chats.
[Image 2

[Luxury leather-like material]
It is a high-class design with an original logo stamped on a leather-like material that makes the suitcase look sharp just by attaching it. We have prepared a simple design that is easy for anyone to use anytime, regardless of the color of the suitcase body, clothes, or occasion, and is available in the classic black color.
[Image 3

[High temperature / low temperature test completed]
Luggage tags undergo high-temperature and low-temperature tests* to ensure quality so that you can carry your luggage anywhere from cold countries to southern countries with peace of mind.
*Temperature cycle test was carried out by leaving it at a high temperature of 60 degrees for 2 hours and then at a low temperature of -20 degrees for 2 hours.
Leather-like material is used for this product.
The texture of this product is just like real leather, but it is not a genuine leather product.
We strive to make the appearance of the actual product as close as possible to the photos used, but the color and texture may differ slightly depending on the manufacturing environment and usage environment. Please note.
[Image 4

MAIMO’s first suitcase “COLOR YOU”, which went on sale on September 17, 2022, has many functions and services, including “exchangeable casters” that overturn the conventional wisdom of the suitcase industry. It is an epoch-making product.
Please check the details of the product on the official website. [Background of brand launch]
In these days, the coronavirus is raging, and travel, business trips, and homecomings are unavoidable.
That’s why we want to create a travel brand that provides new value in the form of “products x services.”
I want to cheer up the depressed world by launching.
“MAIMO” is a brand originating in Japan launched by three female developers. We are committed to 0.1mm, and we are working hard every day on development from the user’s point of view.
[Product basic information]
Product name: MAIMO original luggage tag
Price: 1,980 yen (tax included)
Color: Black
Contents: Luggage tag body, contact card
Stores: Official EC site, EC platform (Rakuten, Amazon)
[Brand information]
⚫︎Brand name: MAIMO
⚫︎ Origin of the brand name: A coined word that combines the three words MY (my) MOVE (movement / impression) and AIM (ambition / goal). ⚫︎Concept
“Travel, homecoming, work, MAIMO. 』
MAIMO is more than just a suitcase
It is a brand originating in Japan that delivers a “partner to the destination” that suits each person’s style.
With gem products and services that are not bound by the common sense of the suitcase industry
We will continue to aim to be a “travel brand that is close to our customers”. Brand site:
Official Instagram:
Official Twitter:
Official Facebook:
Details about this release:

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