MAKOTO WILL Co., Ltd. 54 startups from Aomori Startup Center at the end of September, breaking the previous annual record in half a year

Aomori Startup Center launched 54 startups at the end of September, breaking the previous annual record in half a year

We are pleased to announce that the number of start-ups from the “Aomori Startup Center”, which is operated by MAKOTO WILL Co., Ltd., reached 54 at the end of September 2022, breaking the previous annual record in the middle of this year.
1. Created 54 start-up cases in 6 months from April to September [Image 1d44010-71-50042c131733fba3a05a-0.png&s3=44010-71-2fb10bf679047f2b85ea19c67ebe3238-1326x1104.png
At the Aomori Startup Center (hereinafter referred to as Aosta), which supports business startups and solves management problems in the Tosei area, including Aomori City, 54 people from among the consultants actually participated in the six months from April to September 2022. We would like to inform you that we have started.
Since its opening, Aostar has been supporting people and businesses who aim to start a business. Until now, the maximum number of people who started business after consulting with Aosta was 27 per year (2017 and 2018), but this year we have achieved 200% of the past annual record in half a year. shape.
Aosta will continue to work to revitalize the economic environment of Aomori, which has been in a difficult environment due to the corona wreck.
2. Flexible start-up support with unique “AOMORI model”
[Image 2d44010-71-0aa502cddd691b01a631-2.png&s3=44010-71-9e8d43fa1bdf00102bafe11d4588c0fa-1316x1106.png
■ Shifting to an aggressive stance, “searching” for entrepreneurs instead of “waiting” for them
At Aostar, we have renewed the consultation system, which has tended to be “waiting” so far. We have expanded the base of entrepreneurs by holding various events for people before starting a business to take a step forward, and by cooperating with various institutions such as banks to scoop up people who are stuck in formulating a business plan. ■ 3 “AOMORI Model” support to shortcut the way to entrepreneurship After finding people who are “interested in starting a business”, we have introduced the following three support methods in order to improve the speed of preparation for starting a business.
1. High-frequency, high-density consultation at a pace of once a week 2. Creating a schedule until opening and managing preparation work according to the schedule
3. Creation and use of original templates for creating business plans 3. Flexible start-up support with unique “AOMORI model”
Of the 54 foundings, we will introduce the case studies of two companies. Case 1. appcycle Inc.
[Image 3d44010-71-20a275952682b9f40494-3.jpg&s3=44010-71-82d5614625374a2dfa484e33b35ae83a-1088x300.jpg

appcycle Co., Ltd. mainly manufactures and sells vegan leather using the residue of Aomori’s specialty “apple”, and provides marketing support for apple farmers. We have established global bases in places such as Aomori, Singapore, and Tokyo, and are delivering the value and appeal of apples that Aomori boasts to the world.
After its founding in May 2022, the product was researched and developed, and in October, the prototype was adopted for ANA’s special painting machine.
At Aostar, we have established corporations from overseas, supported collaboration with local businesses, fund procurement, and PR support. Case 2. UNITED AOMORI
[Image 4d44010-71-bbe579b50f4e1985f2a0-4.jpg&s3=44010-71-ac297ab37d90f0a7ae89be3702efe01b-940x529.jpg
UNITED AOMORI delivers the charm of saunas and Aomori to people inside and outside the prefecture, mainly through business trip type sauna car business.
The founder, Mr. Tomioka, who is from Aomori Prefecture, made a U-turn from his place of employment in Tokyo this year, and launched the business while living in two bases, Aomori and Tokyo. It is important to pay attention to the lifestyle and business style that suppresses modern trends, such as migration, living in two bases, and saunas. At Aostar, we provided planning support for the sauna car business, which was the first challenge, and crowdfunding planning support. 4. About Aomori Startup Center
[Image 5d44010-71-cdacab5fab3fa4e4d80b-7.png&s3=44010-71-90cc4071c8337cf7f22d0e296f417a0c-1302x438.png

The Aomori Startup Center is a consultation service that consistently supports from founding to management with the aim of revitalizing the economy of the Tosei region of Aomori Prefecture (Aomori City, Hiranai Town, Imabetsu Town, Yomogi Village, Sotogahama Town). We will respond to all kinds of consultations, from business plan construction, founding procedures, fund procurement, and improvement of management conditions.
■ Coordinator introduction
[Image 6d44010-71-abc8c425775f246ef3c0-8.png&s3=44010-71-5466efbf160079c5c4a38a3710abc4a3-1340x492.png
■ Overview of Aomori Startup Center
Usage fee: Free
Target users: Business operators in the five municipalities of the Tosei area, those wishing to start a business, etc.
Address: 〒030-0801 1-2-18 Shinmachi Shinmachi, Aomori City Aomori Chamber of Commerce and Industry Hall 1F
Phone: 017-763-0037
Opening hours: Tuesday-Saturday 10:00-19:00
*Excluding holidays and year-end and New Year holidays
Inquiries: 017-734-1311
■ Inquiries regarding this release
Hiromasa Uematsu, Aomori Startup Center
TEL: 017-763-0037

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