Makuake (by Aito) A collaboration of tradition and crafts. Have a relaxing time at a luxury inn at home. Developed “Akatsukii” Tokoname ware teapot, teacup, and gyokuro tea set that anyone can easily brew truly delicious Uji gyokuro.

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Aito Co., Ltd.
A collaboration of tradition and craft. Have a relaxing time at a luxury inn at home. Developed “Akatsukii” Tokoname ware teapot, teacup, and gyokuro tea set that anyone can easily brew truly delicious Uji gyokuro.

[Project period] October 15, 2022 to January 12, 2023 / Accepting orders on the crowdfunding site “Makuake”
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Aito Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo; Representative Director: Akimasa Kaji) is a long-established tea shop with a history of 450 years, Kanbayashi Shunsho Honten (Headquarters: Uji City, Kyoto Prefecture, Representative Director: Harumatsu Kambayashi) and Mr. Yutaka Tsuzuki, a traditional craftsman of Tokoname ware certified by the Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry. We will develop an original gyokuro that is packaged for one-pot use and will start a support purchase project on the crowdfunding site “MAKUAKE”. The sales period is from Saturday, October 15, 2022 to Thursday, January 12, 2023.
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3 story points
Kanbayashi Shunmatsu Honten, a long-established tea shop with a history of 450 years, combines only high-quality Uji Gyokuro and packages it for one brew.
Mr. Yutaka Tsuzuki, a traditional craftsman of Tokoname ware certified by the Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry, pursued design and developed a teapot. Harumatsu Uebayashi supervises functions. Tokoname ware craft teapot, paired teacups, and gyokuro set with unglazed finish that retains the texture of the soil to remove the miscellaneous flavors of tea.

Product features
This project, which delivers Tokoname ware teapots, teacups, and gyokuro tea sets, was realized through the collaboration of creators who have two different traditional cultures and craft techniques: Japanese tea and ceramics.
▼About Gyokuro
Kanbayashi Shunmatsu Honten, a 450-year-old long-established tea store in Uji, Kyoto, headed by the 15th head of the family, Shunmatsu Kanbayashi, offers a more convenient, casual and high-quality tea for those who want to enjoy making gyokuro for the first time. We have made high-class Uji Gyokuro into a pack so that you can drink genuine Uji tea deliciously. In addition, Harumatsu Uebayashi supervised the function of the teapot.
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Even with the same gyokuro, there are different capacities that are easier to drink depending on the nature of the tea leaves. Its capacity is dense.
For example, for those who brew gyokuro for the first time, measuring tea leaves to make delicious gyokuro is a hurdle. Tea shop Kanbayashi Harumatsu head office is doing it. You can brew delicious gyokuro by simply opening the bag, putting all the enclosed tea leaves into a teapot, preparing hot water, and pouring it in.
The moment you put the tea leaves into the teapot and pour the hot water, the gentle, mellow aroma of the tea fills the air.
▼About teapot and cup
[Image 4

Mr. Yutaka Tsuzuki, a traditional craftsman of Tokoname ware certified by the Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry, who continues to deepen his techniques to match modern lifestyles, extracts
high-quality Uji gyokuro to the last drop (a rich drop), and even women can use it with one hand. We have developed a teapot that has been thoroughly polished, with functional beauty such as easy brewing, and a shape design that blends in with modern interiors.
Tokoname ware is unglazed, so it is possible to remove the tea’s miscellaneous taste, and the tea strainer with an opening that can be poured without leaving the last drop of condensed umami ingredients in the teapot. Originally, enjoying the taste of the tea leaves dripping down into the teacup is the real pleasure of gyokuro, so the shape of the tea strainer’s hole is finished with that balance in mind. “Akatsuki” and “Evening” Tokoname ware teapot and teacup, background and outline of Gyokuro tea set project
▼Have you forgotten? your precious space. have you got it? Time to share with family.
For work and housework. Every day is pressed for time, and while living as if it were consumed, it is time to stop and think. On the sofa after work. In bed at the end of the day. Do you have any thoughts while watching the news in the morning?
“Why am I working so hard these days?”
Have you forgotten these days? your precious space. Time to share with family. It’s so obvious that I didn’t pay attention to it, but I think it’s a source of exciting curiosity, a sense of security, and a sense of satisfaction in everyday life that used to feel somewhat dull. ? ▼I want to recreate the relaxing moment of a cup of welcome tea at a luxury inn after a long trip.
A welcome tea at a luxury inn where you can have your tea brewed slowly and carefully by the landlady’s hand, drop by drop.
It is a special moment when you can’t help but breathe a sigh of relief when your body and mind are exhausted from the long journey, paying attention to safety.
In today’s world, where society and the environment change rapidly and become more uncertain and complicated, it’s like trying to find a destination while getting lost in a new land.
For example, if you can create such a relaxing space and time in your living room, dining room, or desk where you work from home, how wonderful your everyday life will be.
Is it possible to deliver such a relaxing “relieving” experience of Japan to hard-working people around the world?
With that in mind, I started this project.
[“Akatsuki” and “Evening” Tokoname ware teapot, teacup, and gyokuro tea set project crowdfunding overview]
[Table 2: ]

Development product
■ “Akatsuki” and “Yoi” Tokoname ware craft teapot and paired teacups & Kanbayashi Shunmatsu Honten Gogumi Uji Gyokuro Ichisenbukuro x 2 set Development of teapots and teacups: Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry certified traditional craftsman of Tokoname ware “Yutaka Tsuzuki” / Supervision: Harumatsu Kanbayashi 15th
[Image 5

[Image 6

Set of each color of “Akatsuki” (white) and “Yoi” (charcoal gray) [MAKUAKE sales price: 15% off the planned general sales price of 19,250 yen including tax (17,500 yen excluding tax)]
▼ Set contents
・Kanbayashi Shunmatsu Main Store Gogumi Original Uji Gyokuro Ichisenbukuro x 2 ・Traditional craft Tokoname ware Yutaka Tsuzuki “Akatsuki” or “Evening” craft teapot x 1, teacup x 2
・Gift box specification for “Akatsuki” or “Evening”
[Image 7d61111-2-dd51e17ca685ee63725e-5.jpg&s3=61111-2-045c8052cdc4a98158e669978ae18bf4-1286x432.jpg
[Image 8d61111-2-a6925a84ebcf3ca7693a-6.jpg&s3=61111-2-b1b13fdcb445dc0ee648b385a24ef5d4-1600x900.jpg
[Image 9d61111-2-c687c05ba86ee0612606-7.jpg&s3=61111-2-647232d1d264f3013893ce8d25fe34ea-1600x900.jpg
[Image 10d61111-2-3718a4e8bdc078e20a82-8.jpg&s3=61111-2-5f725ea2ebf36441e834b50d0ba3af77-1600x900.jpg
[Image 11d61111-2-56d8d754cd239921bbc8-9.jpg&s3=61111-2-824fb6a5689c11da5e5a1d8bc895272c-1600x900.jpg
[Image 12d61111-2-adea9d1763cb40369c55-10.jpg&s3=61111-2-232a1b82ee5a669ee5b3d39aac62a038-1600x900.jpg

Creator profile
— Kanbayashi Shunmatsu Main Store 15th generation Kanbayashi Shunmatsu [Image 13d61111-2-03f47a943a557216bd86-11.jpg&s3=61111-2-3ab9ecf3a9fd1961ba35208508a36c04-360x442.jpg
Born in Uji City, Kyoto Prefecture. Born in 1966 as the eldest son of the Shunmatsu Kambayashi family. He grew up familiar with craftsmen and tea in the workshop from a young age, and currently serves as the representative of Kanbayashi Shunmatsu Honten. In September 2009, he succeeded to the name of Shunmatsu Kanbayashi, the 15th generation. The Kanbayashi Shunsho family has been making tea that matches the times while being tossed about by history.
With the corporate motto of “Teaching the past from the past,” we are collaborating with Coca-Cola Japan on the development of the green tea drink “Ayataka” and collaborating with various fields such as sweets. While actively proposing products that meet the needs of the times, we will pass on the green tea culture to the future.
— Kanbayashi Shunmatsu Main Store
[Image 14d61111-2-06da0248372863c75d7a-12.jpg&s3=61111-2-a6daae45a2825744c65b5e3f0c644772-586x406.jpg
In the early 13th century, the monk Myoe of Toganoo Kozanji Temple sowed tea seeds in the Gokasho area of ​​Uji, which is said to be the beginning of Ujicha (matcha).
Around the latter half of the 16th century, when the fame of Uji tea spread, the Kanbayashi family prospered as influential tea masters. In addition, he was given an important position by Hideyoshi Toyotomi, who loved tea, and in the Edo period, Ieyasu Tokugawa ordered him to rule over Uji tea as the head of the tea ceremony, and as a
magistrate, he was in charge of the overall management of the tea masters.
Even after the Meiji Restoration, we continued to sell sencha and gyokuro, which were new products at the time, and gained many enthusiasts.
Founded 450 years ago, the 15th generation along with the history of tea. The Kanbayashi Shunsho family walks with the words “tradition and innovation”.
— Yutaka Tsuzuki
[Image 15d61111-2-9a81576cf7b2c478731c-13.jpg&s3=61111-2-d02d5f52af9313455b9c00cdd667ada6-302x458.jpg
Aspiring to make pottery under the direction of Seiho Tsuzuki, the father of Tokoname ware, he trained at a kiln in Yamashina, Kyoto City, the hometown of Kiyomizu ware, and then opened the Daikoji kiln himself. Tokoname ware, one of the six ancient kilns representing Japan, combines the unique qualities of Tokoname pottery, the functional beauty of folk art, and the delicate and beautiful artistry of Kyoto ware and Kiyomizu ware, creating a new modern Tokoname. We continue to pursue the ideal way of baking. Starting with the “rokuro” technique called “number-hiki”, Kyo-yaki, Kiyomizu-yaki and
Tokoname-yaki, many of the tea utensils created by the creativity that transcends the mold of the production area are characterized by their ease of use and dignified beauty. .
Certified by the Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry, Tokoname ware and traditional craftsman.
About Aito Co., Ltd.
Founded in 1949. Focusing on the handling of tableware, we aim to deliver the time itself to realize the “personal lifestyle” that each user envisions, with a main business of total direction of the “dining table” used in the dining room and kitchen. .
Beyond the times, in the Reiwa era, we will always value our commitment to things, while discerning what should not be changed and what should be changed, and continue to be a presence that is needed by society. I’m here.
▼ Examples of products developed so far
– Can be used for multiple purposes such as anhydrous cooking, roasting, grilling, and simmering! Kamado-san’s Haseen “Anhydrous clay pot”
・ aito factory “Seto ware flower Hana”
・ aito factory
【Company Profile】
Company name: Aito Co., Ltd.
Head office location: 4-13-24 Higashi-Shinagawa, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo Representative Director: Akimasa Kateji
Business: Sale and processing of ceramics, sale of household goods Established: April 12, 1949
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