Marimekko 2022 Fall/Winter Home Collection has started. Sales start from Friday, October 7th.

Look Holdings Co., Ltd.
[Marimekko] 2022 Fall/Winter Home Collection has started. Sales start from Friday, October 7th.

Finnish design house Marimekko, developed by Look Co., Ltd., will start selling the 2022 Fall / Winter Home Collection from October 7th (Friday). New items such as scented candles and coffee drippers will be added to make your time at home even more enjoyable, and the lineup will be expanded further.
[Image 1d95084-113-8ef1f685542ad66df90e-0.jpg&s3=95084-113-9b31ace0cefc37c8dbfcb670af6481ed-1920x2400.jpg
New Fork – New Tradition.
Prepare your home for the arrival of cold weather and create your own “new tradition” by making your home a more comfortable nesting place. The 2022 Fall/Winter Home Collection features totem*-like animal and plant designs, folklore-inspired prints, earthy materials, and soft, tactile textures. The color palette is based on frosty and calm colors.
A symbol of a wild animal or plant that is religiously associated with a “tribe” or “bloodline.” Totem worship can be seen in various forms around the world, but the “totem pole” of the indigenous peoples of North America is famous.
[Image 2d95084-113-245bd045c99883b39f84-1.jpg&s3=95084-113-06b08030361df2742405e1698d2197eb-1920x2400.jpg
Coffee dripper 6,600 yen
The first appearance of the coffee drip is a simple design with a Tiiliskivi (brick) relief. Since it can be extracted from a small amount, it is the perfect item for coffee time to enjoy slowly alone on a long night. There are two types of scented candles, which are also debuting: the Spring Forest scented Unikko (poppy flower) pattern and the Sleeping Garden scented Siirtolapuutarha pattern. After enjoying the faintly scented light, attach the included cork lid and use it as an accessory case.
[Image 3d95084-113-73d9f653fe8d29a2f992-2.jpg&s3=95084-113-c411b519a73150b7f7b542c3f621d245-1920x2400.jpg
Scented candle 8,800 yen each
[Image 4d95084-113-03259a3997d30492bf29-3.jpg&s3=95084-113-9add1869c5acd71838bdb302125fac3e-1920x2400.jpg
Flower base 12,100 yen
Kuiskaus, designed by Fujio Ishimoto, features light beige and gray towels and bed linens. In addition, cushions with embroidered designs and soft bathrobes will also be available.
Candle holders with subdued colors that are easy to match with interiors are highly versatile items that can also be used as flower bases.
[Image 5d95084-113-c3315d8ff2a8d5993acc-4.jpg&s3=95084-113-6864c2008fd40250d75922f4a682ca7a-1920x2400.jpg
(Left) Cushion cover 10,450 yen (Center) Pillow 13,200 yen (Bottom) Cushion cover 16,500 yen
[Image 6d95084-113-bcdddf680b1f2c848920-5.jpg&s3=95084-113-98fe5c4198acc7fe63129477bb3e13a9-1920x2400.jpg
Candle holders (from left) 16,500 yen, 14,300 yen, 12,100 yen, 7,700 yen

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