mark&earth Co., Ltd. Recruitment of agency partners To expand mark&earth’s elevator advertising distribution service

mark&earth Co., Ltd.
[Recruitment of agency partners started] To expand mark&earth’s elevator advertisement distribution service
We will promote the expansion of elevator advertising, which is currently attracting attention, as it is effective in attracting customers to stores and improving the efficiency of new sales for ToB.
mark&earth Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, CEO: Kyoji Kaneko) is looking for agency partners for “MIAGERU,” a video advertisement distribution service for existing elevators.
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signage in the elevator
[Background for recruiting advertising agency partners]
By collaborating with advertising agencies, we would like more companies to know the possibilities of elevator advertising widely, and we would like to help our customers to recognize our services and expand sales.
SNS advertising and Google advertising are methods that can be used by individuals and large companies, but in recent years the number of users has increased and the increase in competition is accelerating. In addition, there are many cases where it is difficult to achieve results because targeting and content of appeal depend on the knowledge and experience of the operator. On the other hand, as a method that can greatly expand recognition, there are billboards in buildings and signage advertisements in stations, but the cost is high, so the number of companies that can use them is limited. Elevator advertising, on the other hand, is an advertising method that enables detailed and highly accurate targeting with flexible cost settings. By collaborating with agency partners, we will increase opportunities for people to know the potential of elevator advertising and support the business growth of more companies.
[About MIAGERU, a video ad distribution service for elevators]

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[Image 3

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MIAGERU supports sales improvement by distributing video
advertisements of customers’ products on monitors installed in elevators. Monitors have already been installed in 206 locations in Tokyo, including commercial facilities, condominiums, and office buildings. Elevator advertisements are attracting attention in recent years because they are expected to have high recognition expansion and reminder effects because specific residents, workers and users use them multiple times.
Features of MIAGERU:
・It is possible to deliver to building types such as residential condominiums and office buildings.
・It is possible to set detailed settings such as the area/user attributes/weather/climate/day of the week/time period to be delivered according to the content of the advertisement.
・It is possible to narrow down user attributes/estimated annual income group/household/company size, etc. by building type of MIAGERU introduced property
・Minimum 15 days until distribution start
[Successful examples of elevator advertising]
Currently, MIAGERU’s elevator advertisements are being used by multiple businesses. We were able to contribute to growth in sales and the number of service contracts through ad distribution.
Customer A: Advertisements are distributed in office building elevators targeting corporate offices.
     The number of service contracts increased by 300% after distribution. Customer B: Advertisement is delivered in the elevator of the condominium during the busy season.
     We have gained recognition and have been able to constantly grow in numbers.
If you are an agency interested in elevator advertising, please contact the representative Kaneko from the email address below or contact us from the application page.
Email address:
Application page:
[Two-week free delivery campaign for video ads in the elevator] This is a campaign that allows 10 companies selected from among the companies that have applied to receive video advertisements for free for 2 weeks using more than 200 signage-equipped elevators in Tokyo. Please take this opportunity to try “elevator advertising”, which is attracting attention as a new advertising media genre.
[Application overview]
Recruitment period: September 14th (Wednesday) to November 8th (Tuesday), 2022 ◆ Winner contact: We will contact you at any time.
◆ Application type: 2 weeks delivery free course
◆ Number of winning companies: 10 companies
◆ Application URL:
[About mark&earth Co., Ltd.]
mark&earth is a company that develops a video advertisement
distribution service that utilizes digital signage installed in elevators, based on the concept of “Give & Share”. A business plan to create a virtuous cycle by incorporating “profit return (*patent pending)” and “OEM strategy using own brand name” to partners (real estate owners, real estate management companies, elevator companies, etc.) It is characterized by having In addition, mark&earth’s unique platform enables partners to return profits and further increase the value of their own company and existing customers by effectively utilizing their own market.
Since it is a model in which the three industries of real estate, advertising, and elevators cooperate with each other, we aim to realize further partnerships with each industry in the future. [Company Profile]
Company name: mark&earth Co., Ltd.
Address: 5th floor, Takano Daiichi Building, 6-19-15 Jingumae, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 150-0001
Established: November 12, 2018
Representative: Kyoji Kaneko
Capital: 12 million yen
Business: Advertising
Contact email address:
Details about this release:


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