Marui Group Co., Ltd. “ Autumn Winter Sweets Collection” will be held at Yurakucho Marui

Marui Group Co., Ltd.
Held “ Autumn/Winter Sweets Collection” at Yurakucho Marui November 1st (Tuesday) to November 16th (Wednesday)

Marui Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Nakano-ku, Tokyo, President: Masahiro Aono) will hold Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, President: Masahiro Aono) at the calendar (event space) on the 1st floor of Yurakucho Marui. Yuki Takahashi) will open the pop-up shop “ Autumn Winter Sweets Collection” of Japan’s largest cake EC mall “” for a limited time.
[Image 1d3860-3048-a3f21d4e60f123b332b1-0.jpg&s3=3860-3048-d7b989a32f4b3fb09f87c47cb3956633-1080x1080.jpg
■ “”
“” is a company that operates an EC mall specializing in cakes with the mission of “raising the temperature of the heart with sweets”. We offer new experience value such as the fun of choosing from over 5,000 types of cakes, such as cakes that look good on SNS and collaboration products with famous pastry chefs, and the excitement of having them delivered to your home.
The frozen cakes handled by “” can be stored for a long time, unlike refrigeration, which contributes to eliminating food loss and improving the working environment of pastry shops.
■ “” Autumn/Winter Sweets Collection
It is a pop-up shop that collects popular frozen and room temperature sweets from all over the country at the “” EC mall. This time, we have collected sweets that you can enjoy the taste of autumn and warm sweets.
By all means, please compare various products and enjoy the sweets selected by “”!
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■ Store brand
Re:s cafebar&sweets
The store name is derived from Re: = reply s = smile.
The warmth of natural wood. Warm light coming through the window. The smiles of customers born and repeated there. Please enjoy seasonal sweets made by the owner pastry chef.
-Product example-
・Frozen Millefeuille Berry & Mont Blanc 3,400 yen (tax included) *Frozen [Image 2d3860-3048-cbc16313116e638d93cf-9.jpg&s3=3860-3048-13febd8cf50108236bc78db3bf976635-1080x1081.jpg
It’s delicious even frozen, and you can enjoy it without losing the crunchiness of the pie. In order to bring out the original flavor of Japanese chestnuts, we use a blend of chestnuts from Miyazaki and Ibaraki.
・Limited to Yurakucho! Frozen mille-feuille 2 strawberries & 2 pistachios & 2 Japanese chestnut Mont Blanc 3,400 yen (tax included) *Frozen
[Image 3d3860-3048-1d36faccb51621e87549-7.jpg&s3=3860-3048-a63df0accc685a309389b184ce105c18-800x800.jpg
Homemade strawberry jam is used for the cream. With the image of an adult woman, it is scented with Kirsch liqueur. The bell rose on top is edible! Pistachios use Italian roasted pistachios.
Campanule by Usplay
We manufacture and sell sweets with the theme of “cute and fashionable sweets” mainly for special event sales and mail order sales. Recently, in addition to actively working on collaboration sweets for anime, movies, and dramas, we plan to open a new store selling original sweets in the winter of 2022.
-Product example-
・Triple freshly squeezed Mont Blanc 1,296 yen (tax included) [Image 4d3860-3048-944209ea11f33b0f19bc-5.jpg&s3=3860-3048-60d9a0b79410eb290bec3ddebc90c143-1080x1080.jpg
Using a paste that is three times thicker than regular Mont Blanc, fresh squeezed Mont Blanc is squeezed on the spot with a special machine. This time, we will squeeze it out on the spot with a special machine! Not only takeout but also eat-in is available.
・Kuma meringue 907 yen (tax included)
[Image 5d3860-3048-0648556c0e86f52c3a8e-8.jpg&s3=3860-3048-bc7337cec23ab0afc16896e7a758b5b6-1080x1080.jpg
A bear meringue that is recommended as a gift. A straw is attached to the top of the bottle, making it an attractive product that can be reused as a drink container.
Patisserie La Vie en Reve
The name “La Vie en Reve” comes from the French word for “dream life”. The idea is that “I want you to spend a happy time and a dreamy time with our sweets on anniversaries, birthdays, or special days.” Our young patissiers put their hearts into making our products every day so that they can be used by a wide range of people, from children to the elderly.
-Product example-
・ Sweet potato 400 yen (tax included)
[Image 6d3860-3048-01a150b46e249c3a472c-4.jpg&s3=3860-3048-186c4b3ce4396f178238231d0917af0a-980x980.jpg
A sweet potato with a rich potato flavor that uses plenty of Anno potatoes from Tanegashima. Finished with a gentle flavor with a slight scent of rum.
・ Sweet marron 450 yen (tax included)
[Image 7d3860-3048-83e1bb54aa80976ecf0e-3.jpg&s3=3860-3048-5177de1378d90f4b86e8ef23505b418f-980x980.jpg
A rich sweet marron made with Rihei chestnuts from Miyazaki
Prefecture. There are large chestnuts boiled in candied juice inside. Ikenoue Pierre
Since its founding in 1971, Ikenoue Pierre has continued to make sweets while preserving the same taste and techniques. We are proud of our hand-made sweets that are gentle on the body.
-Product example-
・3 pieces of Biarritz 693 yen (tax included)
[Image 8d3860-3048-201ada2ad77d87e2b065-6.jpg&s3=3860-3048-dc07de5a77e57471b4cb36fbd9ef33a1-800x533.jpg
A baked confectionery made by baking fluffy almond powder and meringue and sandwiching cream. Each piece is carefully handcrafted, taking 3 full days to finish. We use the finest Spanish almond powder and rich Hokkaido butter.
・ Raw chocolate tart (chocolate) 3 pieces 697 yen (tax included) [Image 9d3860-3048-7f360df1677e8f52315b-2.jpg&s3=3860-3048-6a7fae3ce7c429fd3e0b4be29f1f4101-3900x2600.jpg
Our prized melty ganache chocolate “Chocolat de Fré” is poured into a bittersweet and crunchy tart. An original blend based on the finest Ghanaian cocoa mass, realizing a smooth and elegant melting in the mouth.
flanders fritz
A sweet potato sweets specialty store that uses carefully selected sweet potatoes from all over Japan, centering on “Tomitsu Kintoki Imo”, a specialty product of Fukui, the birthplace of Fukui. The body-friendly sweets that make use of the sweetness and fluffy texture of sweet potatoes are a wide range of products that can be enjoyed by children and the elderly. Please enjoy the gorgeous appearance that is fun to eat and happy to receive as a gift, and the taste of a specialty store that is packed with the charm of sweet potatoes.
-Product example-
・Sweet potato parfait can set 2 cans 250ml 1,900 yen (tax included) *Frozen [Image 10d3860-3048-7aabbdadb2cf62a1f690-11.jpg&s3=3860-3048-fdeb2cf9027a3c02c77e54656df2d905-1200x1200.jpg
A parfait that fits in your hand! It is a parfait can sweets full of sweet potatoes. I mixed the sweet potato, texture, and color, and filled the can.
・7-layer sweet potato bottle parfait 4 piece set 3,000 yen (tax included) *Frozen
[Image 11d3860-3048-6fabf3e072b4f51bb0ba-10.jpg&s3=3860-3048-c21d58168a8b0607b0c36153dc3bb45b-1200x800.jpg
A parfait in a 7-layer jar filled with sweet potatoes.
《Purchase benefits》
For “” members who have purchased products, a lottery will be held to win luxurious sweets and coupons that can be used at the “” EC mall! In addition, customers who newly enrolled in the Epos Card at the venue can participate in the lottery again. * It will end as soon as it is gone.
Date and time: November 1, 2022 (Tuesday) to November 16, 2022 (Wednesday) Business hours: 11:00-20:00 *Open until 19:00 on the last day. Venue: Yurakucho Marui 1F calendar (event space)
*Please bring a cold bag or eco bag
※The photograph is an image
* The contents of the publication are subject to change or
cancellation without notice.
* The holding period and venue are subject to change. For details, please see the store’s website
*We are taking the following measures to prevent the spread of new coronavirus infections.
・Staff wearing masks
・Implementation of alcohol disinfection before entering the store ・Ensuring adequate social distancing
*Please cooperate with alcohol disinfection when entering the store and restrictions on entering the store when it is crowded.
▼Yurakucho Marui
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