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Maruto Co., Ltd. “Miso-baked rice balls” supervised by “Mr.

Maruto Co., Ltd.
“Miso-grilled rice balls” supervised by “Yakuzen Sokichi Soji Yoshida”, a chef who creates deliciousness using skillful techniques, is now on sale!

Iwaki Love Project
Our company launched the Iwaki Ai Project in April 2021, and with the cooperation of local people, we have been developing “handmade rice balls / Zubasan (sandwiches)” etc. We will release “Miso-grilled rice balls” supervised by Mr. Souji Yoshida, the head chef of the restaurant “Yakuzen Sokichi”. In this “Miso-yaki Onigiri”, we used Iwaki Laiki for the white rice as an attempt to promote local production for local consumption. For customers who want to enjoy delicious and authentic dishes at home, we aim to create side dishes that can’t be tasted at other stores and make customers smile. We will continue to develop side dishes that bring smiles to everyone’s faces. Product name: Soukichi Supervised by Mr. Soji Yoshida “Miso Grilled Rice Balls” (1) Sales price: Body price: 110 yen / piece Tax-included price: 119 yen / piece)
(2) Product features: The white rice Iwaki Laiki is fragrantly prepared by chef Yoshida, and miso is used to make miso-grilled rice balls with a rich flavor.
(3) Product image image
[Image 1

(4) Sales start date: From Thursday, October 27, 2022
(5) Sales stores: All Maruto stores (excluding the Maruto Ekimae store) (6) Introduction of supervising chef “Soji Yoshida”
[Image 2

・ Head chef of the Japanese restaurant “Yakuzen Sokichi” (Taira Shiroganecho, Iwaki City)
・Born in 1973. Born in Iwaki City, Fukushima Prefecture.
・After graduating from culinary school, trained at a Kansai Japanese restaurant in Ginza, Tokyo, which is related to Rosanjin.
・Hone your skills at various types of shops based in Iwaki’s “Kappo Kaneda”, A chef who uses skillful techniques to create delicious dishes. ・Store address: YS Building 3F, 3-9 Taira Shiroganecho, Iwaki City, Fukushima Prefecture
・TEL: 090-1069-5244
Maruto Shoji Co., Ltd. Product Division Oshikiri, Fukutomi
Address: 3-1 Kubota Jujo, Nakoso Town, Iwaki City, Fukushima Prefecture 979-0195 Phone number: 0246-65-3731
Maruto HP:
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