Maruyama/Kyosai Group The latest catalog of “Kimono Tosui” “Kimono Tosui Catalog 2022 Autumn/Winter” is now available online!

Maruyama/Kyosai Group
The latest catalog of “Kimono Tosui” “Tosui Catalog 2022
Autumn/Winter” has been released online!
You can browse smoothly online on any PC, tablet, or smartphone.
[Image 1

The casual kimono catalog mail order site “Kimono Miyako” has been distributing the latest paper catalog “2022 Autumn/Winter Vol.20” from September 1, 2022, but a new web catalog has been released. The web version can be accessed and viewed from any PC, tablet, or smartphone. Also, by clicking or tapping a link in the web catalog, you can directly open the product page and make your purchase quickly. Catalog publication page
The catalog can be viewed by accessing the following URL.
You can also display it from the next page of “Tosui”, so please use it. Top page (left menu):
Catalog request page:
Catalog category page:
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PC display image
[Image 3

The paper catalog booklet is displayed on the web.
[Image 4

Page actions are expressed with smooth animation on PC

Smartphone display image
[Image 5

* On smartphones, the page turns will be animated when turned sideways.

Full of recommended products
The catalog contains a large number of elegant kimonos unique to the city for autumn and winter, so please take a look at it when you have time.
[Image 6

[Image 7

[Image 8

About Kimono Tosui
“Kimono Tosui” publishes a “mail order catalog” twice a year that summarizes recommended products for each season. The listed products can be purchased at the official online shop and Rakuten Ichiba. In addition, there is an antenna shop that is spread all over the country, and if you visit, you can directly check the products, so please use it.
Official online shop “Toki – Toiki -”
[Image 9

Kimono City – Rakuten Market
[Image 10
Brand site:
Details about this release:


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