mederi Co., Ltd. mederi supports the health of women’s sports teams! General recruitment of women’s teams who want to work on improving menstrual and PMS issues professional/amateur

mederi Co., Ltd.
mederi supports the health of women’s sports teams! General
recruitment of women’s teams who want to work on improving menstrual and PMS issues [professional/amateur]
Documents and interview selection, annual support for multiple women’s sports teams as mederi sports ambassadors

mederi Co., Ltd. (Meguro-ku, Tokyo, Representative Director: Arisa Sakanashi, hereinafter referred to as the Company), which develops the online pill medical service “mederi Pill”, aims to support the development of women’s sports and the compatibility of women’s health management. In addition, from October 19th (Tuesday) to October 31st (Thursday), 2022, we will recruit “mederi sports ambassadors” for professional and amateur women’s sports teams.
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About the background of recruiting mederi sports ambassadors Menstrual problems such as “menstruation/PMS” are one of the inseparable worries for women who devote themselves to sports. In order to achieve the best results in competition, it is essential to control daily discomfort, stabilize the body and mind, and continue to demonstrate high performance.
Menstrual pain, irregular menstruation, bleeding, emotional ups and downs… We not only care for women’s unique health issues that come to us every month, but also face them sincerely as a whole team.
If there is a system for sharing correct knowledge and coping strategies with obstetricians and gynecologists, it may be an opportunity to increase the number of women who can devote themselves to sports smarter and with peace of mind.
At mederi, which aims to make women’s lives easier through femtech and low-dose pills, we pay tribute to women who challenge themselves in the world of sports, and through “mederi sports ambassadors,” We will do our best to support health issues such as PMS!
mederi Sports Ambassador Application Form▶︎ Thoughts on mederi sports ambassadors▶︎ mederi sports ambassador benefits
Women’s sports teams selected as mederi sports ambassadors will receive the following benefits for about one year from 2023. [Image 2d54252-35-71db2c79b9fecbfe135d-1.png&s3=54252-35-5bde3a810312e2fa747aa8afea7d09b8-1920x1005.png
mederi sports ambassador recruitment outline
Target team: Women’s sports team (regardless of professional or amateur) Activity frequency: 3 or more days a week
Conditions: Participate in official competitions, be serious about sports, be a resident of Japan (recipients of benefits are within Japan)
Support period: 1 year (starting at any time from 2023)
Number of recruiting teams: Planning to hire multiple teams
Selection method: Documents will be selected using the application form, and teams that pass the selection will be notified of interview selection (representative participation) around mid-November. We will hire the team after 2-3 rounds of interviews.
Application form:

■ About the schedule
[Image 3d54252-35-a2a61a5960396b8d14a7-2.png&s3=54252-35-6acfd76c8f3f43837160c44d078f1e41-1920x1005.png

Primary screening (document review) October 19th to October 31st, 2022 (deadline 23:59)
Announcement of the teams that passed the document screening Early to mid-November 2022
Second selection (representative interview) scheduled after mid-November 2022 Final decision December 2022
■ Precautions for application
・Please apply for one person on behalf of the team. One application per team. ・Inquiries regarding the selection process will not be accepted. Thank you for your understanding.
・Teams that have passed the document screening are required to participate in the interview screening.

Message from Arisa Sakanashi, CEO of mederi
[Image 4d54252-35-033d9f8299916c612baf-4.png&s3=54252-35-1fc1fb579f1d7303aae311a80c77008b-1020x1024.png
There is always an age limit for reproductive function, and women continue to have menstruation for about 40 years.
I myself have been on the pill for about 10 years from my teens to when I wanted to get pregnant to improve irregular menstruation. I started “mederi pill” so that I can do it. Since the service started, it has been used by many women.
“I used to go to the gynecologist and spend two hours, so it’s very convenient to be able to have a checkup at home.”
Every day, we receive happy comments from users, such as, “My PMS symptoms have started to interfere with my daily life, but my bleeding has stabilized, my anemia has improved, and I am living in good health.” I think it was good.
This time, we decided to implement this project because we thought that Medeli could provide some support for women who are stably preparing their bodies and minds on a daily basis for sports teams. With mederi sports ambassadors, we hope that people who are worried about menstruation but do not feel familiar with gynecology, online medical treatment, low-dose pills, etc., will want to know more about their health conditions and low-dose pills. I want to make it together. We look forward to your application.
■Interview article published on women’s sports media “B&”!
In support of this project, an interview article with our
representative Sakanashi will be published on 10/19 on women’s sports media “B&”.

About mederi Pill
[Image 5d54252-35-ba9f3fb4761877d6db38-3.jpg&s3=54252-35-2395b74fcb0119ed70e67cdd407834cf-1348x663.jpg
Medelipil is an online pill medical treatment service that emphasizes “sincerity” and “easy to continue” that you can easily consult from your smartphone at any time. The first month’s pill fee is free, and the medical fee is always free. We offer the lowest prices in the country.
■ About low-dose pills
Taking the low-dose pill not only has a contraceptive effect, but also improves hormonal balance, relieves menstrual pain, improves PMS (premenstrual syndrome), PMDD (premenstrual dysphoric disorder), improves irregular menstruation, and reduces menstrual flow. You can expect to improve menstrual problems such as decline. It also improves rough skin, reduces the risk of ovarian cancer, endometrial cancer, colon cancer, and improves endometriosis. Low-dose pills are a reassuring ally for women, as they help to condition your mind and body by taking them correctly.
■ For safe use of the pill
The pill is a drug and has side effects. If you have an allergic reaction to the drug or if you have an initial symptom such as thrombosis, stop taking it immediately and consult a doctor. In addition, in order to continue taking the pill with peace of mind, it is important to undergo regular check-ups such as blood tests (liver function test, anemia test, etc.), cervical cancer screening, and ultrasonography once a year. .
*mederi Pill is a platform that connects medical institutions and users *Medical treatment and prescription of pills are not covered by insurance and are free medical treatment, and will be performed by a doctor belonging to a medical institution.

Inquiries regarding coverage and survey content
mederi Co., Ltd. Public Relations Office
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