Medical Net Co., Ltd. Unlimited viewing of the latest dental trends! Announcement of “The 3rd DDS2022 Online Dental Show”

Medical Net Co., Ltd.
Unlimited viewing of the latest dental trends! Announcement of “The 3rd DDS2022 Online Dental Show”

Medical Net Co., Ltd. (Chairman and CEO: Dai Hirakawa, hereinafter referred to as “our company”), which develops a platform business in the field of dental care, has launched “”
(, a comprehensive information site for dental care professionals. will hold the “3rd DDS2022 Online Dental Show” from November 17, 2022 to December 19, 2022. [Image 1

About the 3rd DDS2022 Online Dental Show
Since the outbreak of the new coronavirus infection, offline exhibitions such as academic conferences and dental shows, which have been restricted to holding, are now being held in real places all over the country, and the dental industry has begun to move to a new stage of with corona. I am in a situation where
On the other hand, about 9,600 people at the online dental show “DDS2022” held by our company in May 2022, and more than 25,000 people at the online event “Dental Hygienist Festa in AUTUMN” held in September 2022. The desire to collect and disseminate information using digital technology among dental care professionals is maintained at a high level.
Therefore, “” has decided to hold the “3rd DDS2022 Online Dental Show” as the third online dental show hosted by our company in order to meet the digital utilization needs of dental care
At the “3rd DDS2022 Online Dental Show”, you can collect information on the latest products and services from individual online booths set up for each exhibitor, centering on more than 30 free web seminars hosted by exhibitors. I can do it. You can also download materials related to products and services you are interested in, request samples, and apply for demo requests. “” will continue to create mutual communication opportunities and contribute to the further development of the dental care industry as a digital platformer that connects dental care professionals and dental-related companies.
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Event overview
Event name: The 3rd DDS2022 Online Dental Show
Period: November 17th (Thursday) to December 19th (Monday), 2022 Organizer: Medical Net Co., Ltd. (
Participation fee: Participation free
Delivery content: Exhibitor booths, exhibitor web seminars, DDS2022 premium web seminars, etc.
-Exhibitor List-
[Image 2

Invisalign Japan Co., Ltd. / Tokuyama Dental Co., Ltd. / Earth Chemical Co., Ltd. / Kompeito Co., Ltd. / Morita Co., Ltd. / Brace Co., Ltd. / GC Co., Ltd. / Dental Monitoring Japan / Yoshida Co., Ltd. / ORCOA Co., Ltd. / PRSS.Japan Co., Ltd. / Johnson & Johnson Co., Ltd. / Sunstar Co., Ltd. / OSSTEM JAPAN Co., Ltd. / Nihon Zetok Co., Ltd. / Optec Co., Ltd. (16 companies in total)
-Exhibitor Web Seminar-
[Image 3

-Premium web seminar-
[Image 4

A comprehensive information site for dental care professionals operated by our company, which is registered by one out of three practicing dentists. As of the end of September 2022, it has approximately 44,000 members of dental care professionals, and as one of the industry’s largest platforms connecting each player in the industry, it provides the latest information to dental care
professionals and provides dental-related services. Through corporate marketing support, etc., we are working to solve the individual issues of each player.
Beyond solving the individual problems of each player through, in anticipation of a further increase in the presence of the dental industry, our mission is to use the Internet to improve health and quality of life, thereby increasing smiles. We will aim to realize
[About Medical Net Co., Ltd.]
With the mission of “Utilizing the Internet to improve health and quality of life to increase smiles”, we provide medical and
lifestyle-related information services using the Internet. Especially in the field of dental care, we provide dental care information services to consumers, provide information services to dental care professionals, provide management support for dental care
institutions, and provide marketing support for dental-related companies. business).

◇ Head office location: 3rd floor, Takara Building, 1-34-14 Hatagaya, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 151-0072
◇Representative: Dai Hirakawa, Chairman and CEO
◇ URL:
■ Press contact information
Medical Net Co., Ltd.
Person in charge: Medical Platform Division Marketing Support Group Ibata TEL: 03-5790-5261
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