Mercari Koizumi x Lidilover Toshiki Abe talk about creating value for society! Riddifes advance event will be held!

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Mercari Koizumi x Lidilover Toshiki Abe talk about creating value for society! Riddifes advance event will be held!
[Participation free] “How to create social value in the era of sustainability” ~ Redifes advance special project ~

What is the way to create social value in this era?
On November 4th, in 50 minutes at noon, we will deliver the “essence” of value creation!
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“What kind of value can I create for society through my work?” “What do I need to do to become a person who can create value?” I think there are many people who are working on the work in front of them every day while having such thoughts.
Society has changed significantly from the era of sales and profit supremacy, and businesses are also required to contribute to a sustainable society, or “sustainability.”
Therefore, this time, we invited Mr. Fumiaki Koizumi, Chairman of Mercari, Inc. and President of Kashima Antlers, Inc., to hold a cross-talk with Toshiki Abe, the representative of Ridilover. For busy business people, the time is November 4th from 12:10 to a 50-minute lunchtime intensive lecture. The essence of creating value for society, conceived by two people who are at the forefront of the business and social sectors, will be condensed and delivered! Talk of the day…
How do you perceive changes in society, which is the premise of your business, and changes in stakeholders such as investors and consumers? Mr. Koizumi, Mr. Abe, what are the points of focus when creating a business? “What points should be kept in mind when creating social value in the future?”
Mr. Koizumi: Mercari, Kashima Antlers, J.League initiatives, etc. as case studies
Mr. Abe: Case studies of Ridilover’s policy making, collaboration with large companies, educational trips, own projects, etc.
What skills and mindset will be required of value creators in the future? What advice would you give to those who are trying to create social value through entrepreneurship or new businesses?
And so on, but where the flow of the story goes is up to the two of them. Join us and check it out!
■ Event details
[Participation free] “How to create social value in the era of sustainability” ~ Redifes special advance project ~
[Date and Time] Friday, November 4, 2022 12:10-13:00
Fumiaki Koizumi (Chairman of Mercari, Inc., President of Kashima Antlers F.C. Co., Ltd., Director of Japan Professional Soccer League (J League))
Toshiki Abe (Ridilover Co., Ltd./Ridilover General Incorporated Association Representative)
[Participation method] Anyone can participate! For those who have applied, we will send you a participation url.
[Recommended for people like this]
・Those who are working on new businesses and business development at large companies, startups, NPOs, etc.
・ Those who want to know the skills and mindset required for “value creation” in the future
・I want to update my efforts on social issues and local issues. Those who want to make a greater social impact
■ Profile of speakers
Koizumi civilization
Chairman of Mercari, Inc.
President of Kashima Antlers F.C. Co., Ltd.
Director of the Japan Professional Soccer League (J-League)
[Image 2d46389-62-4de2754091c22556ffec-1.jpg&s3=46389-62-0158e9ebbc7bfa1d1ca584a9e79f3004-890x1335.jpg
After graduating from Waseda University in 2003, joined Daiwa Securities SMBC Co., Ltd. (now Daiwa Securities Co., Ltd.).
At the investment banking headquarters, he was mainly in charge of supporting the stock listing (IPO) of Internet companies, and realized many IPOs such as Mixi and DeNA.
Joined mixi, Inc. in December 2006. After serving as General Manager of the President’s Office and General Manager of the Business Administration Headquarters, in June 2008 he was appointed Director and Executive Officer and CFO.
In June 2012, he retired as a director of the company and supported the management of startup companies such as Akatsuki, Freakout, and Raksul as outside directors and auditors.
Joined Mercari, Inc. in December 2013 and became a director in March 2014. Appointed President and COO in 2017, and Chairman of the Board in 2019.
In August 2019, he became the president of Kashima Antlers FC Co., Ltd. In March 2022, he became a director of the Japan Professional Soccer League (J League).
Toshiki Abe
Ridilover Co., Ltd./Representative of General Incorporated Association Ridilover [Image 3d46389-62-ee460817f406ada086e9-2.jpg&s3=46389-62-ad5d5648f25280efdd4b1b71be5551f4-2033x2700.jpg
Born in 1987. At the age of 14, he caused domestic violence and ran away from home, becoming a delinquent boy and not attending school. While still a student, he launched Ridilover as a platform for creating study tours to the sites of social issues. Selected for U-30 representing Forbes Asia, won the Student Entrepreneurship
Championship, won the 5th KDDI∞ Lab Best Award, and won the Japan Tourism Agency Commissioner’s Award (best award) for efforts to support youth travel. Authors include “To you who will someday become leaders” (Nikkei BP).

■ About “Redifes”
This event will be held by Ridilover Co., Ltd. as a Ridi festival special advance project.
Click here for the Ridi Fes website (
“Ridi Festival (formerly R-SIC)” is one of the largest social issue conferences in Japan, in which people across sectors such as companies, governments, NPOs, educational institutions, and students participate. It started in 2013. So far, it has been held in Tokyo, Kyoto, Tsukuba, etc., and the previous “Ridi Fes” in 2020 was attended by a total of 1,154 people over the two days, the largest number ever. “I’m looking for ways to deal with social issues and the community in my work and private life.” I don’t know if I should.” In order to respond to such “feelings for society”, top runners who are active in various fields gather at Redifesu. We will deliver a dense and exciting day where you can find your own way of facing society. This year’s theme, which will be held offline for the first time in three years after the corona disaster, is “reconstruction of solidarity.”
Public-Private Partnership, New Era Education Theory, Loneliness and Isolation, Local Government Management, Diversity & Inclusion, Social Participation. And “Social Quiz Battle” to learn social issues with quizzes.
We have a lineup of diverse themes that allow you to learn about the “now” and “future” of society.
I am interested in social issues, and I am thinking about what I can do for companies, governments, NPOs, schools, and privately. A place where such people gather and envision the future. That is Redifes. ■ Organizer
Ridilover Co., Ltd. / General Incorporated Association Ridilover HP:
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