Michinoku Coca-Cola Bottling Concludes “Agreement on Securing Beverages in Times of Disaster” with Hachirogata Town, Akita Prefecture

Michinoku Coca-Cola Bottling Co., Ltd.
Michinoku Coca-Cola Bottling Concludes “Agreement on Securing Beverages in Times of Disaster” with Hachirogata Town, Akita Prefecture
Swift procurement and delivery of Coca-Cola products in the event of a disaster
Michinoku Coca-Cola Bottling Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Morioka City, Iwate Prefecture; President: Hirokazu Tanimura) has signed an agreement with Hachirogata Town, Akita Prefecture (Mayor: Kikuo Hatakeyama) to secure beverages in the event of a disaster. ”, and a signing ceremony was held on Friday, October 14th.
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This agreement stipulates the necessary matters regarding the supply of beverages in the event of an earthquake, storm or flood damage, or other disaster occurring in Hachirogata Town, or when there is a risk of such a disaster occurring. This is the 94th similar agreement concluded within our business area (Iwate, Akita, and Aomori Prefectures) and the 24th within Akita Prefecture.
■ Overview of the signing ceremony
[Date and time] October 14, 2022 (Friday) 10: 00-
[Place] Hachirogata Town Office
[Attendants] – Hachirogata Town – Town Mayor Kikuo Hatakeyama, Deputy Town Mayor Kiyoshi Senda, Superintendent of Education Mr. Hiroshi Ebatake, -Our Company- Akita Sales General Manager Shigemasa Sato, Akita Sales Department Chief Manager Takeshi Sato
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At the signing ceremony, an agreement was exchanged between Mayor Kikuo Hatakeyama and Shigemasa Sato, General Manager of Akita Sales Division. Under this agreement, in the event of a disaster, etc., we will strive to promptly procure and deliver Coca-Cola products based on requests from Hachirogata Town. In addition, we will exchange information with Hachirogata Town on a regular basis in the event of a disaster that may occur at any time and place, and we will work to further cooperate with each other, such as understanding each other’s contact information and persons in charge.
Comment from Mr. Kikuo Hatakeyama, Mayor of Hachirogata Town “In recent years, natural disasters have occurred all over the country almost every year. The heavy rains in the Kyushu region this year are still fresh in our minds, and even in Akita Prefecture, in August, the neighboring towns of Mitane and Gojome were flooded with rivers. There was flooding.We believe that disasters will surely come in the future, so we are preparing for stockpiles.However, if a disaster of a larger scale than expected occurs, we will not be able to respond on our own. As the mayor of the town, I am very happy and reassured that we are able to conclude a disaster agreement today.”
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Comment from Shigemasa Sato, General Manager of Akita Sales Division “Our company, which is based in the northern Tohoku region, is able to quickly deliver beverages based on the agreement, and it is not possible to quickly deliver beverages, which are a valuable lifeline, to those affected. We believe that this is the social mission of a company, and we are proceeding with the conclusion of this agreement with each municipality.We are very pleased that we were able to conclude this agreement with Hachirogata Town today. We hope that by building a strong partnership in the future, we will be able to consider measures that will help citizens on a daily basis, not just in times of emergency.”
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About Michinoku Coca-Cola Bottling
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Michinoku Coca-Cola Bottling Co., Ltd. manufactures and sells Coca-Cola products in Aomori, Iwate, and Akita prefectures. We aim to be a company that not only delivers soft drinks that enhance lifestyles, but also develops various businesses that are closely related to daily life, and is close to the “positive” and “happy” lifestyles of local residents. While being a member of the Coca-Cola system, we aim to fulfill our responsibilities as a local company operating in the North Tohoku region, create positive change and create social value, and sustainably contribute to the development of the local community. We are working on it.

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