Miki Tokushu Paper Co., Ltd. “Mikiron Direct Shop” including “Tuna Roll” has been upgraded and reopene d

Miki Tokushu Paper Co., Ltd.
“Mikiron Direct Shop” including “Tuna Roll” powers up and reopens Professional high-spec kitchen paper is even more affordable!
Development and technical capabilities to “turn all fibers into paper” Operated by Miki Tokushu Paper Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shikokuchuo City, Ehime Prefecture; President: Masato Miki), which develops business exclusively for specialty paper under the theme of
coexistence with nature The online shopping site “Mikiron Direct Shop” (https://mikiron.com/) has reopened after a renewal this fall. With this renewal, the Mikiron Direct Shop will continue to provide professional high-spec kitchen paper, including “Tuna Roll”, at even more affordable prices, and we will also deliver various useful information.
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Mikiron Direct Shop
Overview of the online shopping site “Mikiron Direct Shop”
“Mikiron Direct Shop” sells a variety of food freshness-preserving papers manufactured by Miki Tokushu Paper, including the “Maguroru” food freshness-preserving paper that is also selected at Tsukiji for thawing frozen and raw tuna. doing.
We deliver products that are loved by professionals such as
restaurants and fresh fish stores all over the country at a price unique to the manufacturer.
Of course, it is possible to sell small lots from one bottle, so it can be used by both corporations and individuals.
Another great point is that shipping is free for purchases of 3,000 yen (tax included) or more! Please use it once.
▼Click here for Mikiron Direct Shop

Product lineup
■ Tuna roll
[Image 2d106872-1-870de09d3603b08212f1-3.png&s3=106872-1-d8ccf506bccc14ff79164d3d638d0f24-400x296.png
Tuna Roll is a food freshness preserving paper that is especially suitable for thawing frozen and raw tuna.
It absorbs the drip that comes out when thawing and adjusts the moisture and temperature, keeping the freshness and color and not letting the taste escape. It has excellent water absorption and retention properties, so it is perfect for draining and preventing drying of seafood and meat.
This is a professional purveyor item that is also used by sushi restaurants, restaurants, and fresh fish stores. It can also be conveniently used as cooking paper for tempura and fried foods, wiping cutting boards, cleaning frying pans, etc.
Capacity/Price (tax included) 1/460 yen 24/9,900 yen
▼ Click here to order tuna rolls
■ Delicious sheet
[Image 3d106872-1-f0d9ed2ed8575028b556-1.png&s3=106872-1-bdb9aa751f0739276defde4255eda58e-400x296.png
It can be used as cooking paper for tempura and fried foods, wiping cutting boards, and cleaning frying pans. It can absorb drips and keep the ingredients fresh.
Capacity/Price (tax included) 1/535 yen 24/6,420 yen
▼ Click here to request a delicious sheet

■ Meat roll
[Image 4d106872-1-b4d00614a39d3bfff621-2.png&s3=106872-1-24f3852f7cbb1480be01619b9a572b51-400x296.png
“Meat roll” is a meat aging preservation paper such as raw meat and frozen meat. The well-balanced moisturizing and water retention properties prevent the meat from drying out and losing weight. It also retains its fresh color. The deliciousness is completely wrapped. Sanitary and safe, using 100% natural virgin pulp filaments. It does not tear easily even when wet, and is extremely easy to use. Speaking of meat, meat rolls. It can be used conveniently at home as well as in professional kitchens.
Capacity/price (tax included) 300mm width/1,150 yen 600mm width/1,815 yen ▼ Click here to order meat rolls

Sales representative: Miki Tokushu Paper Co., Ltd. Company profile Since its founding in 1947, Miki Tokushu Paper has created special paper for a variety of purposes under the slogan of “turning every fiber into paper.” The reason why the company name is “special” instead of “special” is that the raw materials (seeds) of paper use special types of fibers and raw materials, and the products (paper) are made through research and development. .
Since the development of the world’s first chemical synthetic fiber “Mikiron” in 1958, we have produced all kinds of special papers that meet the needs of our customers. During that time, we have received many honors related to the research and development of special paper, such as the “National Invention Award”, the Pulp and Paper Technology Association’s “Fujiwara Award”, the “Regional Invention Encouragement Award”, and the “1st Science and Technology Agency Commissioner’s Award”. . Miki Tokushu Paper’s theme of “coexistence with nature” includes the use of non-wood materials. Research and development of functional paper that makes the most of the characteristics of non-wood fiber (kenaf) will meet the needs of new customers. In 1993, we set up Japan’s first paper manufacturing plant in Anhui Province, China, and have responded to environmental changes surrounding the world. In 2002, we started production of wet spunlace, a new field, and started working on the development of new nonwoven fabrics and functional papers through a business alliance with Mitsubishi Paper Mills.
Miki Tokushu Paper will continue to develop special papers, functional papers, and non-woven fabrics that our customers demand, using the know-how we have cultivated through “turning all kinds of fibers into paper.”

Company name: Miki Tokushu Paper Co., Ltd.
Headquarters: 156 Kawanoe-cho, Shikokuchuo City, Ehime Prefecture    TEL 0896-58-3373/FAX 0896-58-2105
Founded: October 1947
Capital: 50 million yen
URL: https://www.mikitoku.co.jp/

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