Minami Echizen Town Recruiting participants for the workshop “Creating a small regional base”

Minami Echizen Town
Recruitment of participants for the workshop “Creating a small local base” ~From a nursery room to an antique store~

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Former Takura Nursery School, which closed in 2004, is now open as a café in a renovated nursery room. It has become a place for
Mr. Fujiwara, the owner of the sundries store “GENOME”, and the voluntary organization “Takura CANVAS”, which is mainly made up of local residents and university students, are continuously working towards further utilization of the nursery school in order to revitalize the area. . As part of its utilization, it had been planned for some time to open an antique shop in a room of a nursery school. Items that would normally be discarded due to the demolition of vacant houses, and old tools that are still usable are treated as products in the shop. We believe that there will be more options for using nursery schools, such as those who sympathize with such sustainable practices such as reuse, and those who come to look forward to finding bargains. And this time, we decided to support the renovation of the secondhand store as part of the “Support for the creation of a small regional base” project by the Regional Revitalization Cooperation Corps. We are looking for people from inside and outside the region who can cooperate with this workshop, with the aim of creating opportunities to raise interest in the region and to develop attachment to the completed place.
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↑Rooms scheduled for renovation
■ Date and time
Sunday, November 6, 13:00-16:00
November 8 (Tue) 13:00-16:00
Wednesday, November 9, 13:00-16:00
■ Location
 Former Takura nursery school room (Former Tampopo group room) ■ Participation fee
■ Capacity
 4 people each time (* Participation in either one is also possible, first-come-first-served basis)
■ How to apply
Please contact the following contact information by 17:00 on November 4th (Friday). (phone or email)
 Minami Echizen Town Tourism and Community Development Division  Phone: 0778-47-8013 Email: kanmachi@town.minamiechizen.lg.jp  Town HP: https://www.town.minamiechizen.lg.jp/tyousei/709/p004151.html *Please refrain from participating if you are feeling unwell to prevent the spread of the new coronavirus. Also, when you come, please cooperate with temperature measurement, disinfection, and wearing a mask.
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