Minimal, souvenirs and gifts Popular sand cookies Autumn limited “Chocolate Sand Cookies -Maron & Cassis-” N ew release A special combination of autumn classic “Marron” and “Cassis”

Bace Co., Ltd.
Minimal, souvenirs and gifts Popular sand cookies Autumn limited “Chocolate Sand Cookies -Maron & Cassis-” New release A special combination of autumn classic “Marron” and “Cassis”

Specialty chocolate specialty store from Japan “Minimal – Bean to Bar Chocolate -” ( developed by βace Co., Ltd. (Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, CEO: Takashi Yamashita) will sell the autumn-only “Chocolate Sand Cookie -Maron & Cassis-” from October 8th.
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Autumn-only marron and cassis flavors have appeared in the “Chocolate Sand Cookies”, which are popular as souvenirs and gifts. The mellow sweetness of marron and chocolate and the refreshing sourness of cassis make this an autumn-like flavor.
・Rich chestnut and milk chocolate sandwich cookies for autumn souvenirs The ganache in the center uses milk chocolate made from Philippine cacao beans. Rich and full-bodied chocolate that brings out the flavor of marron harmonizes with the sweetness of marron, creating a satisfying taste.
Sand cookies using chestnuts that feel autumn are perfect for souvenirs and gifts. Since one box contains 4 boxes and 8 pieces in individual packaging, it can also be used as a handout gift. ・A special combination of chestnut and cassis. Enjoy cassis accented with chestnuts unique to autumn
Cassis is used as an accent for the crunchy cookie dough on the outside. The sweet and sour taste brings out the sweetness of the marron, giving it a deep flavor. We have adjusted the balance of chestnuts, chocolate, and cassis many times, so that you can enjoy the exquisite balance of the sweetness of chestnuts, the richness of chocolate, and the sourness of cassis. Please enjoy the special combination.
・Enjoy the impression that changes with pairing
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1. Black tea (first flush): Impression of rich taste like compote of marron with red wine
2. Lightly roasted coffee (Ethiopia): enhances each other’s fruity impression 3. Brandy (Hennessy X.O): The taste of brandy creates a more unified harmony between chestnut and cassis.
[Price] 2,160 yen (tax included)
【Release date】
Online store: October 8, 2022
Tomigaya Main Store / Yoyogi Uehara Store: October 8, 2022
[Sales channel] Online store, Tomigaya main store, Yoyogi Uehara store [Sales site]
As a reward for yourself, as a souvenir or as a gift. Minimla chocolate sweets to enjoy the taste of autumn
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At Minimal, we offer two types of autumn-only gateau chocolat that make the most of the taste of autumn. At a Bean to Bar chocolate specialty store, you can enjoy the ingredients unique to autumn and the chocolates that have been finely adjusted by craftsmen to make the most of the ingredients.
Please use it not only as a reward for yourself, but also as a souvenir or gift. ・Raw gateau chocolate -Japanese chestnut-
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Carefully selected Japanese chestnuts with a gentle sweetness and delicate aroma from Miyazaki and Kumamoto prefectures are combined with chocolate using cacao beans from Ghana with a sweet and spicy feel.
By combining a minimum of ingredients, mainly chocolate with a sweet, spiced flavor, to the warm taste of Japanese chestnuts, you can experience the delicate sweetness, pleasant astringency, and aroma of Japanese chestnuts in a three-dimensional manner.
[Price] 3,650 yen (tax included)
[Sales period] Scheduled until around November
[Sales channel] Online store, Yoyogi Uehara store
[Sales site]
・Gateau Chocolat Soft -Naruto Kintoki-
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It is an autumn-only gateau chocolate that you can enjoy the elegant taste of “Naruto Kintoki” with fragrant chocolate. “Naruto Kintoki” from “Kimoto Farm” in Tokushima Prefecture is used luxuriously, and it is put in the gateau chocolate.
Not only can you enjoy the aroma and sweetness, but you can also enjoy the texture as it is. The fruity chocolate dough made from cacao beans from Sierra Nevada has a light flavor that goes well with the elegant sweetness of Kintoki.
[Price] 3,650 yen (tax included)
[Sales period] Scheduled until around November
[Sales channel] Yoyogi Uehara store
Chocolate craftsman team “Minimal” exploring materials and manufacturing methods [Image 6d12047-99-f4a076dbb94fff0a5118-8.jpg&s3=12047-99-c01d56050c926bd3885eb783970ff04e-800x264.jpg
Minimal visits cacao production areas around the world and craftsmen make chocolate one by one from high quality cacao beans by hand. Patissiers, chocolatiers, and craftsmen who have honed their skills at Michelin-starred restaurants and top patisserie in Japan and overseas are earnestly based on the starting point of “carefully and simply, using the best ingredients to bring out the maximum aroma”. We will make Minimal chocolates and sweets at work.
As for cacao, which is a raw material, we conduct research and lectures on fermentation and drying work locally, and develop flavors that meet high quality and high unit price with cacao farmers. Aiming for sustainable economic self-reliance of the cocoa industry, which has remnants of plantations, we will provide technical support and fair and ethical transactions. In 2019, we conducted a cacao survey in Nicaragua as part of JICA’s ODA feasibility study project.
Received 69 awards for 6 years in a row at international competitions due to the idea of ​​“subtraction” that makes the most of the ingredients and our unique manufacturing method. We would like to deliver “chocolate that leaves a lasting impression” that will make you want to eat again!
Store information
[Image 7d12047-99-2664c849b66eb0ab2404-9.jpg&s3=12047-99-376ec85c772a903db008aacf7a28c2ed-2000x2000.jpg
It also has a cafe space. You can also enjoy coffee, chocolate and parfaits. ■ Minimal Tomigaya Main Store
Address: 1F, 2-1-9 Tomigaya, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
Access: 6-minute walk from Yoyogi-Hachiman Station on the Odakyu Line and Yoyogi-Koen Station on the Tokyo Metro Chiyoda Line
Business hours: 11:30-19:00 (L.O 18:30) No fixed holidays
■ Minimal The Baking Yoyogi Uehara
Address: 1-34-5 Uehara, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
Access: 2-minute walk from Yoyogi-Uehara Station on each line Business hours: 11:00-19:00 No fixed holidays
Overview of βace Co., Ltd.
Company name: βace Co., Ltd.
Representative: Representative Director Takashi Yamashita
Address: Urban Terrace 21, 2-1-9 Tomigaya, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 151-0063 Number of employees: 40 (including part-time workers)
Business: Manufacture and sale of chocolate products
Operation of chocolate specialty store “Minimal – Bean to Bar Chocolate -” Minimal – Bean to Bar Chocolate – Related Information
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