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Mitsubishi Chemical Cleansui Co., Ltd. Start renting “Cleansui Water”, an environmentally friendly clean water server directly connected to the water supply, that does not require bottle storage or replacement

Mitsubishi Chemical Cleansui Co., Ltd.
Start renting “Cleansui Water”, an environmentally friendly clean water server directly connected to the water supply, that does not require bottle storage or replacement

Mitsubishi Chemical Cleansui Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Chuo-ku, Tokyo; Representative Director: Daichi Tanabe; hereinafter: Cleansui) will deliver environmentally friendly, safe, and delicious water to people’s lives through the manufacture and sale of water purifiers. In February, we sent out a corporate advertisement with the slogan “Let’s drink tap water again.” .
As a solution to utilize tap water in Japan and realize a more sustainable lifestyle, Cleansui has launched a clean water server directly connected to the water supply, Cleansui Water, for offices and facilities of companies, local governments, schools, hospitals, commercial facilities, etc. ” will be available for rental from October.
[Image 1d83402-19-eb071dda595ff505108d-5.jpg&s3=83402-19-e9e16c8ffb7f27562e9ffc331c32b4fb-1297x864.jpg
In 1984, Mitsubishi Chemical Cleansui Co., Ltd. released Cleansui, a household water purifier that adopted the world’s first hollow fiber membrane filter that could remove even germs. It is currently used in over 50 countries around the world.
This time, we have adopted our water purification technology, which keeps the minerals of our tap water intact, in a water server that can be used not only in the kitchen but also in various places.
Bottle-type water servers offer the convenience of being able to use hot and cold water whenever you like, but on the other hand, it requires the labor of storing and replacing the bottles used in the water server, as well as the cost of the bottles each time they are used. In addition, it takes energy to manufacture, extract, and transport the bottles.
As a means to eliminate various disadvantages while maintaining the convenience of water servers, we incorporate our high water
purification technology into the equipment and purify the local tap water to eliminate the disadvantages. , I made hot water unlimited. Compared to PET bottled water, which is easy to use, it can reduce the resources and energy required to produce, collect, transport, and dispose of PET bottles, as well as reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Through this purified water server “Cleansui Water” directly connected to the water supply, we will expand the use of purified tap water, promote the use of personal bottles, reduce the use of PET bottled water, and provide delicious water with less environmental impact. We will contribute to the creation of an environment where people can use our products.
At the same time, we will contribute to the local water supply business by promoting local production for local consumption of water. [Image 2d83402-19-fb495916878dd72434df-0.jpg&s3=83402-19-94fe4399f13f410c7f1799f335d66ff4-1297x864.jpg
◆ About the product
●Cleansui’s technology cultivated in household water purifiers is adopted as water purification technology.
Employs a unique hollow fiber membrane filter to remove fine particles, various bacteria, red rust, etc. contained in tap water. Minerals in tap water are kept as they are to make delicious purified water. [Image 3d83402-19-6c34e4c1dd23b7283f6f-4.png&s3=83402-19-4eae443bc60d2b4553f840d5d66dd0fb-1001x542.png
Unlimited use with flat-rate rental
The cost of water is only the water bill because it purifies tap water. It is overwhelmingly low cost compared to bottle type water servers and plastic bottled water.
・Water cost comparison
[Image 4d83402-19-40fd193dcc7610e2bd3d-3.png&s3=83402-19-ecedd5fead987a138f72c92aaf5b238c-442x255.png
*Tokyo water charge: Approximately 0.24 yen per liter (refer to Tokyo Waterworks Bureau website)
Comparison condition: Cost of water when using 12L/day in an office (20 people). Cleansui water cost includes rental fee.
●Environmentally friendly
Since tap water is used, it takes time to manufacture, sample, and transport the bottles that were required for bottle-type water servers.
It saves energy and significantly reduces greenhouse gas emissions. You can also reduce the amount of plastic you use in your bottles. ●Reliable full maintenance
From installation to regular maintenance.
The water filter cartridge will also be replaced regularly.
Easy management
No need to attach bottles or store bulky bottles.
●Simple operation
It is a simple operation that anyone can easily handle.
It also comes with a child lock for added safety.
[Image 5d83402-19-5eddee7e49376c48e3d8-1.jpg&s3=83402-19-4ffe18471478b62d93c2927795a4cdd2-683x455.jpg
CWMF-500 Stand type / CWMF-200 Desktop type
[Image 6d83402-19-9e74817b9c5ac4c942b6-2.png&s3=83402-19-71b3351681e2c5cc06aad181a7c3f2d8-567x291.png

■Cleansui Water website
[Image 7d83402-19-32ed32dab5be160ad0b0-6.png&s3=83402-19-41f5ae8963d9f886a45bd1cf6d466aad-3900x1877.png
Mitsubishi Chemical Cleansui Co., Ltd.
In 1984, we released Cleansui, the world’s first household water purifier that uses a hollow fiber membrane filter that can even remove various germs. Based on the brand message of “Clean a glass of water”, it is now a global brand used in more than 50 countries. Today, we are developing products and services as a water brand that goes beyond water purifiers. In 2019, the “Cleansui” brand won the international design award “Red Dot Award: Brands & Communication Design 2019”. In July 2021, the water wisdom pavilion “Cleansui House
(” will open in the commercial resort facility VISON in Taki-cho, Mie Prefecture.
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