Mitsubishi UFJ Trust and Banking Corporation Product development based on data from approximately 1,400 people Four types of sustainable beer made from waste ingredients are on sale

Mitsubishi UFJ Trust and Banking Corporation
Product development based on data from approximately 1,400 people Four types of sustainable beer made from waste ingredients are on sale Mitsubishi UFJ Trust and Banking “Dprime Lab” x AJB Co. Project 2nd is traditional technology x data utilization Personalize traditional crafts from all over Japan

The first project of Dprime Lab provided by Mitsubishi UFJ Trust and Banking Corporation (President: Iwao Nagashima) has completed the sustainable beer “WASTE 2 BEER” that utilizes waste ingredients. This is a project in which individual users provide data to co-create products that contribute to solving social issues with companies in the information bank service “Dprime” that manages and operates personal data launched on April 6, 2022 (Wednesday). Products will be on sale from October 14th.
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Craft beer “WASTE 2 BEER” using waste ingredients completed
Challenge to develop craft beer based on various data provided by individual users through this service. In August 2022, we created a beer pilot version using 4 types of discarded ingredients based on customer feedback from Dprime data. In October 2022, “WASTE 2 BEER”, which utilizes user data and contributes to the reduction of food loss, was completed.
This time, the ingredients for the four types of craft beer are grapefruit juice, grapefruit peel, cacao husk, and pineapple juice. “WASTE 2 BEER” product details
■Beer type: FRUITED SOUR “Hana”
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Starting with women in their 20s and 30s who are interested in health and beauty, this product has gained popularity among young people such as students and new members of society. I named it “Flower”. Recommended for those who want to enjoy a leisurely drink with their meal.

■Beer type: KOLSCH “Ki”
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Many middle-aged people who are active in both work and private life have been looking for a craft beer that is refreshing and refreshing. “Hikari” is named for those who live in the present with all their might. In addition, a strong interest in food and travel was conspicuous as a tendency of people who like this work.

■Beer type: INPERIAL STOUT “Wa”
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As the name suggests, “I” has gained popularity among discerning men who pursue their own path rather than what is happening around them or the latest trends. The sweetness and depth of the taste has been well received by company executives and managers in their 40s and 50s who work powerfully and are careful about their own health management.

■Beer type: IPA “Minami”
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He is interested in activities such as outdoor activities, camping, and travel, and is familiar with the latest trends. “Minoru” has gained wide popularity among people in their 40s and 50s who enjoy various lifestyles regardless of gender. Craft beer loved by people who live a fulfilling life, that kind of meaning is included.

Mitsubishi UFJ Trust and Banking × AJB Co. Development Background The first project is Dprime, which wants to develop products that match the tastes and preferences of consumers, and AJB Co, which wants to spread awareness of food loss such as food waste while making better beer based on people’s feedback. The passion of . has started. This time, instead of the conventional classification based on age and gender, it is unique to an information bank that has abundant data such as “preference for craft beer”, “favorite taste and lifestyle of alcoholic beverages”, and “interest in food loss”. We started development aiming for a taste optimized for individual users. Prototyping continued, and the beer prototype was completed in August 2022. After listening to the voices of customers heard from the data, finally in October 2022, four types of “WASTE 2 BEER” were completed. Looking back on this project, Emiko Livesey of AJB Co. said, “I’m happy to be able to share the excitement from having consumers answer the questionnaire to the completion of the product.”
Three outcomes of the project (results of a questionnaire survey of project participants)

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1. 85% of participants increased their intention to purchase craft beer Many people who have never drank craft beer or who are not good at beer participated in this project. As a result, 85% of the
participants answered that their interest in and intention to purchase craft beer increased through the experience of making craft beer based on their own data.

2. Increased interest in food loss
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Through participation in this project and tasting, 93% of the participants improved their interest in and interest in products that use ingredients that were planned to be discarded. In addition, the number of participants who want to actively select food loss prevention products increased by 26%.

3. Upcycle 650 kg of waste ingredients
250 kg of grapefruit juice and 60 kg of grapefruit peel, which were planned to be disposed of at the purely domestic fruit farm “Midori no Sato Ryo-kun”, were used for the newly developed “Hana” and “Teru”. In addition, 50 kg of cacao husk, which was planned to be discarded at the time of processing at “Dandelion Chocolate”, is used for “I”. The 250 kg of pineapple juice used in “Minami” was made from pineapples that were planned to be discarded by farmers in Okinawa Prefecture. Campaign to get “WASTE 2 BEER”
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Limited to Dprime users, we are running a campaign to present “WASTE 2 BEER” by lottery until 10/25! You can apply by accepting the quiz offer (right figure) in Dprime, so please participate.

Start a new project
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2. Development of healing office items created with Ross Flower x data
Both projects can participate from the Dprime app, so
Please join us from the participation method below.
About “Dprime Lab”
■ About “Dprime Lab”
“Dprime Lab” is a project in which individual users of the “Dprime App” and companies work together to create products and services aimed at solving social issues. Today, there are many social issues both in Japan and overseas. In 2015, the United Nations announced the SDGs for solving various social issues. Therefore, in order to solve social issues, “Dprime” launched “Dprime Lab” with the desire to provide services that can contribute to solving social issues while benefiting from data utilization.
Through Dprime Lab, companies can not only create products and services from the user’s point of view, but also share the social meaning and thoughts of those products and services with users. Mitsubishi UFJ Trust and Banking will continue to contribute to solving various social issues through the active use of trust functions and new technologies.
■ How to participate in the project
[Image 11d36656-39-965de16d947d239139e0-12.png&s3=36656-39-41e77561d427e2dd478bb04a5fe29c2a-3110x1303.png
1. Download the Dprime app from the link below.
2. Register your data.
3. Accept the offer on the “New Product Development” tab.
・iOS store URL %BD%E6%80%A7%E3%81%AB%E5%A4%89%E3%81%88%E3%82%88%E3%81%86/id1438486319 ・Android store URL What is Dprime
[Image 12d36656-39-51a444343a9ecdee5799-13.png&s3=36656-39-76a7481efadfe7a8f1393336bf619749-2378x932.png
By passing the data registered in the app to companies, organizations, etc., individual users can receive various benefits, as well as support products and initiatives aimed at solving social issues through their own data. is.
Of course, you can choose the company/organization to which you want to hand over your registered data, but we do not hand over personally identifiable data such as name and contact information to
companies/organizations. It’s a way to pass.
Companies and organizations will be able to provide higher quality services by utilizing the data provided by individuals and
incorporating consumer feedback into products and initiatives aimed at solving social issues. Dprime will contribute to efforts to solve social issues through data co-creation between individual users and companies/organizations while protecting the privacy of customers. Person in charge comment
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Yushin Nakata, Dprime Manager, Mitsubishi UFJ Trust and Banking Corporation We launched a project called Dprime Lab to create products that are close to everyone’s tastes and preferences.
When I analyzed the data that was actually collected, I realized how difficult it is to fulfill the wishes of many people. However, we received survey results from those who drank the pilot version, such as “I didn’t like beer, but now I like beer” and that there is an increase in the intention to purchase products that prevent food loss. From these, I think that it has become a valuable project for both users and AJB who participated.

[Image 14d36656-39-f104e454d1432122ce3e-15.png&s3=36656-39-18dfd406f9ed4ef9b4c3e52ab36132f2-1140x923.png
AJB Co. Founder Developer Thomas Livesey Livesey Emiko
At first, I had no idea what kind of things could be created from the data. However, in this project, various people were interested, and we received opinions from people who don’t usually drink beer, and we were able to analyze what kind of people like what kind of taste from the data, and it was a very exciting development. In addition, we were able to connect with new partners in the process of searching for crops to be discarded.
I realized that Dprime is a tool that can achieve things that could not be achieved by conventional corporate activities.
About AJB Co.
The history of AJB Co. began in January 2014 with the opening of a taproom Ribushi and a 300L pilot brewery behind it in front of Oyu, the center of Nozawa Onsen Village, Nagano Prefecture, which is famous for its high-quality hot springs and powder snow. I was. The founder, Thomas Livesy, chose this area because he fell in love with the majestic nature and the warmth of the village people.
He is passionate about continuing to make challenging beers without compromising on beer making, and without being particular about style. Not only popular styles such as IPA, but also sour beer and aged beer in wooden barrels, we continue to create dynamic and challenging beers, sticking to our own style regardless of the type. In April 2022, we will open a new base “Ribushi Bashamichi” that integrates a craft beer brewery, a distillery and a restaurant in Bashamichi, Yokohama. We continue to challenge ourselves to create products. Details about this release:


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