Mixi Co., Ltd. The theme of the 9th anniversary of Monst is “Let’s go super Kankan!”

MIXI Co., Ltd.
The theme of the 9th anniversary of Monst is “Let’s go super Kankan!”
■ Announcement of 9 Beast Deification/Beast Deification/Reform, including “Arthur,” “Fujin Raijin,” and “Tutankhamun”
■ “Monstore” sells beastification / beastification / reform
commemorative goods such as “Arthur” and “Fujin Raijin”
■ “This year’s last! 9th Anniversary Explosive Appreciation Multi Gacha” and “Selected! 9th Anniversary Popularity Poll Gacha” held ■ Implement the “Hippari Video Posting Campaign” where you can receive a selectable Pay of 50,000 yen if you win a prize
MIXI Co., Ltd. (Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, President: Hiroki Kimura) is celebrating its 9th anniversary on October 10 (Monday / holiday) this year in the smartphone app pulling hunting RPG “Monster Strike” (Monst). , We will carry out a 9th anniversary campaign with the theme of “Let’s go super Kankan!”
[Image 1

■ Announcement of 9 Beast Deification/Beast Deification/Reform, including “Arthur,” “Fujin Raijin,” and “Tutankhamun”
 In “MONST FREAK 2022”, 9 beast deities / beast deities / reforms were announced. In addition, “Fujin Raijin” and “Tutankhamen” can be transformed into beasts in two ways. The 9
beastification/beastification/reformation will be lifted
simultaneously at 22:00 on Sunday, October 2nd.
Monster Strike Official Website: https://www.monster-strike.com/ [Image 2

Light attribute 6 New Knight King of the Holy Grail Arthur (beast deity change) [Image 3

Light attribute 6 New Holy Grail Knight King Arthur MV
[Image 4

Water attribute ★ 6 soul-shaking magic girl Fūjin Raijin (beast deity) [Image 5

Water attribute 6 Enchanting twin gods who protect the path of heaven, Fujin Raijin (Beast)
[Image 6

Wood attribute 6 Tutankhamun, the wise king of Egypt who protects his beloved wife (beastification)
[Image 7

Wood attribute 6 Pharaoh Tutankhamun of salvation clad in the blessings of God (Beastification)
[Image 8

Darkness attribute 6 Absolute Queen of the Land of Wonders, who enjoys the unknown Alice
[Image 9

Fire attribute 6 Knight of the Lake who fulfills his duty Lancelot (beast deity change)
[Image 10

https://monstore.monster-strike.com/collections/monstfreak2022_1002_4f011601) and Monst goods advertising department Twitter account
(https://twitter.com/monst_goods) .
[Goods (regular sale) list]
[Image 14

[List of goods (order sales)]
[Image 15

■ From 12:00 on October 7th (Friday), “This year’s last! 9th anniversary explosion multi-gacha” will be held.
You can choose “3” of your favorite attributes from the 5 attributes, draw a gacha, and choose 1 of the “9 bodies”. If you pull the gacha together (up to 4 people), you can also get the character that everyone pulled. You can draw gacha together even if you are away from friends of Monster Strike or LINE Multi. “This year’s last! In addition, “Explosive Appreciation Multi Gacha” will end at the 9th anniversary of this year. For next year, which will be the 10th anniversary of Monst, we will consider new projects so that everyone who celebrates the 10th anniversary of Monst can enjoy it.
[Image 16

■ Voting for “Senbatsu!
With 10 consecutive gachas, you are guaranteed to get one of the 6 ★ characters in the selected group. In addition, only the top 100 characters selected by voting will be eligible for characters with a rating of 5 or higher. Voting will begin at 4:00 on Monday, October 3rd.
■ Held a campaign to win a campaign-limited wireless charger by lottery if you RT Arthur’s PV
If you follow and retweet the campaign target tweets posted from the Monst campaign official Twitter account (@monst_campaign), a total of 999 people will be selected by lottery.
In addition, as a double chance among the campaign applicants, the campaign limited “Hikari! Excalibur type wireless charger” will also be won by lottery.
[Image 17

Game name: Monster Strike
Category Game (Action RPG)
Play fee: Free (some charges/items charged)
Compatible models (OS) [iOS] iOS 11.0 or later
         【Android(TM)】Android 4.4.0 or later (Android 4.4.0 or less cannot work) How to use · Search for “Monst” in each store
         【Android】https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=jp.co.mixi.monsterstrike          【Amazon】https://www.amazon.co.jp/dp/B01M09D6KY/
■MIXI Co., Ltd.
With the purpose of “expanding rich communication and wrapping the world in happy surprises”, MIXI has released “mixi”, “Monster Strike”, “Family Album Mitene”, “TIPSTAR”, etc. We provide a communication service that you can enjoy together with your friends and family. Based on the spirit of “user surprise first” that we cherish, our mission is to create places and opportunities for “connecting hearts” that create richer, deeper and richer communication, rather than just connecting, which is our mission. By continuing to do so, we will contribute to the realization of an emotionally rich and
heart-to-heart society.
* The names of MIXI and Monster Strike, and their related trademarks and logos are trademarks and registered trademarks of MIXI Co., Ltd. Details about this release:

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