MK Seiko Wine dispensing machine “Vinoark” won the “2022 Good Design Award”!

MK Seiko
Wine dispensing machine “Vinoark” won the “Good Design Award 2022”!
MK Seiko Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Chikuma City, Nagano Prefecture; Representative Director: Shoichi Maruyama)’s wine dispensing machine “Vinoark” won the 2022 Good Design Award (sponsored by the Japan Institute of Design Promotion). Did.
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Wine dispenser “Vinoark”
■ What is the wine dispensing machine “Vinoark”?
The wine dispenser “Vinoark” is a small dispenser that can subdivide wine into bottles and pouches without exposing it to air. Wine importers and wineries have more opportunities to hand out wine in small portions instead of face-to-face tasting, which has become difficult due to the corona crisis. However, there were problems such as spilling when subdividing and air entering and oxidizing the wine. By injecting argon gas into the container to which it is to be dispensed and then filling it with wine, the Vinoark can subdivide the wine in 1g increments without exposing it to air.
■ Product information
Product name: Wine dispenser “Vinoark”
Release date: June 22, 2022
Designer: Tokimasa Kato/Mitsuki Otsuka, Product Design Group, Design Strategy Department
New Business Development Department Takima Matsumoto
Product details: Product inquiries: ■Evaluation by judges
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“Good Design Award” award page: ■ Product details
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Body image
The simple black design is finished with a matte painted sheet metal that blends in with a variety of atmospheres. The size is also compact and a small gas cylinder (diameter 80mm x height 430mm, gas content 150L) can be stored in the main unit and can be used in various situations such as on a desk. The part that comes into contact with wine complies with the Food Sanitation Law and can be disassembled. Hygienic and easy to remove and wash. In addition, you can work without touching the nozzle when dispensing.

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■ Product supervision Ms. Yoko Ohara
[Image 3d66674-16-85e537323536d6977317-2.jpg&s3=66674-16-761e98758408e045c3b64cb4bff1f224-800x979.jpg
Supervised by Yoko Ohara
“Vinoark” was developed under the supervision of Ms. Yoko Ohara, one of the few Japanese trainees of the world’s highest qualification, Master of Wine, who leads the Japanese wine world. Mr. Obara provided us with his thorough knowledge of wine, supervising the concept and function of the product, as well as quality checks including tasting of small portions of wine.

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