MNH Sponsored by Daimaru Umeda & Hands Umeda Confectionery crickets and brown rice decaf open at “Eco Festival for Generation Z”

[Sponsored by Daimaru Umeda Store & Hands Umeda Store] Confectionery crickets and brown rice decaf open at “Eco Festival for Z generation”
MNH Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Chofu City, Tokyo, President: Naohiro Ozawa, hereinafter referred to as MNH) will launch the brands “Confectionary Crickets” and “Atelier Brown Rice Decaf” on October 19, 2022 (Wednesday).
●What kind of event?
Young employees of Daimaru Umeda and Hands Umeda, who have been with the company for up to five years, planned an “Eco Festival” with the desire to “create a sustainable society from their immediate surroundings!” There are plenty of events such as flea markets, work events, and lotteries.
Two brands representing MNH have been selected among the 28 select sustainable shops.
Mr. Nakamura, who is in his third year at Daimaru Umeda, chose confectionery crickets out of curiosity. I am commenting.
●What is a “confectionary cricket”?
[Image 1d54477-30-1d1c9313b01ab9f358ec-0.jpg&s3=54477-30-6d6f867c063b2d148302cf8f1cd3bcda-2474x2700.jpg
Since 2017, MNH has developed a brand called “Confectionary Crickets,” which specializes in crickets among insect foods and manufactures arranged sweets. We launched “Future Cricket Snack” as our first product.
With the brand theme of “crickets scooping up the earth”, we are working on development every day as a pioneer of cricket food in order to contribute to becoming a symbol food of SDGs.
●What kind of products can I buy?
We are developing the natural and healthy “Super Cricket” series made from organic crickets and carefully selected materials, and the “Future Crickets” series, which provide an opportunity to think about SDGs and the environment while eating deliciously.
At the pop-up, popular products such as the “Cricket Sprinkle Making Kit” from the “Future Cricket” lab series will also be on display. ●What is brown rice decaf?
[Image 2d54477-30-a34c711f97012c4a8a03-1.jpg&s3=54477-30-266bba50f997cefc49fb23cec41ffeb7-1300x1300.jpg
“Brown rice decaf” is a non-caffeine drink that allows you to enjoy the flavor of fragrant rice (brown rice).
It is a caffeine-free rice drink that is carefully roasted one by one by the hands of “Brown Rice Decaf Meister” at the atelier in Shonai Town, Yamagata Prefecture.
With our unique manufacturing method, it has become a new drink that allows you to fully enjoy the deliciousness of rice.
●Osaka will release limited commemorative goods related to Kuidaore dolls! To commemorate the event being held at Daimaru Umeda this time, we have prepared limited commemorative goods.
[Image 3d54477-30-47fe1bb77facaeca31c5-2.jpg&s3=54477-30-87298054eef23d3f54e859117eae6024-889x672.jpg
It is a limited version with an original cotton bag (drawstring type) that is also popular as a gift, with an illustration of a kuidaore doll printed on it.
A limited cotton bag with an illustration of a Kuidaore doll will be a set product with a brown rice decaf drink comparison set (14 types in total).
In addition, we also sell standard products and gift sets.
You can also taste it, so please try it at this opportunity. ●Introducing some of our products
・“Brown rice decaf drink comparison set (14 magazine types)” where you can experience the difference in the taste of brown rice decaf for each brand of rice.
In addition, we offer a wide variety of lineups, from popular standard products to gift sets.
*At the event, some products will also be sold at Daimaru
Matsuzakaya’s online store.
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-Overview of “Eco Festival for Generation Z”- Period: October 19th (Wednesday) to 24th (Monday), 2022 10:00-20:00 Venue: Daimaru Umeda store 13th floor west special venue
3-1-1 Umeda, Kita Ward, Osaka 530-8202
*Please check the following for temporary closures and changes in business hours of some shops on the sales floor.
■ Daimaru Umeda
■ Confectionary cricket
■Brown rice decaf
▼ A promotional movie for brown rice decaf has been made.
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