“Model office” that small companies long for Misakiya, a business center that has been in business for over 100 years, has established an office that small and medium-sized enterprises can refer to in Hekinan City, Aichi Prefecture.

Com Design Lab Co., Ltd.
[“Model office” that small companies long for] Misakiya, a business center that has been in business for over 100 years, has established an office that small and medium-sized enterprises can refer to in Hekinan City, Aichi Prefecture.
In Hekinan City, Aichi Prefecture, business center Misakiya, which supports the office environment with office stationery, furniture, and OA equipment, newly built its own office with a store.

Based on the concept of “a model office that small companies aspire to”, it is a space where you can experience an office that is close to the scale of a small or medium-sized enterprise, unlike a major office showroom. Com Design Lab Co., Ltd. (Location: Nagoya City, Aichi Prefecture; Representative: Jun Takagi) was in charge of corporate branding such as space design and logo design for this “Business Center Misakiya”.
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■ A showroom-type office based on the concept of “a model office that small companies aspire to”
[Image 2d34626-45-6cca449121cefeaf1a42-11.jpg&s3=34626-45-73a71a80372c227165b34c712b5968a8-1500x678.jpg
[Image 3d34626-45-0febb5208f6a205cdb0b-13.jpg&s3=34626-45-f57349ccc8cb4d4ce57f0d48825d88ff-1500x1000.jpg
Office space with a high ceiling and a sense of openness
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Outdoor relaxing space
An office with a work space of approximately 13 tsubo and a meeting space/meeting room of approximately 10 tsubo.
The office space has exposed beams to ensure a high ceiling, creating a space with a sense of openness. Office furniture is a space that also serves as an element of a showroom, introducing various furniture from each manufacturer.
Within the limited space, we have created a space that is gently divided, and we have also created a relaxing space for our employees. By creating a live office that is close to the scale of small and medium-sized enterprises, we have realized a “model office” that is not found in major office showrooms and is admired by companies of similar scale.
For inquiries about office environment consultation and office tours, please visit our website.

■ “Misakiya Office Lab” where you can experience the actual scale in a live office with a sense of scale
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[Image 6d34626-45-a34665d4cc7c5c7774ea-2.jpg&s3=34626-45-39591970241c0471f9942ec8bc0a1710-1500x1000.jpg
Signs such as actual size monitors and table layouts
[Image 7d34626-45-44d6845e79e5cc1fe506-5.jpg&s3=34626-45-497bdeced02ab05fdd518deeca05335c-1500x1000.jpg
A sign that allows you to grasp the scale of the office
The entrance to the office greets you in front of you when you go up to the second floor. It is an office where you can feel the inside with a large glass sash.
There is information such as memory that allows you to grasp the size of the space you are currently in, office layout, full-scale monitors, desks and other office supplies.
The floor map also includes information such as the size and dimensions of the rooms and the recommended size per person in the office, making it a place where you can compare and imagine your own office while observing the office through the glass.
This is a showroom-type office where you can experience the size and usability of the entire space, which is difficult to grasp with just the size and information on the catalog.

■ An office with a store that serves as a point of contact with the community The first floor is a stationery shop that contributes to the local community and serves as a point of contact, selling office stationery and providing printing services. There is a large atrium in the open space where the line of sight can be seen all the way to the back, and it is designed so that you can feel the presence of the office on the second floor.
In Hekinan City, where our company was founded over 100 years ago, we will continue to cherish the relationships we have built so far, and create a space that serves as a base for giving back to the local community.
[Image 8d34626-45-a0d22c1e095de2ebb3c4-17.jpg&s3=34626-45-119db03159a91c97ff4185bf31ff7511-1500x488.jpg
■Com Design Lab is in charge of overall branding and design for “Business Center Misakiya”
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Design everything from company cars to parking lot marks
[Image 10d34626-45-db36bd56c403e590644c-6.jpg&s3=34626-45-8b952db687f541c6a2eae9a155ee4b5f-1500x1000.jpg
Logo and linked shop design
Com Design Lab, a Nagoya-based branding company, was in charge of the branding of “Business Center Misakiya”, space planning for offices and stores, and the logo mark.
The concept of the logo is “a logo mark with the motif of ‘Mizuhiki’, which values ​​​​connection with people.”
The design is based on a mizuhiki motif, with the idea of ​​cherishing the connections with people that have lasted for over 100 years in Hekinan.
The symbol mark contains the meaning of “W” for Work and “M” for MISAKIYA. We have created a world view that is full of Misakiya’s
“characteristics” with a total design from the logo mark that expresses the president’s thoughts to the company car and the new company building.
design details

[Image 11d34626-45-818cad27b37bf435fc13-1.jpg&s3=34626-45-ca259c1282b621881d3deab9a4fb117e-1500x1000.jpg

《Managed by》
Business Center Misakiya Co., Ltd.
Location 2-5 Hanemachi, Hekinan City, Aichi Prefecture 447-0851 TEL 0566-41-0977 FAX 0566-48-3318
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Com Design Lab Co., Ltd.
Location 〒451-0051 4-3-20 Hisada Building 2F, Noritake Shinmachi, Nishi Ward, Nagoya City, Aichi Prefecture
TEL 052-253-9571 FAX 052-253-9572
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