Moi Co., Ltd. TwitCasting’s paid live distribution service “Premier Distribution” is up to 20% off with “Event Discount”!

Moi Co., Ltd.
TwitCasting’s paid live distribution service “Premier Distribution” is up to 20% off with “Event Discount”!

The live distribution service “TwitCasting” operated by Moi Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo; Representative: Yosuke Akamatsu) has been selected as a ticket sales operator for the government’s “Event Discount (hereinafter referred to as this business)” (* 1). I was. As a result, event organizers will be able to sell tickets for live distribution events covered by this project through the official TwitCasting store (*2).
This project is aimed at stimulating demand for events and the entertainment industry, which the government has been severely damaged by the spread of the new coronavirus infection. In addition, a discount (*3) equivalent to 20% of the ticket price will be given. Event Discount Official Site
*1 This campaign is for events held from October 11, 2022 to January 31, 2023, but the timing and details of the measures are subject to change. For details, please refer to the website of the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (external link).
*2 Tickets for real events sold on TwitCasting are not eligible for event discounts.
*3 The maximum discount is 2,000 yen per ticket.
About tickets eligible for TwitCasting
The following are the ticket products on the TwitCasting official store that are eligible for this campaign.
premiere delivery ticket
This is a ticket for a live distribution event that uses TwitCasting’s ticket-based paid live function “Premier Distribution”.
Please refer to the official page below for the premiere distribution.
At the official store, anyone can easily sell tickets for all genres such as live music, sports events, and stage plays, regardless of individual or corporation. In addition, it is also possible to sell tickets with goods in the premiere distribution. Tickets with goods are also eligible for event discounts (* 4).
*4 It is possible to sell on the condition that the price or equivalent value of the service or goods provided as a privilege does not exceed 1/2 of the regular price.
About how to use the campaign
Event organizers can sell tickets eligible for this campaign by registering as an exhibitor on the official TwitCasting store and applying for registration with the event discount office.
For tickets to which the campaign is applied, the purchaser can purchase tickets at a price that is automatically discounted by up to 20% from the regular price, and the organizer will calculate the ticket sales by subtracting the sales fee from the total of the regular price x the number of tickets sold. can receive money. Ticket sales flow
Register as an exhibitor at the official TwitCasting store.
Apply for registration with the event discount office.
Register the event ID given by the event discount office at the official store and start selling tickets.
Target live distribution.
Ticket sales will be transferred to your registered account. Please refer to the following page for the detailed procedure. What is Premier Distribution?
“Premier Streaming” is a ticket-based paid live feature of the live streaming service “TwitCasting”, which has over 30 million registered users. It is used in various scenes such as live music and talk events, sports events, stage plays, and seminars, and the number of events held has exceeded 120,000. The sales commission is as low as 5% of the regular price per ticket, and the number of users is increasing in response to the growing demand for online events.
Premier distribution tickets on sale
About TwitCasting
TwitCasting is one of Japan’s largest (*4) live distribution services that has been loved by users for 12 years since its launch in 2010, based on the concept of “a place where everyone’s favorites gather.” It has exploded in popularity as a service that allows people to talk about what they like through TwitCasting and easily watch someone’s live broadcast, and in 2020 the number of users exceeded 30 million. * 4 “Japan’s largest” is based on research by Fuller Co., Ltd. “App
Ape” (2020)

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