Monogusa Co., Ltd. Monogusa Offers Japanese Learning Opportunities Through “Monoxer” for Ukrainian Evacuees

Monogusa Co., Ltd.
Monogusa Offers Japanese Language Learning Opportunities Through “Monoxer” for Ukrainian Refugee Students
Employing part-time Ukrainian students to create original Japanese learning content

Monogusa Co., Ltd. (Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, Representative Directors: Kotaro Takeuchi, Keisuke Kuroyanagi) provides Japanese language learning opportunities for Ukrainian refugee students through the learning platform “Monoxer” for memory consolidation. To do. Japanese language learning content will be developed and expanded with the cooperation of part-time Ukrainian students.
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Provision of Monoxer to Ukrainian refugee students
Learning Japanese is essential for Ukrainian refugee students to build a foundation for living in Japan.
This time, we will provide free learning opportunities through Monoxer to students who wish to study Japanese through “Pathways Japan”, which continues its activities with the aim of opening up new paths for refugees through education.
Employing part-time Ukrainian students and expanding useful Japanese learning content
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Monogusa hired Ukrainian students as part-time workers for the purpose of providing high-quality content and appropriate learning
Currently, it is possible to learn hiragana, katakana, and kanji by handwriting. In the future, we are considering adding vocabulary and grammar problems, and we will continue to expand the lineup while having part-time students create books (workbooks) on Monoxer. In addition, in order for students who wish to study to use Monoxer smoothly, part-time students will be asked to provide support in explaining how to use Monoxer. We plan to hold briefing sessions for prospective learners on a regular basis.
Monogusa says, “Making memories into everyday life. ] is our mission, and we aim to improve the memory experience of people all over the world. One of our values ​​is “service to humanity”.
This time, we will support the Ukrainian refugees who are facing a difficult situation through learning opportunities, and we hope that the situation will end as soon as possible.
About “Pathways Japan”
Aiming to open up new paths for refugees through education, this is an organization that accepts refugees into Japan. As of the end of September, we have accepted 33 students from Syria, 3 from
Afghanistan, and 77 from Ukraine (accepted by Japanese language school Pathways and University Pathways) as international students (as of the end of September). In cooperation with Japanese language schools and universities, in addition to learning Japanese and obtaining a degree, we provide support with a view to settling in Japan through employment after graduation. Aiming for “responsible acceptance”, we are also focusing on creating a system for accepting refugees in Japan led by the private sector.
About “Monogusa Co., Ltd.”
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Monogusa Co., Ltd., “Making memories into everyday life. ] as our mission, we are developing and providing the learning platform “Monoxer” for memory consolidation.
Memory is the core of our intellectual activities.
When a person recognizes something or makes a judgment. Whether you are creating something new or interacting with someone, there is always a foundation of memories that you have accumulated day by day, and it has a great impact.
On the other hand, remembering is often perceived as a painful activity, like “memorizing English words”. We believe that this difficulty is caused by the fact that information is not organized in a form that is easy to remember, and that the method and management of memory retention is left to the individual’s senses.
As a result, we unconsciously push our memories away, narrowing the foundation on which we can shape our potential.
If memory becomes an activity that anyone can do naturally without burden. You can learn a new language and work abroad, or get a qualification and get the job you want. A new way of spending weekends and even casual conversations in everyday life will be born. In other words, memory is what gives people a variety of depths and choices in their way of life.
Monogusa’s mission is to make memory easier and more everyday. To make life richer and more fruitful by maximizing the potential of all people.
[Monogusa Co., Ltd.]
Head office: 7th floor, Sumitomo Fudosan Iidabashi Ekimae Building, 3-8-5 Iidabashi, Chiyoda-ku, 102-0072
Established: August 10, 2016
Representatives: Kotaro Takeuchi, CEO, Keisuke Kuroyanagi, CTO Business description: Development and operation of the memory platform “Monoxer” URL:

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