Naked Co., Ltd. Inbound lifted! An XR experience-based “food x art” course that you can enjoy with all fiv e senses

Naked Co., Ltd.
Inbound lifted! An XR experience-based “food x art” course that you can enjoy with all five senses
−Yoyogi Park “TREE by NAKED yoyogi park” New Chef Appointment & Dinner Course Renewal−

NAKED Inc. (English notation: NAKED, INC. Location: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo Representative: Ryotaro Muramatsu) is an art gastronomy “TREE by NAKED yoyogi park” in Yoyogi Park. Mr. Shane Kawamura, who trained at the French restaurant “La Vie” at Carlton Waikiki Beach, will be appointed as a new chef, and the dinner course menu will be renewed from Thursday, October 20, 2022.
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Foreign tourists accounted for 60% before the corona crisis! Inbound popular art course has been renewed and revived
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Domestic tourists are also expected to revitalize due to the revival of inbound demand, which was largely deregulated on October 11, and nationwide travel support. At our restaurant, we have renewed the art dinner course menu, which is popular with inbound tourists, and have resumed accepting reservations. In 2019, before the corona disaster, about 60% of the course participants were foreign tourists. Along with the Japanese-English narration, we will eat dishes that incorporate VR and interactive art. By the time you finish eating the course, you will feel as if you have just watched a movie or a play. In October, Mr. Shane Kawamura, who trained at the French restaurant “La Vie” at The Ritz-Carlton Waikiki Beach, was appointed as the chef. Chef Kawamura said, “As a chef, I would like to combine my experience and teamwork to bring TREE by NAKED to the next level. is the joy and motivation of life.” Please enjoy fusion cuisine born from the free sensibility of young chef Kawamura.

Profile of new chef Shane Kawamura
[Image 3d8210-822-e40e9e4f171f48646e01-2.jpg&s3=8210-822-7c22dd4dd7dff430fb8ade3316335fef-1801x2700.jpg
Born June 24, 1993. After graduating from high school, he enlisted in the U.S. Navy. After being discharged from the military, in 2015 he started his culinary career at RESTAURANT DAZZLE in Ginza. 2018 Learn Pacific Rim Cuisine from “Alan Wong”, one of the famous chefs who played an active role in the early days of Hawaii Regional Cuisine. Since 2019, he has been training at the French restaurant “La Vie” at The Ritz-Carlton Waikiki Beach and has been appointed as a sous chef. After returning to Japan in 2021, while learning vegan cooking in his own style, he became the head chef of “TREE by NAKED”, which he continues to this day.

TREE dinner course ¥33,000 (tax included)
Pairing drink (non-alcoholic or alcoholic), with drink for dessert *Non-alcoholic drinks are paired with premium tea.
*Cooking ingredients change depending on the season. At the time of reservation, we will check ingredients that you are not good at and allergies.
[Image 4d8210-822-39456df36f2e81a227b7-3.jpg&s3=8210-822-58cdb5626541b57261d4a05b01150ffb-1605x1070.jpg
Sat: Shiitake mushrooms marinated in kombu dashi, yuzu pepper and truffles / Fire: Red shiso kadaif arancini / Water: Sea urchin flan, apple jelly and caviar / Wind: Gnocchi, Gruyère cheese and squid ink sauce

[Image 5d8210-822-5039ff327c9c8d0c533e-4.jpg&s3=8210-822-ebc948c00df0a97757de56b313fe21b0-1639x1093.jpg
Hair crab consommé tomato phallus
Bagna cauda sauce and mixed herb salad

[Image 6d8210-822-e36e882def17cf7e68b9-5.jpg&s3=8210-822-e641f7a0596035b5117a32a6ca6e9eb2-1639x1093.jpg
BBQ pulled pork tostada
green romanesco sauce

[Image 7d8210-822-85cc29b0f85b9bda9ecf-0.jpg&s3=8210-822-843ad098d0526017ea441e33295de96c-2458x1640.jpg
Sautéed red snapper
Dashi Soup with Seaweed Butter

[Image 8d8210-822-54d5ef794b530fa80eff-6.jpg&s3=8210-822-1f5fce36c7adababc31688286cd50dcf-1639x1093.jpg
Red cabbage rolls with truffles and chicken breast
Hot Spring Egg Madeira Sauce

[Image 9d8210-822-fcaa33e57401c10f7c2d-7.jpg&s3=8210-822-14a226915fd59015069827cffc8db397-1639x1093.jpg
Wagyu Roast Foie Gras
Fennel Soy Sauce Broth

ginger and apple granita
Chamomile jelly (offered between the wind and the world)
Coconut milk mousse with hibiscus jelly
Lemon Crumble Pomegranate
store information
Store name: TREE by NAKED yoyogi park
Address: 1-10-2 Tomigaya, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
Phone number: 050-1743-2539
Regular holiday: Tuesday, Wednesday
*Closed from November 1st to Wednesday only
Cafe opening hours: 11:00-18:00 (L.O. 17:30)
        ※From November 1st 10:00-18:00 (L.O. 17:00)
Dinner course
Course contents: 8 dishes, pairing drink
Available dates: Every Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday       ※Reservation deadline is 3 days before
Reservation maximum number of people: Up to 8 people
Opening hours: open 18:45 start 19:00 close 21:00
*Complete advance reservation system
Price: 33,000 yen per person (service charge, tax included)
Course reservation: Store official website:
Official Instagram:
[Image 10d8210-822-f33a9b6fea72c810728c-8.jpg&s3=8210-822-1bdcd8f978c3bd9b67c7b39543d98935-650x325.jpg
A creative company established by Ryotaro Muramatsu in 1997. Based on the philosophy of “Core Creative, Total Creation, and Borderless Creativity”, he works regardless of genre. In recent years, he has created various experiences that cross over the real and the virtual, such as the network-type art project “DANDELION PROJECT” that connects various parts of the world and the development of AR/VR products. We are creating new experiences and values ​​in every scene of LIFE, such as art, entertainment, culture, tradition, education, music, cities, food, and sports. From 2022, he will work on Kyoto’s metaverse and start the project “NAKED GARDEN ONE KYOTO” to deliver Kyoto’s culture and art experience in virtual x real.
Representative works include the Tokyo Station projection mapping “TOKYO HIKARI VISION”, the world heritage site Nijo Castle, “NAKED FLOWERS”, a flower art exhibition that has been held in Tokyo and Hong Kong, and the music experience “HUMANOID DJ” created by AI (artificial intelligence). ”, “TREE by NAKED yoyogi park”, an experiential restaurant that combines food and art, “NAKED Tsukubai (R)︎”, an art to prevent infectious diseases, and “NAKED Distance Lantern (R)︎”. ■NAKED, INC.:
■Official Instagram:
■Official Facebook: ■ Official Twitter:
■ Official YouTube:
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