Nanga Co., Ltd. From NANGA, you can use it for a lifetime, 365 days a year, so you can sleep better and be healthier.

Nanga Co., Ltd.
NANGA will be used for 365 days, so you can sleep better and stay healthy. Better sleep and health because you will use it for a lifetime 365 days a year. More than 80 years after our founding as a futon maker in 1941, we bring back the know-how we have cultivated in the harsh outdoor environment to our duvets.

From the down maker Nanga Co., Ltd., we are selling “GOOD SLEEPING”, which is a duvet made with the know-how cultivated in the harsh outdoor environment, at our EC site, directly managed stores, and some stores.
We are developing a wide range of models, from reasonable models to high-end models that incorporate sleeping bag knowledge into products. How about a light and warm duvet as one of the daily lifestyle changes?
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Trapezoidal quilt structure duvet originally developed by down maker NANGA Analyzing the cold spots (cold parts) of conventional duvets, we created a duvet with a trapezoidal quilt structure.
[Image 1d69244-11-248538d43e709ad63465-0.jpg&s3=69244-11-992d20b183281f21938af73cbf2004a8-779x394.jpg
[Image 2d69244-11-ab925e2f369690b6fbd4-1.jpg&s3=69244-11-0108aabcc7305c92ce409ae90837507b-1700x1020.jpg
By reviewing the structure around the face and feet, which can become cold spots, the degree of adhesion is improved. In addition, the stitching does not hit your neck, giving you a comfortable sleep. In addition, the feathers on the outside (the part that hangs down when you sleep) are filled with a large amount of down in the central part, which touches the body, to increase heat retention. The feathers used are also high-quality Spanish white duck down (90% down, 10% feather / 760FP) that has been washed and refined in Japan and contains an appropriate amount.
In addition to 2 sizes, single and double, an exciting lineup with 2 colors [Image 3d69244-11-a288c97b4972b3184933-2.jpg&s3=69244-11-692afd819ccc5192f64b1e2f2bdf665f-1500x1500.jpg
Nanga’s unique trapezoidal quilt structure is used, and by removing the sewing (quilt) from the collar, this single-size duvet is light and comfortable to sleep on, with improved heat retention.
Size: 150 x 210 (cm)
Price: ¥82,500 (tax included)
Color: BEG (Beige), MOCHA (Mocha)
URL: [Image 4d69244-11-9c04f1ff9751f1635103-3.jpg&s3=69244-11-1a78c53b13f3daf2a424629357a7f490-1500x1500.jpg
Each chamber (a small room separated by a quilt) is designed to have an appropriate amount of feathers. A double-sized duvet that uses a structure that prevents cold air from entering by making the central part thicker so that the outer part, which is thinner than the central part, sinks.
Size: 190 x 210 (cm)
Price: ¥104,500 (tax included)
Color: BEG (Beige), MOCHA (Mocha)
URL: The secret story of how a down maker seriously developed a duvet for home use At our company, we were making Nanga futons for employees who wanted them. The source of the idea for this time’s “GOOD SLEEPING” is the “meal futon”.
There was also a request within the company to commercialize a futon for home use because of its comfortable sleep, but at first there was a fixed concept, and it was seriously considered that “the time when futons are no longer needed”. There was no However, we often hear from inside the company that “After changing the futon, I was able to get rid of my fatigue”, so I once again considered making products that only NANGA can do now. Realizing that people are paying attention to quality of life and that customers in their 30s and 40s, who are our main target, are looking for a good night’s sleep at home, we have developed a third product along with sleeping bags and apparel. As a pillar, we will start offering a duvet series.
We will continue to use down products with the awareness that feathers are a limited resource.
After thinking about what we could do as a down manufacturer, NANGA decided to start an upcycling project to remake used duvets into new products.
This initiative named “Re:ACT” is a service that makes down products more ecological and economical, and allows you to use them comfortably while maintaining their performance for as long as possible. The origin of the idea was the remodeling of futons, which has been done in Japan for a long time. Feathers will inevitably deteriorate with long-term use, and the inner feathers will tear, break, or become powdery, resulting in a loss of volume and reduced heat retention. Therefore, in the futon industry, it is recommended to remake every 5 to 10 years, while maintaining cleanliness and down condition by washing the futon every year.
NANGA’s upcycled futons are made by dismantling futons that have lost their loft due to long-term use, loosening the feathers, and cleaning them to restore the original power of the feathers. After adding new feathers, it is a service that rewraps it in new fabric and makes it into a futon.
In addition, the GOOD SLEEPING lineup developed by Nanga
[Image 5d69244-11-76fea48dba8c2c50f3bd-4.jpg&s3=69244-11-28945058ce1f69ac933354bc088d06dd-1500x1500.jpg
A single-size duvet that makes use of the know-how gained from sleeping bag research
Size: 150 x 210 (cm)
Price: ¥55,500 (tax included)
Color: BEG (Beige), MOCHA (Mocha)
[Image 6d69244-11-237d5286f26b21047da4-5.jpg&s3=69244-11-0ef67ddce084d8adf24b78d80197f5b4-1500x1500.jpg
Lightweight 80% cotton satin on the fabric and 60% cotton satin on the underside for a double size duvet
Size: 190 x 210 (cm)
Price: ¥71,500 (tax included)
Color: BEG (Beige), MOCHA (Mocha)

[Image 7d69244-11-583a724fb85d48d4f767-6.jpg&s3=69244-11-0bea4e8e9400962a10111fa3bdab33a6-1800x1800.jpg
■ DOWN DUVET SINGLE DX (PENTAGON) / Only available at directly managed stores A high-spec single-size duvet that has been redesigned with a trapezoidal quilt structure.
Size: 190 x 210 (cm) *Single size only
Price: ¥99,000 (tax included)
Color: BEG (Beige), MOCHA (Mocha)

About Nanga Co., Ltd.
[Image 8d69244-11-07222ef489b6a596426c-7.jpg&s3=69244-11-d42af18fdde87c447990c8cd220c081d-1000x427.jpg
It is a down maker born from the town of feathers, which was started in 1941 by the predecessor “Akira Yokota” from the production area of ​​Omi cotton futon. The company name “Nanga” comes from “Nanga Parbat” in the Himalayas.
Nanga Parbat is the ninth highest mountain in the world with an altitude of 8126m. It contains Akira Yokota’s thought, “Let’s do it because it’s difficult, and everyone has climbed it.”
【Company Profile】
Company Profile
Company name Nanga Co., Ltd. (English company name NANGA INC.) Head office location: 182-1 Motoichiba, Maibara City, Shiga Prefecture 521-0223 Established April 1985 (Showa 60)
Representative: Tomoyuki Yokota, Representative Director
Business Description: Planning, development, production, and sales of outdoor products and apparel products
Customer contact information for credit notation/publishing
Nanga Co., Ltd. Customer Service
Reception hours: 9:00-17:00 (excluding Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays) Toll free number 0120-920-106
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Official website
Official Instagram Official Facebook:
Official youtube channel–mw
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