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[Nogizaka46] Manatsu Akimoto, Mizuki Yamashita, Yuki Yoda, JA Group’s new commercial debut & the cast members talk about their thoughts on domestic consumption “Supporting farmers by eating delicious Japanese agricultural and livestock products” I want to do it!”
[Post-event report] JA Group national consumption domestic promotion press conference ・7 items of domestic agricultural and livestock products, 3,000 yen each, will be presented to a total of 700 people!
The JA Group (National Agricultural Cooperative Union Central Union-Representative Director: Toru Nakaya, hereinafter referred to as JA Zenchu-) is committed to “national consumption” (food that is “consumed” as necessary by the “country” people as much as possible). Deepen young people’s understanding of the JA Group’s idea of ​​”producing” in the country), and have them more actively take domestic agricultural and livestock products and support Japanese agriculture. For that purpose, we are conducting promotional activities with the cooperation of Nogizaka46.
Then, on October 3, 2020 (Monday), in response to the start of a new commercial, a press conference was held at the Marunouchi Building Hall & Conference Square to promote the JA Group domestic consumption. . In addition to unveiling the new commercial for the first time, Manatsu Akimoto, Mizuki Yamashita, and Yuki Yoda of Nogizaka46, who are appearing in the new commercial, will be on stage, and they will share their favorite ingredients (Mr. Akimoto is rice). , Mr. Yamashita talks about his thoughts on tea, and Mr. Yoda talks about his thoughts on vegetables). I was able to make this presentation exciting.
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First unveiling of new CM
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Nogizaka 46 Manatsu Akimoto, Asuka Saito, Mizuki Yamashita, Yuki Yoda, Shiori Kubo, Minami Umezawa, and Haruka Kaki are their recommended ingredients: rice, flowers, tea, and vegetables.・ A new commercial was unveiled for the first time to convey the concept of domestic consumption and support Japanese agriculture while holding 7 items of milk, fruits, and meat.
In addition, Manatsu Akimoto, Mizuki Yamashita, and Yuki Yoda, who were on stage as guests, talked about their thoughts on recommended ingredients in a talk session.
―What do you think about your favorite ingredients?
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Akimoto-san: “I love cooking, so when I cook for myself, rice is a staple food. Mr. Yamashita: “When I was in high school, I was the vice president of the tea ceremony club! I love tea, and just yesterday I went on a private trip to Shizuoka and bought some tea. I have a lot of tea at home, which makes me feel relieved. Sometimes it’s essential.” Mr. Yoda: “I love vegetables, and when I was in my hometown, I grew vegetables with my family and relatives and ate them. I eat vegetables every day!”
―About the “tsunagi” you wore in the commercial
Akimoto: “I don’t usually have the opportunity to wear a coverall, but it’s so comfortable that I feel like I’m ready to run!”
Mr. Yamashita: “I usually wear long skirts, so it was refreshing. Yoda: “It’s perfect for scenery with a lot of nature, isn’t it? Personally, I feel a sense of security in the tsunagi.”
■ Talk session
Reason for starting the promotion of products for domestic consumption [Image 5

―Please tell us how you started promoting the national consumption product with the cooperation of Nogizaka46.
Chairman Nakaya: “In order to connect Japanese food and agriculture to the future, the JA Group wanted to make young people, especially those who are less involved in agriculture, aware of the importance of domestic consumption. Therefore, when I consulted with the extremely popular members of Nogizaka46, they understood the importance of domestic consumption and willingly cooperated.Both the farmers on the ground and the staff of the JA Group are working together with Nogizaka46. You all give me great strength.”
Mr. Akimoto: “I often cook, and I have become strongly conscious of buying domestically produced ingredients, and I have started buying by looking at the production area. The faces of farmers come to mind. Rice is a staple food, so I definitely eat it! Recently, when I go shopping at the supermarket, I feel that food prices have risen.” About food price hikes
―I often hear about food prices going up, and as a consumer, I have a real sense of it.
Chairman Nakaya: “As you say, in addition to the effects of global warming and abnormal weather, the world situation is unstable, and the prices of fertilizers, feed, fuel, and other materials used in agricultural production continue to rise. As a farmer, I want consumers to eat a lot of delicious domestic agricultural and livestock products, and it is difficult to pass on prices or raise prices.I am doing my best!”
Mr. Akimoto: “I felt once again that I should be grateful to you for making really delicious ingredients in the midst of these difficult times. want to go!”
Learn with Nogizaka46! Domestic consumption quiz
We asked Mr. Akimoto, Mr. Yamashita, and Mr. Yoda to take a quiz to think about Japan’s “food” and “agriculture”. All three of them got it right! He also gave a perfect answer on issues related to Japan’s food self-sufficiency rate and SDGs.
―What is Japan’s current food self-sufficiency rate on a calorie basis? Regarding the answer “38%” to the question
Mr. Akimoto: “My favorite rice is 97% self-sufficient, but I would like to do my best to aim for 100%!”
Mr. Yamashita: “38% is low, isn’t it? What surprised me was that miso is something that is unique to Japan, so I thought it was domestically produced, but (the food self-sufficiency rate of soybeans, which is the raw material) is 6%. I was surprised.”
Mr. Yoda: “When I was shooting the commercial, I had a strong impression that it was so low, so I chose 38%, which is the lowest of the options.”
Chairman Nakaya said, “It is really encouraging for farmers to see people eating delicious and fun Japanese agricultural and livestock products with a smile, and it will also connect Japanese food to the future. I am also one of the farmers, but as a farmer, I am happiest when everyone eats with a smile and says, ‘It’s delicious.'” Here, it was also announced that a gift campaign to excite “national consumption” will start from November.
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Details will be announced on the special site

If I were to compare myself to domestic agricultural and livestock products, I would say “Milk (Mr. Akimoto),” “Tea (Mr. Yamashita),” “Meat (Mr. Yoda).”
– Considering your own personality, what would you compare yourself to domestic agricultural and livestock products?
Mr. Akimoto: “I always have milk in my refrigerator, and I drink it as it is, and I also use it in cooking. It’s good for your health and beauty.”
Mr. Yamashita: “I would definitely recommend tea.
Ms. Yoda: “I think of myself as someone with power and strength, so I thought meat would be the most suitable dish. It also goes well with vegetables!”
■Final address by Chairman Nakaya
Mr. Nakaya: “It’s a domestic product, and when you pick up domestic agricultural and livestock products, you will connect Japanese food and agriculture to the future. All domestic agricultural and livestock products are delicious. Farmers are making various efforts to keep up with rising costs.In the sense of supporting such farmers, we would appreciate it if you could work with us to promote products for domestic consumption.October 13 will hold a symposium titled “Food security for everyone! Symposium for 10,000 people
(” to think together with consumers. Please join us as
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[Overview of the press conference on the promotion of the JA Group’s national consumption products]
Date and time: October 3, 2020 (Monday) 12:30-13:30 (press reception 11:30) Venue: Marunouchi Building Hall & Conference Square
Access: Marunouchi 2-4-1 Marunouchi 7F, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
Speakers: Nogizaka46 (Manatsu Akimoto, Mizuki Yamashita, Yuki Yoda) JA Zenchu ​​Chairman Toru Nakaya
JA Group mascot character Shomi-chan
・Greetings from the organizer (Toru Nakaya, Chairman of JA Zenchu ​​Representative Board)
・First appearance of the new CM
・Talk session
・National consumption quiz
・Campaign announcement
·Question-and-answer session
·Photo session

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