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National Federation of Entertainment and Life Sanitation Trade Unions A new character “Shiatte” that conve ys the charm of movie theaters is born!! PR video is also released for the first time!

A new character “Shiatte” that conveys the charm of movie theaters is born!! PR video also released for the first time!
Implemented the campaign “Let’s go to the cinema!”

The National Box Office Federation (Chairman: Shinichi Sasaki, hereinafter: Zenkoren) will launch the “Let’s go to the cinema!” Campaign from October 6, 2022 (Thursday). I will. As a character for this campaign, “Siette” will be born and will appear on the screens of movie theaters and PR videos that will be screened and released on the official website of “Let’s go to the cinema!” In the future, Siette will continue to convey the charm of the movie theater!

campaign visual
As a background to the implementation of this campaign, the number of movie box office mobilizations in 2019 was 194.9 million (box office revenue of 262 billion yen), and in 2021 it was 114.8 million (box office revenue of 162 billion yen), which is 41%. Decreasing. In 2022, there will be more hits than last year, but due to the spread of COVID-19 and the long-term self-restraint, there will be more video viewing styles such as video distribution services (VOD). It is undeniable that the number of customers will decrease chronically due to changes. In particular, the number of families who have supported movie theaters, elderly movie fans, foreign movie fans, and light people who watch movies several times a year are declining. The biggest challenge is to return as soon as possible, and we decided to launch this campaign not only to rely on content but also to convey the appeal of movie theaters.
“Let’s go to the cinema! ] What is the campaign?
A campaign to promote visits to movie theaters by conveying the appeal of watching movies at “movie theaters” by “Zenkoren”, a union of movie theaters and performance halls nationwide.
The “Shia” of the theater is the “Shia” of happiness. No matter what kind of worries you have, no matter what kind of moyamoya you have, no matter if you’re lonely, sad, or alone, if you come here, everyone can be “happy.” A movie theater is a place where everyone can be happy. While people are refraining from traveling and going out to crowded places due to the corona crisis, we will appeal that it is a familiar playground where you can easily play with your family and friends like a nearby park or commercial facility.
“Siette” Debut
Nice to meet you, Siette. “Shia” in shiatte means “shia” in theater, and “shia” in shiatte means “shia” in happiness. For Siette, the movie theater is the best playground, so let’s go to the movie theater together to find a little happiness.
This time, let’s go to the cinema! “Sitte” was born as a character for the campaign. (The first character for Zenkoren)
And this time, the PR video of this campaign featuring Shiatte has been released for the first time. This promotional video will be screened and released sequentially from October 6th at movie theaters nationwide, the official website of “Let’s go to the cinema!”, the official YouTube channel, etc. In the future, we will deliver to everyone a lot of charm that can only be experienced at the movie theater.
[Video 2:]

“Let’s go to the cinema! ] Campaign Overview
★Period: October 2022 to March 2023
★Purpose: Increase movie box office revenue, increase mobilization to movie theaters
・Disseminate the appeal of movie theaters through the campaign’s original character “Siette”
・PR video screening on the theater screen
・Dissemination on the official website, official YouTube, and official Twitter ・ SNS campaign to win Shiatte goods
・Collaboration with the Film Commentary Contest (Organizer: National Film Commentary Contest Executive Committee Secretariat: Kinema Junposha)
Continuously disseminating the appeal of movie theaters, such as ●Various links
Official website:
Official YouTube Official Twitter:
Campaign hashtag #Let’s go to the cinema
~ What is the National Federation of Entertainment and Life Sanitation Trade Associations ~
It is an association of “entertainment halls” that deliver movies, plays, and entertainment to customers. Associations of 47 prefectures nationwide are members.
We carry out projects aimed at the promotion of culture.
“Let’s go to the cinema!” Executive Committee
(C) Zenkoren (C) BV.Com
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