Nationwide travel support! Free campaign “Mail PCR test kit” negative certificate free for a limited time

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Nationwide travel support! Free campaign “Mail PCR test kit” negative certificate free for a limited time
In conjunction with the “National Travel Support” campaign, a campaign will be held for a limited time to provide a free negative certificate for the “Mail PCR Test Kit” for nationwide travel support.

In line with the government’s tourism promotion policy “National Travel Support” that started on October 11, 2022 (Tuesday), the Setolabo Health Inspection Center will issue a negative certificate for the “mailed PCR test kit” for nationwide travel support for a limited time. started a free campaign. The target is not the test taken at the PCR test center, but only the mailed PCR test kit sold at the Setolabo online shop. It is possible to take the test while staying at home, and it is also possible to send the sample to the test center by mail. You can receive a negative certificate while staying at home. In addition, stock is limited and will end as soon as it runs out.
In line with the government’s tourism promotion policy “National Travel Support” that started on October 11, 2022 (Tuesday), the Setolabo Health Inspection Center will issue a negative certificate for the “mailed PCR test kit” for nationwide travel support for a limited time. We are pleased to inform you that we have started a free campaign. Only the mailed PCR test kits sold at the Setolabo online shop are eligible, not the tests taken at the PCR test center. Click here to purchase (Setolabo online shop)
Setolabo Hygiene Laboratory Postal PCR test kit
* Stock is limited and will end as soon as it runs out.
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Purpose of the negative certificate “free” campaign
Since the outbreak of the new coronavirus in 2020, the Setolabo Health Inspection Center has been focusing on preventing aggravation by detecting people infected with the new coronavirus at an early stage. In addition, as stated in the press release dated September 17, 2020, at the same time, we have been focusing on becoming a leader in creating an era where we can move forward with the new coronavirus. Reference: September 17, 2020 press release
Now that the nature of the novel coronavirus has been medically elucidated, a vaccine has been developed, and it has become widespread in Japan, we believe that what is required of us is to keep the economy running. Since the outbreak of the new coronavirus, the Setolabo Health Inspection Center has been preparing for economic activities under the infection situation. This time, in line with the start of the government’s tourism promotion policy “National Travel Assistance”, we will carry out a campaign to issue negative
certificates free of charge so that we can support the economic revitalization of Japan even a little. I will.
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PCR test/antigen test kits for registering at the positive person registration center are also available here.
At the Setolabo Health Inspection Center, in addition to the 14 testing centers nationwide, we also handle mail-in PCR tests and antigen tests at the Setolabo online shop. If both tests are positive, it can be used as a result to register with the Positive Person Registration Center. Regarding antigen test kits, we are able to handle “in vitro diagnostic drugs” or “class 1 drugs” by cooperating with partner pharmacies.
Setolabo online shop (same day shipping available!)


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What kind of company is Setolabo Health Inspection Station?
Setolabo is a service that provides accurate medical information in an era of information overload, based on the philosophy of “creating a healthy society with smiles through preventive medicine”. is expanding.
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◯ Contributing to preventive medicine through testing
The first business is to provide a service for early detection of diseases by making preventive examinations familiar. Currently, we have established health inspection centers in Kagawa Prefecture and Osaka Prefecture, and are developing inspection services for cancer and infectious diseases.
Regarding cancer testing, we are calling for partnerships with various medical institutions in order to make tumor marker testing more familiar. In the future, by establishing a testing system that can detect cancer at an ultra-early stage from a single drop of blood, we will be able to perform cancer testing at home. I want to create a society that does not exist.
In addition, when the new coronavirus broke out, the company representative himself was in charge of corona treatment at the emergency site, and in order to reduce the severity of the disease and reduce the burden on medical institutions, PCR tests can be easily received in the city. So, we started the PCR test earlier than anywhere else. Currently, we have inspection centers in 14 locations, mainly in Chugoku and Shikoku, and we respond to many inspections from the government, such as screening inspections for the Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics, elderly care facilities, and free inspections. [Image 4

◯ Contributing to preventive medicine from the perspective of medical information
The second project is an attempt to help spread preventive medicine by improving medical literacy. However, I felt the actual harm in the actual medical field, such as misidentification by patients.In an era where you can look up anything on the Internet, it is necessary to select information, but I do not have knowledge about medicine. So, first of all, by acquiring the habit of stopping and thinking about whether the article is correct and the habit of thinking about making correct judgments, medical literacy will improve even a little and you will be able to select the correct information. Therefore, we operated a medical beauty salon that was medically supervised by beauty salons that do not rely on medical grounds (split the business to another company), and first appealed the importance of information selection from familiar places. In the future, by providing a place where medical professionals can see their faces and disseminate medical knowledge based on grounds, I think it will be possible to obtain useful information about medical care at any time. I don’t think so. [Image 5

Efforts so far (Only projects published by the government etc. are listed) Regular screening of employees at facilities for the elderly and disabled in Osaka City
It will be implemented continuously every day from March 2021, and it will be 1 year and 7 months in September 2022. Currently, more than 10,000 facilities are covered, and the Setolabo Hygiene Inspection Center not only conducts PCR tests, but also carries out all overall operations in-house without outsourcing. Specifically, we do everything in-house, from creating an application system, creating test kits → delivering and collecting test kits → conducting tests, reporting test results, and submitting reports of positive cases. Hiroshima prefecture monitoring PCR test
With the aim of suppressing the possibility of community-acquired infections, temporary PCR testing centers were set up at four venues mainly in the city center for a limited time, and Hiroshima Prefecture conducted monitoring tests. The inspection work here was carried out at the Setolabo Sanitation Inspection Station. This inspection was carried out with quality control and a pool type inspection. Inspection of host towns for the Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics (Hyogo and Tokushima prefectures)
We contributed to the implementation of the Tokyo Olympics by speedily conducting PCR tests for athletes entering the country from tournament officials with the results on the day. At the Setolabo Hygiene Laboratory, not only the PCR test but also the overall control work was performed in-house without outsourcing. Specifically, we created the application system, created the test kit, delivered and collected the test kit, conducted the test, reported the test results, and submitted the report of the positive case, all in-house. We are also issuing negative certificates for athletes returning to Japan. Hatsukaichi Asian Triathlon
As an international competition under the corona, it will be held without any infected people. In addition to conducting the PCR test, we carried out all the overall control work in-house. We did everything in-house, from creating test kits to delivering and collecting test kits to conducting tests and reporting test results. We quickly conducted tests on returning athletes and issued negative certificates within hours.
Technology Demonstration of “Vaccine/Test Package” by the Cabinet Secretariat We conducted a PCR test for the first “vaccine/test package” in Japan. We not only conduct PCR tests at laboratories, but also supervise and execute PCR tests as a whole. Using the testing centers in Nagoya, Osaka, and Kobe, which are the branches of this laboratory, we have created a system for issuing negative certificates, as well as setting up a call center and establishing a support system. I contributed to the success of the inspection package. We are currently receiving multiple requests for vaccines and testing packages.
Partnering with Taiwan’s largest airline, China Airlines, to make overseas travel easier
In partnership with China Airlines, Taiwan’s largest airline, we are promoting overseas travel that has become difficult due to the corona crisis at China Airline x Setolabo Health Inspection Center. Expansion of local testing systems by partnering with local pharmacies and hospitals
By partnering with pharmacies and hospitals in areas where the Setolabo Health Inspection Center does not have an inspection center, we are working to establish a system that allows people in rural areas to undergo inspections.
We conduct temporary inspections at educational institutions, inspections at police stations and fire departments, and inspections at other international and sports competitions.
What you can do at Setolabo Health Inspection Station
Implementation of new coronavirus RT-PCR test
Implementation of novel coronavirus antigen quantitative test (Lumipulse 2400) Implementation of new coronavirus antibody quantitative test (neutralizing antibody can be measured)
Test result of the day
PDF issuance of negative certificate / PDF issuance of certificate for overseas travel
In-house sample transportation
Supports a huge number of tests (up to about 20,000 tests/day) Creation of a special website and construction of various systems Submission of notification of occurrence
Genetic analysis (mutant)
Inquiries from government officials
Setolabo Health Inspection Station – Public-Private Joint Novel Coronavirus Response Headquarters
Addressed to Koichi Kuroda, “Consultation desk for free PCR tests, etc.” Email
For administrative inquiries, please contact us by e-mail to the above address. After confirming the information you have provided, our staff with specialized knowledge will contact you by phone. Please do not hesitate to contact us. At the Setolabo Hygiene Inspection Station, we have conducted many inspections, including inspections at the Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics, monitoring inspections in Hiroshima Prefecture, screening inspections for employees at facilities for the elderly and people with disabilities in Osaka City, and one-off inspections for educational institutions. We have entrusted
inspections from the government of We also provide free consultations for government officials in formulating policies and budgets at any time.
Inquiries regarding medical institutions, pharmacies, and other corporate partnerships
In order to build a more regional inspection system, the Setolabo Hygiene Inspection Station has partnered with pharmacies in Kyoto Prefecture and Nagano Prefecture, where there are currently no inspection centers, and is expanding the inspection system by conducting free inspections.
If you would like to commission an inspection, please contact us using the form below.
Setolabo Limited Liability Company
E-mail address:
Interviews, etc. [Inquiries from the press regarding this matter] Setolabo Limited Liability Company Contact: Yokoi
E-mail address:

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