Nature Lab Co., Ltd. MAPPA × HIRO KIMURA × Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra completes opening movie for “Tokyo G reat Bears”

Nature Lab Co., Ltd.
MAPPA × HIRO KIMURA × TOKYO SKA PARADISE ORCHESTRA completes opening movie for “Tokyo Great Bears”
October 29th (Sat), October 30th (Sun) First show at the home opening section
Nature Lab Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo) has announced the opening of the first season of the professional volleyball team “Tokyo Great Bears”, animation studio “MAPPA”, video director “HIRO KIMURA”, and artist “Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra”. We produced the opening movie with the cooperation of It will be unveiled for the first time at the home opening season on Saturday, October 29th and Sunday, October 30th.
[Image 1d17718-359-44907bf5d97b4c4e2c0c-0.jpg&s3=17718-359-01067c29d4aaf53dc1df2fef59f3fa1f-1869x1057.jpg
Tokyo Great Bears is a men’s professional volleyball team established in June 2022 based in Tokyo, and is participating in the “2022-23 V.LEAGUE DIVISION 1 MEN” that started on Saturday, October 22nd. Through volleyball, the team’s philosophy aims to convey to society the “dedication to victory”, “will not give up”, and “importance of teamwork”. With the Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra’s theme song “The Big Dipper” produced in sympathy with the team’s feelings, the opening video is full of charm, with live-action footage by video director HIRO KIMURA and animation by animation studio MAPPA. I’m here. Luxurious video content that flows only at the match venue, filled with the passion of the Tokyo Great Bears players. Please come to the Tokyo Great Bears’ home opening game.
Animation studio “MAPPA” comment
This is MAPPA, the animation studio that produced the animation part of the opening video. MAPPA supports the Tokyo Great Bears. I also hope that I can contribute to the fans who support the Tokyo Great Bears through the power of animation. We hope you enjoy the video and the game.
Comment from HIRO KIMURA
A very epoch-making and topical movie that was born in Nature Lab’s powerful network has been completed.
We will continue to enthusiastically support the passion of the players on the court from off the court. GO Grebea! !
Opening movie production staff
[Image 2d17718-359-4e07f4961be97c4e4b44-6.png&s3=17718-359-dfe4f460720029024250f874e5800402-2339x333.png
animation studio. Founded in June 2011 by former Madhouse producer Masao Maruyama. In April 2016, Manabu Otsuka, one of the founding members, was appointed president. Since its founding, we have been planning and producing various video works that are not bound by genre, such as TV animation, movies, and web animation. Representative works include “Yuri!!! on ICE”, “Zombieland Saga”, “Attack on Titan The Final Season”, “Jujutsu Kaisen 0”, “Chainsaw Man” and others. ■ DIRECTOR: HIRO KIMURA
[Image 3d17718-359-525d666e11d4955c273b-8.jpg&s3=17718-359-83f8763f26a4cce84bfa263cc0288d3b-1200x1644.jpg
Moved to the United States in 1999 and started working as a stylist. Although he was active as a stylist who worked on Japan’s leading artists and collections, he became a photographer after being fascinated by the feeling that was created between the photographer and the subject. Started his career from zero as an assistant to Mr. Kazumi Kurigami, and moved to New York after becoming independent. Currently based in Japan, he is active mainly in advertising / fashion / musician photography.
While specializing in sharp and stylish portrait photography, his work reflects the inner world of the subject himself, a side that has not yet been seen. As a movie director, he has also worked on many music videos and TV commercials.
■ MUSIC: Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra
[Image 4d17718-359-e791b0c7460607b53ee2-7.jpg&s3=17718-359-f8677610de26afa5f4bfa27a7d6dbe46-2000x1250.jpg
Based on the Jamaican-born ska music, they absorb all genres of music with their own interpretation, and the sound they play is called “Tokyo Ska”, and they have built up an original style. Since their debut in 1989, while building a solid position as an instrumental band, the album released in 2002 won the number one hit chart. In addition, he has performed in 31 countries around the world without staying in Japan, and has appeared in many of the world’s largest music festivals. In August 2021, they performed live at the closing ceremony of the “Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games”. ”, and continues to expand the paradise of Tokyo Ska while continuing to run at the forefront of the music scene.
[Image 5d17718-359-711c24a86608bbbca9bb-9.png&s3=17718-359-dbcf4f2b8c1ef65a74ec5a23dcd12b3e-1072x266.png
A planning and production company for video content, events, and sales promotions in multimedia such as TV commercials, movies, and music videos.
We have a sponsorship contract as an official sponsor who agrees with the Tokyo Great Bears’ philosophy and aims for the “volleyball dream” together.
Home Opening Section Tokyo Great Bears vs Wolf Dogs Nagoya Match Overview ・Title: 2022-23 V.LEAGUE DIVISION1 MEN Tokyo Great Bears vs Wolf Dogs Nagoya ・Date: October 29 (Sat) 12:00 Doors open, 13:00 Opening ceremony, 14:00 Game start
October 30 (Sun) 12:00 Doors open, 13:00 Opening ceremony, 14:00 Game start ・ Venue: Tokyo Metropolitan Gymnasium (1-17-1 Sendagaya, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo) Click here for details: Tokyo Great Bears / Tokyo Great Bears
The motif is the constellation Ursa Major. Like the Big Dipper, which is a part of Ursa Major, the seven stars (players and supporters) are connected, and through volleyball, we aim to “connect” people, regions, and the world.
We will create a future where the volleyball world will be more exciting and more attractive.
The “Tokyo Great Bears” have taken a solid step forward in their hometown of Tokyo, and are participating in the “2022-23 V.LEAGUE DIVISION 1 MEN” as a team belonging to the V.LEAGUE DIVISION 1. Official website:
[Image 6d17718-359-654e90cc630b6d26423c-10.jpg&s3=17718-359-12e03d5b7840a0069cb559a851048607-1080x1080.jpg

Nature Lab Co., Ltd.
On June 1, 2022, Nature Lab’s new professional volleyball team “Tokyo Great Bears” was launched, taking over the FC Tokyo volleyball team, which has a long history in the V League.
With the corporate philosophy of “strength for people,” Nature Lab will advance activities that will be useful for the future of people and the earth through the new sports business.
Company name Nature Lab Co., Ltd.
Location Ebisu Prime Square Tower 11F, 1-1-39 Hiroo, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo Representative Masao Yasuda
Established September 1997
Industry name Consumer goods manufacturer and wholesaler
[Image 7d17718-359-aa2c7191a0e3a32e1126-11.jpg&s3=17718-359-2aa669c5526f1b53ea2a6e359581206a-900x642.jpg

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