Naturecan Co., Ltd. Introducing a new CBD face and hair serum! Naturecan’s new CBD skin care for daily care that makes skin and hair happy

Naturecan Inc.
New CBD face and hair serum! Naturecan’s new CBD skin care for daily care that makes skin and hair happy
New products will appear in CBD skin care from September! Prevents dryness while maintaining a moist and beautiful luster.

・CBD face and hair serum is now available!
・Not only for face but also for hair and beard care◎
・Contains super moisturizing oil marula oil
・Uses 100% vegan ingredients
・ Click here to purchase → Introducing a new serum that can be used for skin and hair in CBD skin care! By this time, the intense heat had finally passed, and I began to feel the cool breeze. Isn’t there a lot of people who want to care for the damage they received in the summer, and those who are worried about drying soon?
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CBD, which can be used not only for oral intake such as oil and gummies but also for application to the skin, is now available as a CBD face and hair serum at Naturecan, a CBD specialty store from the UK ( Developed and released.
Please use the highly moisturizing oil that is perfect for the coming season. World-famous marula oil blend
Marula oil, which is extracted from the seeds of the mango family Marula, is full of ingredients useful for moisturizing and beauty, such as vitamin E and oleic acid. It is an oil that is rapidly gaining popularity due to its moisturizing power that is comparable to oils such as argan oil. It blends well with your skin and hair, prevents dryness, and keeps your skin supple and plump.
Also contains frankincense oil and sweet almond oil. It conditions your skin and gives moisture to your hair.
[Image 2d83735-88-aa80f3e104c5afa6b1e1-1.jpg&s3=83735-88-5e176f7a9291a52f27ad1c6c4800ac9d-600x600.jpg
Gentle fragrance derived from plants
A CBD face and hair serum that uses 100% vegan ingredients and gently works on your skin and hair. The scent of luxurious botanical essential oils soothes the mind and body while caring for your skin. [Image 3d83735-88-fc403ad25531d0721a92-2.jpg&s3=83735-88-64d1a13b5e206ee9df14efcfe0a3a620-1170x1509.jpg
Naturecan delivers safe products
Naturecan ( is a CBD brand founded in Manchester, UK in May 2019 by former Myprotein CEO Andy Duckworth and Paul Finnegan. Three years after its establishment, the sales area has expanded to 60 countries around the world.
From the raw material production process to the finished product, we have undergone more than 6 independent quality assurance inspections, ensuring that our products are of the highest quality to ensure peace of mind for the CBD industry.
[Image 4d83735-88-16a1f0acf6cdc7c1382d-3.jpg&s3=83735-88-7c74565a23f86b75eb0586d8d8925b66-3900x1745.jpg
Currently, in Japan, we handle a wide variety of CBD products such as CBD oil (including for pets), CBD liquid, CBD body care, and CBD skin care, and we are introducing new products one after another. Company Profile
Company name: Naturecan Co., Ltd.
Representative Director: Shawon Hindley Addison
Instagram: @naturecanjp
Twitter: @NaturecanJP
Rakuten Ichiba:
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