NEC Mobile POS “FOOD STYLE Japan 2022” Exhibit Report and Thanks for Visiting

NEC Mobile POS “FOOD STYLE Japan 2022” Exhibit Report and Thanks for Visiting
NEC Corporation (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo, President and CEO Takayuki Morita, hereinafter referred to as NEC) held “FOOD STYLE Japan 2022” (sponsored by Innovent Co., Ltd.) exhibited “Subscription POS (NEC Mobile POS)”.
We would like to express our sincere gratitude to all the customers who visited us and those who cooperated with us.
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At the exhibition booth, we introduced the essential value provided by NEC’s subscription-type POS, and a case study of a major restaurant chain that has noticed this and is beginning to introduce it. NEC believes that there are three things that POS should now require. 1. Can be standardly linked with peripheral systems and does not require individual development
2. Regular POS functions to catch up with the times (reduced tax rate, etc.) 3. Field support that can be entrusted with peace of mind
Why is your DX not progressing? It may be due to the “discerning POS”. Stop worrying about your POS and leave it to the experts.
Make customers smile. There is a “subscription type POS” so that you can focus on such DX.
What is NEC Mobile POS?
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“NEC Mobile POS” is a subscription-type POS cash register app that has been introduced by more than 1,200 companies, mainly major food and beverage companies. In addition to basic functions as a POS cash register, it facilitates cooperation with various external services that take advantage of cloud-based services such as real-time sales/master management, credit/electronic money settlement, and point services. .
Since it is a subscription type, you can use the functions of the latest version released according to changes in the times and social environment at a fixed price. In addition, compared to other companies’ subscription-type POS, it is characterized by the possibility of cooperation with many external services and nationwide support.
NEC Mobile POS, which has been providing services since 2014 and has been refined in the market over a long period of time.
We will continue to contribute to further strengthening store services and improving operational efficiency.
Please see below for details on subscription-type POS. *NEC is not permitted to conduct sales activities or accept orders for construction work associated with the installation and installation of equipment.
*This product does not include construction work.
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