Nestlé Nespresso Co., Ltd. Offering special coffee and “blissful pairing” from the holiday season collect ion Nespresso x Pierre Herme Paris pop-up cafe open for a limited time

Nestle Nespresso Co., Ltd.
Offering special coffee and “blissful pairing” from the holiday season collection [Nespresso x Pierre Herme Paris pop-up cafe open for a limited time]
Period: November 10th (Thursday) to November 23rd (Wednesday) Location: Tokyo Midtown

“NESPRESSO” (Nestlé Nespresso Co., Ltd. Headquarters: Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo, Representative Director), which continues to focus on providing total support for enjoying capsule coffee, dedicated coffee makers, and “blissful coffee experiences”. President: Pierre Dubile) will open a Nespresso x Pierre Hermé Paris pop-up cafe on November 10th (Thursday) to commemorate the collaboration with the world-famous patissier Pierre Hermé’s patisserie, Pierre Hermé Paris. ) to November 23 (Wednesday, holiday), it will open for a limited time at the Tokyo Midtown Atrium. You can experience the blissful pairing for free. * Downloading the official Nespresso app and registering as a member are the conditions for this offer.
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From the cultivation of the coffee cherries to the moment you taste it, Nespresso delivers a cup of bliss crafted with passion by our experts. Anyone can enjoy a blissful coffee experience at home by brewing high-quality coffee sealed in an aluminum capsule that protects freshness with a dedicated coffee maker that is easy to operate.
This winter, Nespresso will release six limited-edition coffees for “Original” and “Virtuo” on November 2nd (Wednesday), developed in collaboration with world-famous pastry chef and chocolatier Pierre Hermé. At the pop-up cafe that will appear for a limited time in line with the release, you can enjoy the rich aroma with soft crema in a luxurious space that makes you think of the night sky of Paris. We offer a free* patisserie that you can enjoy pairing with coffee. Visitors will be able to enjoy a special coffee experience with the “Virtuo” coffee maker, which is equipped with a system that extracts coffee using the unique centrifugal extraction method “Centrifusion”. You can spend a blissful time with the taste of a gem of a patisserie that looks like a work of art.
* Downloading the official Nespresso app and registering as a member are required.
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Left) Trimmer Center) Rive Gauche Nespresso Right) Plaisir Sucre Nespresso In addition, the patisserie “Nomad Trima” created for this
collaboration will be released in limited quantities on the official Nespresso website and app from November 10th (Thursday) to January 16th (Monday). . Please enjoy the blissful taste born from the encounter between Nespresso and Pierre Hermé Paris.
In addition, for the sparkling holiday season with coffee, we will carry out a #sparkling coffee time campaign that you can participate in on SNS from November 10th (Thursday) to December 11th (Sunday). To apply, follow the Nespresso official Instagram or Twier account and “Like”, “Comment”, or “Retweet” the campaign post. We will present a coffee time set that will sparkle your heart by lottery from those who have applied. Also, if you put on a #coffee time that sparkles your heart #Nespresso and post a photo of “the time you spend with coffee that sparkles your heart” on SNS, you will be blissful in addition to a coffee time set that sparkles your heart. A gift that makes your coffee time luxurious will be won by lottery.
Please take this opportunity to experience the exceptional harmony of Nespresso and Pierre Hermé Paris.
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“Nespresso x Pierre Hermé Paris Pop-up Cafe Overview
Period: Thursday, November 10, 2022 to Wednesday, November 23, 2022 Business hours: 11:30-19:30
     ※11:30-13:00 only on November 10th
Venue: Tokyo Midtown Atrium (9-7-1 Akasaka, Minato-ku, Tokyo) Number of seats: About 25 seats
Conditions: The pairing patisserie is offered free of charge by downloading the Nespresso official app and
Member registration is a condition. In addition, it will end as soon as the planned quantity for the day is exhausted.
Coffee and patisserie pairing
Winter 2022 Limited Quantity Coffee (for “Virtuo”):
Nespresso and world-famous patissier and chocolatier Pierre Hermé’s patisserie, Pierre Hermé Paris Co-developed with three types of special coffee in limited quantities. Enjoy one type of single-origin coffee (“Anfiniman Double Espresso”) with double espresso
(approximately 80ml) using Arabica beans grown in the Tolima region of Colombia, and enjoy luxuriously with a generous mug size
(approximately 230ml) 2 We offer a variety of flavored coffees (“Infiniman Gourmand” and “Infiniman Fluite”).
Mr. Pierre Hermé has selected a patisserie to enjoy the “blissful pairing” according to the taste of three types of coffee.
■ “Anfiniman Double Espresso” x “Torima”
The “Anfiniman Double Espresso”, which features red fruit and grain-like aromas, an impressive deep taste and an elegant mouthfeel, is a combination of “Nomad Tolima” flavors arranged in the shape of a petit gateau. pair the trimmer. Fragrant hazelnut praline and luscious vanilla cream moderate the powerful flavor of Colombian coffee, leaving only a fragrant aftertaste.
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■ “Infiniman Gourmand” x “Plaisir Sucre Nespresso”
“Infiniman Gourmand”, which features top notes reminiscent of praline and vanilla and the elegant scent of roasted hazelnuts, is “Plaisir Sucre Nespresso”, a classic flavor that combines chocolate and praline arranged in the style of Pierre Hermé. to pair. In order to double the deliciousness, this petit gateau emphasizes the texture of thick, sweet and mellow milk chocolate and crunchy hazelnut praline. [Image 6

■ “Infinimann Fluite” x “Rive Gauche Nespresso”
“Infiniman Fluyte”, which has a grain-like flavor and a faint sourness reminiscent of raspberries, is accompanied by “Rive Gauche Nespresso”, which has a delicate and rich taste reminiscent of the left bank of Paris, which has been the center of culture and art. to pair. The fruity flavor of raspberries mellows the strong aroma of chocolate, creating an unforgettable taste that spreads in your mouth.
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Limited quantity patisserie
Limited quantity “Nomad Trimmer” product overview
Release date: November 10, 2022 (Thursday) to January 16, 2023 (Monday) Sales channel: Nespresso official website         Nespresso toll-free 0120-57-3101
        Pierre Herme Paris Online Boutique Price: 6,750 yen including tax (6,250 yen body price) *Price including shipping A limited number of patisserie created in collaboration with Nespresso and Pierre Hermé Paris will appear. A sublimation of the Entrumé Nomad traveling through Colombian Coffee Tolima, this “Nomad Tolima” has a gentle sweetness of hazelnuts that spreads throughout the mouth, and then a powerful coffee brings balance to the whole. In the
multi-layered flavor, various textures are displayed alternately, amplifying the pleasure of taste.
* It will end as soon as it is gone.
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Size: about 19.0cm long x 7.0cm wide x 6.5cm high
#Coffee time that sparkles the heart campaign overview
Nespresso will deliver a limited quantity of coffee in winter 2022, created in collaboration with Pierre Hermé Paris this winter, inviting you to a beautiful and blissful time in Paris. From November 10th, the same day as the opening of the pop-up cafe, a campaign commemorating the release will be held on Instagram and Twier. Please tell us the time when your heart will sparkle with coffee for you this winter. Implementation period: November 10, 2022 (Thursday) to December 11, 2022 (Sunday)
     ※ Applications are valid until 23:59 on Sunday, December 11th. Target SNS: Instagram, Twitter
Eligibility: Followers of our official account whose account is set to public,      Or newly followed
Application method:
Follow Nespresso official Instagram ( or Twitter (@NespressoJP) STEP2
“Like” or “Comment” or “Retweet” campaign posts
#Coffee time that sparkles with your heart Put on a #Nespresso and post a photo of “Your time spent with coffee that sparkles with your heart.” Follow & “Like”, “Comment”, or “Retweet” will be drawn by lottery from those who have applied – a coffee time set that will sparkle your heart – and those who have posted a designated hashtag and photo. We will present a lottery from among the items – a coffee time set that sparkles your heart – and an item that will make your blissful coffee time even more luxurious.
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About Nestle Nespresso
From coffee cherries to blissful cups, with passion
Since its launch in 1986, Nespresso has continued to innovate as a pioneer in the capsule coffee market, helping people around the world through a system that allows anyone to enjoy high-quality coffee at home with a simple operation. has changed the way coffee is enjoyed. Rich coffee is made from high-quality coffee beans. At Nespresso, experts who travel around the world select and cultivate only a few production areas that meet the strict conditions of altitude, climate and soil called terroir. In addition, each coffee bean is carefully harvested, refined, and sorted like a diamond.
In addition, we have developed our own “AAA Sustainable Quality (Sustainable Quality) ( It is also characterized by obtaining coffee beans from the TM) program. Swiss experts in each process such as roasting and blending make coffee, wrapped in aluminum capsules that protect the freshness, from the hands of coffee specialists to the hands of customers. used
Nespresso capsules can be collected and recycled through boutiques with collection boxes, partner companies and home collection services. In 2022, Nestle Nespresso S.A. will become
We have acquired the international certification “B Corp (TM)”, which is given to companies that meet high standards in terms of
transparency and accountability.
From the cultivation of the coffee cherries, to the moment you taste it and beyond, Nespresso is passionate about delivering the perfect cup of coffee.
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