– New common sense of new graduate recruitment with Mr. Sowa, Human Resources Research Institute

Grow Up Co., Ltd.
– New common sense of new graduate recruitment with Mr. Sowa, Human Resources Research Institute
October 12 (Wednesday) 11:00-12:30|Webinar

“Kimisuka”, a direct recruiting service for new graduates operated by Grow Up Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo, Representative Director: Kenji Suzumura), will open on October 12 (Wednesday), Human Resources Research Institute, Mr. Toshimitsu Sowa. We are pleased to inform you that we will invite you to hold a new graduate recruitment seminar for companies. In hiring new graduates, I would like to talk about “population formation”, which is an issue faced by many recruiters.
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・ I want to know the trend of the new graduate recruitment market that is accelerating
・I want to improve my company’s hiring ability as it becomes difficult to acquire human resources
・Students who want to hire ・Students who can be expected to play an active role in the company want to form a population
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Event overview
In recent years, when it is difficult to acquire human resources, it is becoming difficult to form a population of students who want to be hired and who are likely to play an active role in new graduate recruitment.
In the recruitment of new graduates, it was conventionally thought that the wider the population, the better, and it was common to employ a uniform flow.
However, such non-targeting population formation attracts students who are different from the students who “want to hire/fit” for the company, and even though a lot of man-hours were devoted, it was not possible to hire them as a result. It can be said that
Therefore, from now on, it will be necessary to know the policy of “quality population formation” that fits your company in order to form the population and recruit new graduates.
In this seminar, we invite Mr. Sowa from Human Resources Research Institute Co., Ltd. to talk about the “quality population formation” required of recruiters.
In the second half of the seminar, we will have a panel discussion with our business manager, and we will answer all the issues of population formation that are occurring in the field!
We are also accepting questions from the audience, so please feel free to join us!
◆ Program
1. Trends in hiring 24 graduates, unraveled from the latest student data | Grow Up Co., Ltd. Kato
2. What is the idea of ​​de-population formation that is required now | Mr. Sowa, Human Resources Research Institute Co., Ltd.
3. Panel discussion and Q&A
◆ date and time
Wednesday, October 12, 2022 11:00-12:30
◆ Venue
Online (Webinar)
*Information on how to watch the video will be sent by email to those who have applied.
◆ Participation fee
◆ Application page
Speaker introduction
Toshimitsu Sowa (Representative Director, Human Resources Research Institute Co., Ltd.)
[Image 2d8227-31-a521d09789599314e6bf-2.jpg&s3=8227-31-ef74cb310183b7d1fbb8978c272eb467-300x300.jpg
Director of the Japan Employability Testing Association, Director of the Japan Society of Business Psychology. Visiting professor at Information Management Innovation College.
During the Recruit era, he was in charge of various HR areas such as recruitment, training, systems, organizational development, and mental health, and became the company’s recruiting manager. Founded Human Resources Research Institute in 2011 after working as HR manager for Lifenet Life Insurance and Open House. Utilizing his practical experience, he has developed realistic and effective personnel consulting, training, recruitment outsourcing, etc. for hundreds of companies. His publications include “Theory of HR and Recruitment: Principles and Principles of Organizational Management Common to Growing Companies” (Sosim), “Interview Strategy for Communication Impediments” (‎Hoshikaisha), and “What is Network Recruitment?” labor administration), etc.
Yuki Kato (General Manager, New Graduate Division, Grow-up Co., Ltd.) [Image 3d8227-31-1c86868926a13b529db1-1.jpg&s3=8227-31-32cd3fc161fd0909f305962d40209973-300x300.jpg
Born in 1992. Graduated from the Department of Industrial Engineering, Tokyo City University. Conduct research on modeling the structure of early turnover using machine learning. In college, experienced backpacking to Africa, hitchhiking, full-commitment internship for half a year, and starting a student group. Joined Group as a new graduate in 2015. After gaining sales experience in the field of mid-career human resources, he established the Corporate Planning Office in 2016. After that, he was involved in company-wide marketing and service development, and as the marketing manager of “Kimisuka” (https://kimisuka.com/company/), he grew the service to be used by 150,000 job-hunting students annually. As the person in charge of recruiting for the company, he also designs the entire recruitment process and creates content for internships, etc. We are working every day to realize Kimisuka’s concept of “as is” recruitment and job hunting.
■ New graduate direct recruiting service “Kimisuka”
An “aggressive recruitment” tool that sends scouts from companies to students and approaches them. About 150,000 students are registered per academic year, and it is one of the largest direct recruiting services for new graduates in Japan, which is used by about one in three students. Registered students register their self-promotion, aptitude test, various wishes (industry, occupation, work location, axis of choosing a company, etc.) and selection status of job hunting in their profile, and companies use the profile to set values ​​and intentions for individual students’ careers. It is possible to grasp the gender, search for and approach students to be scouted.
■Company Profile
Company name: Grow Up Co., Ltd. (https://grow-up1.co.jp/)
Representative: Kenji Suzumura, Representative Director
Established: February 2008
Location: VORT Hamamatsucho 2 7F, 1-10-11 Hamamatsucho, Minato-ku, Tokyo Business description: Paid employment placement business (license number 13-Yu-304257)
Operation of Kimisuka, a direct recruiting service for new graduates

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