New course Acquire skills that cross the barriers of skills and open up new eras! “Main Course XR (Cross Reality) Major” Starts in April 2023 | Digital Hollywood (Professional School)

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[New course] Acquire skills that cross the barriers of skills and open up new eras! “Main Course XR (Cross Reality) Major” Starts in April 2023 | Digital Hollywood (Professional School)
CG x Design x Programming Acquire the skills to overcome the barriers of skill and open up new eras!

IT-related and digital content human resource development school [Digital Hollywood] (operating company: Digital Hollywood Co., Ltd., head office / main school: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, President and CEO: Tsuyoshi Yoshimura, President: Tomoyuki Sugiyama) will open in April 2023 We will start a new course, XR (Cross Reality), in May. [Image 1

[Background of opening the new course]
Digital Hollywood (specialized school) opened in October 1994. The students who gathered there took on the challenge of new industries in the dawn of digital.
Twenty-eight years have passed since then, and the expanding digital world has begun to show various fusions.
In addition, in the corona crisis, the shift to remote work, education, and various social activities and the virtualization of various social activities have accelerated at once in the society that surrounds us, and the way of communication has changed greatly. While immersion in the virtual world is progressing, there is also a desire for the real world. After going through the corona disaster, we will create a world in which reality is further expanded.
In response to this historical background, we aim to develop human resources who can not only create the desired space, but also create a world that has not yet been seen. Design, programming, 3DCG in one year… Using borderless technology and knowledge, we thoroughly pursue digital expression, from XR expression to interactive design and IoT. We will open a course of the highest peak of the digital Hollywood specialty school that creates new experiences.
[Outline of the new course]
In this major, you will learn programming skills to give form to ideas, video and 3DCG production skills that enable a wide range of expressions, and design skills and UX that appropriately convey information to people.
In addition, we will provide the latest video teaching materials for flipped learning, a training space that accelerates learning, and two seminars in the second half, “AR/VR Seminar” and “Space Design Seminar” to achieve high-quality output that you want to achieve. Divided into two, we aim to develop human resources who can achieve a high degree of fusion of imagination and technology.
The AR/VR seminar will be held in collaboration with Psychic VR Lab Co., Ltd. (Location: Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, President: Yukihiro ), which operates the XR creative platform “STYLY” for artists, etc., to develop human resources in the XR field. We will continue to create opportunities for success in the industry. In addition, we invite creators and companies that are currently leading the industry as guest lecturers, and introduce the latest examples created by combining various skills to grasp the trends in the world.
[Image 2

Seminar joint development: Psychic VR Lab Co., Ltd.
[Image 3

Corporate site of Psychic VR Lab Inc., which provides XR (VR/AR/MR) production tools and distribution platform STYLY business specializing in lifestyles such as fashion/art/culture/music.
[Introduction of guest lecturers]
Mr. Tomu Kawada (AR Three Brothers)
[Image 4

After working for a manufacturer for 10 years and engaging in patent development, he became the eldest son of the development unit AR Three Brothers. J-WAVE “INNOVATION WORLD” is on air, and the
development-close documentary “AR Three Brothers’ Wonderful World Part 5” will be aired on BS Fuji in 2022.
Serialized at the end of the book in WIRED, the book “Augmented Reality”. teamLab
[Image 5

art collectible. Activities started in 2001. An international interdisciplinary collective exploring the intersection of art, science, technology and the natural world through collective creation. It consists of specialists in various fields such as artists, programmers, engineers, CG animators, mathematicians, and architects. Official Website:
Kanako Nakamura
[Image 6

Dejiriha Co., Ltd. General Manager. physical therapist. Worked at university hospitals, pediatric facilities and NICUs, and worked in Guatemala as a JICA volunteer. Graduated from the University of Leeds Disability Studies Course. Currently, in order to solve the problems seen in rehabilitation sites, etc., we have developed a rehabilitation tool “Digital Interactive Rehabilitation System” that utilizes digital art and sensors, and are currently promoting dissemination activities mainly at child welfare offices. . I live to create a society where children can spend their time like children. A full-time remote employee living in the UK.
Mr. Asahiko Nakata
[Image 7

Isetan Mitsukoshi Ltd. Sales Headquarters Online Store Group Revworlds Manager, Digital Business Operations Department
Joined Isetan Co., Ltd. (now Isetan Mitsukoshi) in 2008. Experienced storefront and buyer work as a men’s clothing charge.
In 2019, using the in-house entrepreneurship system, we conducted a trial of a “virtual store and digital wear business” that proposes fashion value and lifestyle to avatars.
From 2021, we will start operating the smartphone application “REV WORLDS” business that utilizes the Metaverse, and continues to this day.
[Regular course XR major course information]
·Course Name
Core course XR (cross reality) major – 2 days a week –
·Amount of money
1,320,000 yen (tax included) *Separate alumni membership fee of 30,000 yen will be charged
・Course building
The course will be held at Digital Hollywood Tokyo main school (Ochanomizu) ・Course start time
April 2023 (to be held once a year)
・Briefing session
Before applying for the course, we ask that you attend an information session. Please select the Tokyo main school from the following and make a reservation. (You can select campus or online in the reservation form)
[About Digital Hollywood (specialized school)]
[Image 8d496-2159-519808cfde394e472fb1-6.png&s3=496-2159-b729a526172af52fab5021b0a9a4aa3d-437x122.png
In October 1994, the school opened in Ochanomizu, Tokyo at the same time as the establishment of Digital Hollywood Co., Ltd. A commuting school that trains professionals in web, design, 3DCG, CG, video, graphics, etc., mainly for working adults, aiming to change jobs or become independent in each industry.
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