New e-sports cafe with the largest number of e-sports cafes in Japan “AIM Takadanobaba store” Grand opening on October 20; media preview held on October 18

City Communications Co., Ltd.
New e-sports cafe with the largest number of e-sports cafes in Japan “AIM Takadanobaba store” Grand opening on October 20; media preview held on October 18
“eSPORTS CAFE AIM” grand opening on October 20th, media preview held on October 18th

The e-sports cafe “eSPORTS CAFE AIM (hereinafter referred to as “AIM”)” operated by City Communications Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Yokohama City, Kanagawa Prefecture / President: Daiaki Mita) will open in Tokyo on Thursday, October 20, 2022. We will open a new store in Takadanobaba, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo. Following Ikebukuro in Tokyo, Sendai City in Miyagi Prefecture, and Sapporo City in Hokkaido, this is the fourth store to open, and it will be the largest number of e-sports cafes in Japan. Until now, “AIM” has been opened in the company’s Internet cafe “DiCE”, but this time it will be the first time for “AIM” to open a store on its own. On October 18th (Tuesday) before the opening, we will hold a preview for the media. The official opening to the public (regular business) will start from Thursday, October 20th. [Image 1d22051-237-4b1a92235996c86b18c6-7.png&s3=22051-237-146537ebb38ff08a90bdb7a8e913ba65-1280x720.png
◆ eSPORTS CAFE AIM Takadanobaba store (Opening October 20, 2022) Seats: 49 open seats, 3 private rooms (3 PCs per room), 52 seats in total Address: 4-8-7 Takadanobaba, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo Hanakawa Building 8F Phone: 03-6304-0308
Transportation: 1 minute walk from JR Takadanobaba Station
≪Inquiries regarding private exhibitions≫
Please contact AIM Takadanobaba (03-6304-0308).

About “AIM Takadanobaba store” introduction device
We offer the latest devices and a comfortable gaming environment for a wide range of gamers.

-gaming device
Logitech G(TM)
[Image 2d22051-237-031b33e4128f02af0aa1-9.png&s3=22051-237-040efe3252b7acc12827a7fbf4b6c1ca-2556x650.png
Logitech G is dedicated to pushing performance boundaries and pushing gameplay to new heights. We spare no effort to meet the demands of the ever-evolving world of gaming. By developing better gear and realizing stronger integration with games, we support further improvement of the gaming experience.
ASTRO A10 GEN2 Headset (Normal Seat & Private Seat)
[Image 3d22051-237-d37a97b1c467b96bc830-10.jpg&s3=22051-237-dc33a080f1c79bf59e5086cde972819a-511x287.jpg

Logitech G(TM) PROX (Hi-Spec Seat)
[Image 4d22051-237-ec5cc4cec266d93c4633-3.jpg&s3=22051-237-581cb970c9a0f40872449d0f57e7df39-689x517.jpg

Logitech G(TM) G413 SE / Logitech G(TM) G413 TKL SE
[Image 5d22051-237-2d6fa1dd68a881dd8a0b-11.png&s3=22051-237-286560d04edc466a54281352b127969f-1488x1200.png

Logitech G(TM) G203 / Logitech G(TM) G304 (Normal Seat & Private Seat) [Image 6d22051-237-6be43e57da180af18cc4-12.jpg&s3=22051-237-61b3c24966d929282067a2450589dde0-1022x400.jpg
Logitech G(TM) PROX (Hi-Spec Seat)
[Image 7d22051-237-335e30aa0f6678a0e602-1.jpg&s3=22051-237-25b7c6a69f91a23e94e1903da96943b6-684x512.jpg

・Mouse pad: Logitech G(TM) G640s
[Image 8d22051-237-f63364a84a82dc5e789c-13.png&s3=22051-237-02b327692ef925a2bdb09d25da7e68d8-512x265.png

≪Details of devices installed at each seat≫
◆Normal Seat & Private Seat
 Headset: ASTRO A10
Keyboard: Logitech G(TM) G413 SE or Logitech G G413 TKL SE
Mouse: Logitech G(TM) G203 or Logitech G G304
 Mouse pad: Logicool G (TM) G640s
◆Hi-Spec Seat
 Headset: Logitech G(TM) PROX
 Keyboard: Logitech G(TM) G413 SE
 Mouse: Logitech G(TM) PROX
 Mouse pad: Logicool G (TM) G640s
* G413 SE (on sale August 25, 2022)
  G413 TKL SE (on sale August 25, 2022)
  G640s (on sale August 10, 2022)

– gaming monitor
ZOWIE brand by Benq
[Image 9d22051-237-d7147c89b0eacceba836-6.jpg&s3=22051-237-7b287174d6ad68bccc30293c14587319-1650x870.jpg
ZOWIE is a brand dedicated to developing professional e-Sports equipment. We work hard to develop our products so that players can play at their best.

◆Normal Seat & Private Seat
Monitor: BenQ ZOWIE XL2411K
24 inch 144Hz gaming monitor
[Image 10d22051-237-030612afbd9c10d144f7-15.jpg&s3=22051-237-14b1005e655c5a64f74fa0e5dc5e63c4-968x970.jpg

◆Hi-Spec Seat
Monitor: BenQ ZOWIE XL2546K
24.5 inch 240Hz gaming monitor
[Image 11d22051-237-6da760044d54f41081cc-14.jpg&s3=22051-237-0965d00d5a9f41b8a6dc0792a93c5034-997x967.jpg

[Image 12d22051-237-cbe8e1dca6db22e61a9d-16.png&s3=22051-237-fe50cef2ea3cdb8ccb6339fc399bad35-1200x848.png
“eSPORTS CAFE AIM” is an esports cafe that opened in 2019. We provide the latest devices and a comfortable gaming environment for a wide range of gamers who want to start a new game, aim higher, and have fun together. By providing the “game environment”, “friends” and “training” necessary for victory, we will lead our customers to victory in the game.

≪Affiliated store overview≫
[Image 13d22051-237-ded2dd2f63c32648d221-17.jpg&s3=22051-237-48dca7794a6835ecc0c2423693f3854f-598x399.jpg
◆ eSPORTS CAFE AIM Sapporo store
Number of seats: 18 open type seats
Address: 12-1 Minami 3-jo Nishi 4-chome, Chuo-ku, Sapporo, Hokkaido 6F-7F DiCE Sapporo Tanukikoji main store in Allcheville 6F
Phone: 011-252-7594
Access: 10-second walk from Tanukikoji Station on the Sapporo City Tram 3 minutes walk from Susukino Subway Station

[Image 14d22051-237-a00c3cce11a1e43a5690-18.jpg&s3=22051-237-eb0ca2216d95d6c0682ff1d6a0d48c76-598x448.jpg
Number of seats: Open type 17 seats
Address: 1-8-20 Chuo, Aoba Ward, Sendai City, Miyagi Prefecture   Don Quijote Sendai Station West Exit Building 6F-7F DiCE 6F Phone: 022-395-7496
Access: 4 minutes on foot from Sendai Station, 1 minute on foot from Aobadori Station

[Image 15d22051-237-8466ee122d7b9b93ffaf-19.jpg&s3=22051-237-e6b0aea14dc957e6446419ac758837b0-673x505.jpg
◆ eSPORTS CAFE AIM Ikebukuro
Number of seats: Open type 17 seats / Distribution type 1 seat Equipment: Gaming projector, 100-inch screen, multi-switcher Address: 1-11-11 Higashi-Ikebukuro, Toshima-ku, Tokyo
  White City Building 2F-10F DiCE 6F
Phone: 03-5944-9202
Access: 2 minute walk from JR Ikebukuro Station East Exit

≪Usage fee≫
◆ AIM Takadanobaba
 Normal Seat
 1 hour 600 yen (tax included) 3 hours 1200 yen (tax included)  Private Room…for 2 or more people
 1 hour 800 yen (tax included) 3 hours 1600 yen (tax included) * Free for children under elementary school age, half price for children under elementary school age
About usage fees for stores with DiCE
The usage fee for “AIM” starts at 300 yen (tax included) for 30 minutes when attached to DiCE.
It has the same format as the Internet cafe “DiCE” booth fee. The usage fee for “DiCE” varies depending on each store, and automatically switches to the optimal time and fee (pack fee) according to the length of stay. Also, weekends (from 18:00 on Fridays/days before holidays to Sundays/holidays) will be charged on weekends.
For detailed price information, please check the website of each “DiCE” store below.
DiCE Ikebukuro store: DiCE Sendai store:
DiCE Sapporo Tanukikoji Main Store: * Product and service names mentioned in this news release are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective companies. * The information contained in this news release is current as of the date of the announcement. Subject to change without notice.

■Company Profile
[Image 16d22051-237-c49a93a1f8d9661aedce-20.jpg&s3=22051-237-37bf148f75d55d68fcede3f06fb9cf05-707x678.jpg
Company name: City Communications Co., Ltd.
Location: Asahi Building 3F, 3-33-8 Tsuruyacho, Kanagawa Ward, Yokohama City, Kanagawa Prefecture
Representative: Daiaki Mita, President and Representative Director Established: December 20, 1995
Business description: A comprehensive entertainment company that provides play, healing, and relaxation.
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