NEW OPEN A tea cafe where you can enjoy carefully selected tea leaves from around the world without borders is born in Jiyugaoka! “THREE TEA CAFE Train Inch Jiyugaoka” Grand Opening on November 2nd (Wednesday)

Tokyo Tea Trading Co., Ltd.
A tea cafe where you can enjoy carefully selected tea leaves from around the world without borders is born in Jiyugaoka! “THREE TEA CAFE Train Inch Jiyugaoka” Grand Opening on November 2nd (Wednesday)
Tokyo Tea Trading Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, President: Yuichi Otsuka), which handles the import and wholesale of tea leaves, is a full-fledged and borderless store based on the concept of “bringing the charm of tea to everyone.” The tea cafe “THREE TEA CAFE Train Inch Jiyugaoka” will open on November 2, 2022 (Wednesday). With more than 35 types of tea leaves from around the world, you can enjoy the charm of tea in a variety of styles, such as tasting comparisons, tea gelato, and food sets.
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THREE TEA CAFE has reopened under the concept of “bringing the charm of tea to everyone” as a café where you can enjoy authentic tea from around the world, consisting of green tea, blue tea, and black tea, in a variety of styles. We will open a store on the first floor of “Traininch Jiyugaoka”, a commercial facility adjacent to Jiyugaoka Station on the Oimachi Line.
With the theme of “authentic & borderless”, we will offer authentic tea leaves carefully selected by tea masters in a style that is not limited to past knowledge and drinking methods such as types and styles of tea. In the open and bright store, by harmonizing various materials and colors, you can take a break and relax, refresh your mood, and spend your time with new experiences. create a space. We are waiting for you at THREE TEA CAFE, where you can experience tea in a familiar and enjoyable way whether you are a tea lover or not so familiar with it.
■ Store Overview | THREE TEA CAFE Traininch Jiyugaoka
Opening date: Wednesday, November 2, 2022 at 10:00 am
Access: 2 minute walk from the south exit of Jiyugaoka Station on the Tokyu Toyoko Line/Oimachi Line
Business hours: 10:00 – 19:00
Regular holiday Irregular holidays *According to Train Inch Jiyugaoka Address 〒 158-0083 5-42-3 Okusawa, Setagaya-ku, Tokyo Traininch Jiyugaoka Telephone 03-6459-7517
Please check the official website for information on Train Inch Jiyugaoka. (
More than 35 types of tea from around the world consisting of green tea, blue tea, and black tea carefully selected by tea masters [Image 2

Selected by tea masters from high-quality tea leaves around the world, in addition to more than 10 types of green tea, green tea, and black tea, there are more than 35 types of herbal teas and blended teas. You can choose
At the eat-in, in addition to pot-serve tea that allows you to thoroughly enjoy each tea, you can also enjoy a tasting flight that allows you to compare the different flavors and aromas of three types of tea, and a selection that allows you to freely choose sweets that go well with the tea. They have a wide variety of menu items, including food sets. In addition, we have a full take-out menu that allows you to enjoy authentic tea more casually, so you can spend your tea time in the most suitable style for each person.
Menu (partial excerpt)
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Tea gelato where you can enjoy tea made with carefully selected tea leaves [Image 4

This tea gelato is made by carefully extracting tea leaves from around the world carefully selected by tea masters to bring out the original aroma and taste of tea. Special tea sweets only available at THREE TEA CAFE are made using rich Aso jersey milk and carefully selected ingredients to match each tea leaf. In addition to 7 flavors such as rich Yame matcha, Darjeeling milk tea, and strawberry Touhou beauty tea, limited seasonal flavors are also planned to be released in the future. In the store, please enjoy it with a warm cup of tea.                   Tea Gelato Flavor
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Menu (partial excerpt)
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Tea leaf sales where you can freely choose from a small amount of authentic tea at home
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 The tea leaves will be sold at stores and online shops so that you can enjoy THREE TEA CAFE tea at home. By preparing small packages of 15g, you can try unique teas from all over the world little by little. In addition, THREE TEA CAFE Train Inch Jiyugaoka store will sell by weight and sell tea utensils. We propose the best gifts to enjoy tea time at home, such as gifts for yourself as well as gifts for loved ones.
Lineup (partial excerpt)
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*All listed prices include tax.
* Contents are subject to change.
■ About the brand | THREE TEA
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We believe in borderless, genderless and ageless world.
THREE TEA will provide new ways to enjoy the world’s three types of tea, “black tea”, “green tea”, and “green tea” that suit each individual’s lifestyle, regardless of past knowledge and drinking methods.
The borderless future of tea begins here at THREE TEA.
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■ Company|Tokyo Tea Trading Co., Ltd.
[Image 10d85729-10-c520238664e956a47360-18.jpg&s3=85729-10-1f7cfbfad2ef4e9f60ac3ffb26221c94-945x709.jpg
Established in 1928, Yuhido, which is engaged in the dispensing pharmacy business, is a Tea Company that disseminates world tea, which was started in 2016. Through the production and sale of a wide variety of teas from around the world, including Taiwanese tea, we will deliver the heartwarming moments created by tea, by disseminating the charm and ways to enjoy tea that suit each individual, without sticking to conventional styles. I’m here.
Company name: Tokyo Tea Trading Co., Ltd.
Headquarters 27F Yebisu Garden Place Tower, 4-20-3 Ebisu, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 150-6027
Representative President and Representative Director Yuichi Otsuka Established September 2016 (Founded August 1988)
Business description Import and wholesale of tea leaves
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