New product “B-class gourmet fair” that collects B-class gourmets from all over the country will be held at Pronto’s night business “Kissakaba” until the end of December!

Pronto Corporation Co., Ltd.
[New product] “B-class gourmet fair” that collects B-class gourmets from all over the country will be held at Pronto’s night business “Kissakaba” until the end of December!

Pronto Corporation (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo, President: Norihiko Takemura) will launch “B-class gourmet” at Kissakaba (Sakaba Time) of “PRONTO” * 1 nationwide from Tuesday, November 1st. We will hold a fair. Enjoy 6 unique dishes that go well with beer or highball. [Image 1d18877-138-36e91a8d4e8d494f8139-0.png&s3=18877-138-23e9a02e792ff566d7ad054e42d70b68-1200x675.png
Kanagawa Prefecture Atsugi Specialty “Toro Smoked Pork” 490 yen (539 yen including tax)
[Image 2d18877-138-5572050064481ae9b5b4-1.jpg&s3=18877-138-ec6188d5491841db96707c34f983be22-1024x768.jpg
An appetizer made with grilled umami-rich smoked pork tuna. Atsugi, which has long had a thriving pig farming industry, is also famous for its B-grade gourmet food, which was created by the hormone culture that developed after the war. Enjoy the horumon “pork tuna”, which has a unique texture and sweet fat, together with the spicy leek miso sauce.
Shizuoka Prefecture Fujinomiya Specialty “Yakisoba” 790 yen (869 yen including tax)
[Image 3d18877-138-b31638b69d1f8003a254-2.jpg&s3=18877-138-bce1ca5054bae2eff021840489a85724-1024x769.jpg
Fujinomiya yakisoba noodles are stir-fried with cabbage and meat crumbs, and sprinkled with sardine shavings. Enjoy with the fried egg topping.
Fukuoka Prefecture Hakata specialty “Gyoza wrapped oden” 490 yen (539 yen including tax)
[Image 4d18877-138-4928dd4b0a1efaa75a39-3.jpg&s3=18877-138-8a671648d145a600a0dbb9a814377ff3-1024x769.jpg
“Gyoza-maki” is a standard Oden-tane at Hakata food stalls, which is gyoza wrapped in minced fish and deep-fried. A dish that is perfect for the coming season, with boiled eggs and deep-fried tofu together. Shimane prefecture Hamada specialty “Akaten” 390 yen (429 yen including tax) [Image 5d18877-138-8a2e80630f9f0c85daca-4.jpg&s3=18877-138-abc3fe46d55100f7efb47df4902d1949-1025x768.jpg
Red tempura is made by kneading chili peppers into minced hairtail, covering it with bread crumbs and deep-frying it. As the name suggests, it is Hamada’s soul food made with the image of ham cutlet, which is characterized by its red color. Please enjoy the classic local way of eating with mayonnaise. The spicy and crunchy texture is a snack that goes well with sake.
Hyogo Prefecture Kobe City Nagata specialty “Bokkake soba rice” 790 yen (869 yen including tax)
[Image 6d18877-138-7f890b1a6f670a5108d8-5.jpg&s3=18877-138-3a03076b147447dec55f9754aae978d1-1025x769.jpg
A combination of “bokkake” and “soba-meshi”, both of which originated in Nagata. Bokkake, a salty-sweet stew of beef tendons and konnyaku, was devised after the war as a delicious way to eat beef tendons that were once discarded. This dish goes perfectly with soba rice, which is a stir-fry of finely chopped yakisoba and rice. Miyazaki specialty “Charcoal-grilled chicken” 490 yen (539 yen including tax) [Image 7d18877-138-5ead9ad85b01939a9216-6.jpg&s3=18877-138-cb7b63ce93406a58c557e3b8c9446700-1025x769.jpg
This is a local gourmet dish from Miyazaki Prefecture, where the charcoal-grilled chicken is irresistibly delicious and
charcoal-grilled. Enjoy it together with cucumber and yuzu pepper, which are essential garnishes for charcoal-grilled chicken in Miyazaki Prefecture.

[Image 8d18877-138-2a7e5f2c319da520fd91-8.jpg&s3=18877-138-f850ba2f34c3e817173ef80039304a13-1248x832.jpg
[Image 9d18877-138-e649f70b396783ededeb-7.jpg&s3=18877-138-d32e7b624d2148dbb70f7ab50bff1471-2100x1400.jpg
PRONTO will continue to expand nationwide as a user-friendly space where working people can drop in at any time, offering seasonal drinks, sweets, pasta and alcohol.
What PRONTO is aiming for is a place to enjoy “GREAT GOOD PLACE”. With the keyword of “duality” of “a cafe in the daytime and a sakaba at night”, we have prepared a convenient space for working people to stop by at any time of the day. As a cafe space that can be said to be a community where people can stop by before work or during breaks. In addition, it is a space where you can easily gather with your colleagues after work and have lively conversations. Please enjoy the time you can only enjoy in Pronto at Cafe and Sakaba.
*1 There are stores that do not offer some services and stores that have different prices. In addition, the price display is the tax-excluded price. The price in parentheses is the tax-included price when eating and drinking in the store, and the tax-included price when taking out is different.
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