New program Radio “NOSE knows” of scent and words starts on 10/11. Niche fragrance specialty store “NOSE SHOP” challenges “language of scent” with podcast

[New program] Radio “NOSE knows” of scent and words starts on 10/11. Niche fragrance specialty store “NOSE SHOP” challenges “language of scent” with podcast

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Radio “NOSE knows” of scents and words
On October 11, 2022, the niche fragrance select shop “NOSE SHOP” started a new podcast program.
Its name is “NOSE knows”, a radio of scents and words.
The theme of this program is “fragrance and words”, and the founder and representative of NOSE SHOP, Tomoki Nakamori, talks about interesting episodes, trivia, and people related to fragrance with writer Saeri Natsuo.
Until now, many people have said that it is difficult to express in words the world of fragrance. In this program, we will unravel the world of interesting scents and try to verbalize them with Natsuo, who is active in a wide range of fields, such as essays, screenplays, and copywriting.
“Is the only word for scent in Japanese is smell?”
“What’s the smell of ‘the end of the world’?”
“What is the recommended perfume to recover from a broken heart?” Such.
If you verbalize it, you can know more deeply, and the world of fragrance becomes more fun! This program is a must-listen for those who want to find words other than “good smell.” A new episode will be released every Tuesday. Please stay tuned.
Episode 2 will be delivered on Tuesday, October 18th! Perfume knowledge “Why is perfume not used so much in Japan?”
In the second episode of the latest episode, “Do humans and dogs have the same nose sensitivity?” We will answer simple questions based on customs and cultural backgrounds. looking forward to.
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Introducing unique items handled by NOSE SHOP
[Program overview]
Program name: Fragrance and words radio “NOSE knows”
Delivery date: Scheduled to be updated every Tuesday at 6:00 from October 11, 2022 (Tuesday)
Distribution channel:
・Apple Podcasts %E3%83%A9%E3%82%B8%E3%82%AA-nose-knows/id1649067773
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NOSE SHOP representative, Tomoki Nakamori
Tomoki Nakamori
Perfume curator. Perfume translator. Established in 2017, he is the founder and representative of NOSE SHOP, a perfume shop that introduces up-and-coming fragrance brands from around the world. We select almost all the perfumes we handle and translate the stories, and we boast the widest range of varieties we handle and the number of translations in Japan. We have built good relationships with perfume creators around the world. As a reformer and leader in the Japanese perfume market, which was once called the “perfume desert”, we currently have 10 shops all over Japan, and about 50 brands and about 700 kinds of perfumes from 18 countries around the world. We select and sell room fragrances. We are developing a variety of scent-related services to further increase awareness of perfume culture in Japan. Twitter: @noseshop_jp (
Instagram: ( [Image 4

Writer Saeri Natsuo
Saeri Natsuo
Writer. Became independent in 2016 after working as a publisher and web editor. Activities related to writing are wide-ranging, including essays, short stories, screenplays, and copywriting. He specializes in story content such as collaboration novels with Starbucks, Hibiya Kadan, and Shinjuku ISETAN, and scripts for social dramas “Wednesday 22:00 only” and “Experimental City DIVER CITY”. The YouTube short film “Hello! Remote theater, which he also co-wrote, was selected as a jury recommendation at the Japan Media Arts Festival. Currently serializing childcare essays on Gentosha plus. Also works as a planner at CHOCOLATE Inc. His publications include “Today, I spoil myself (Discover Twenty One)”.
Twitter: @N908Sa (
Instagram: @N908sa (
FUBI Co., Ltd.
FUBI is a content studio specializing in audio. Produces many programs to make audio content a commonplace. While working on the audio drama “Imikowa | A scary story when you understand the meaning”, which won the 4th place in the Spotify overall ranking, we supported the production of “COTEN RADIO, where you can learn history in an interesting way”, which won the grand prize at the JAPAN PODCAST AWARDS for corporations. also do
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A perfume specialty store that brings together up-and-coming fragrance brands from around the world. Launched in August 2017 as the only niche fragrance select shop in Japan with a large nose object as a landmark. We currently have 10 stores in Japan. We distance ourselves from the intimidating and intimidating atmosphere of the world of scents, and propose a new world of scents that is casual, pop, and a little crazy. By selecting and delivering independent, high-grade fragrance maisons from all over the world, we will convey the joy and fun of living with the finest scents.

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