New release Notebook “HIGOLOG” that keeps daily records properly (Higolog) Sales start on October 5th (Wed nesday) at 10:00 at Ito Notebook EC site Yumeki Rock

Ito Techo Co., Ltd.
[New release] Notebook “HIGOLOG” that keeps daily records properly (Higolog) Sales start on October 5th (Wednesday) at 10:00 at Ito Notebook EC site Yumeki Rock
-Considering contribution to sustainability by using forest-certified paper-
Ito Techo Co., Ltd. (headquartered in Nagoya City: President and CEO Akihito Ito, hereinafter referred to as our company) has been involved in notebook manufacturing and OEM for 68 years. ) on October 5th ( Wed) From 10:00, it will be sold on our own EC site (Yumeki Rock directly managed store, Rakuten market store, Amazon store, Yahoo store).
This product is a set of 2 daily diaries (B6) and 1 small mini monthly diary (A6) for half a year (first half: January-June 2023; second half: July-December 2023). .
The daily notebook is one page per day. Time (scheduled), details, and the day’s review can be divided into three parts, so you can write down the events and records of the day.
In addition, the small mini monthly notebook can be stored by sandwiching it between the main body covers. It is possible to use such as writing the details and records of the schedule in the daily notebook while checking the monthly schedule with the mini monthly. The notebook cover comes in two colors, navy and ivory. The notebook paper uses forest-certified paper that uses wood from properly managed forests, and considers its contribution to sustainability.
The selling price is 3,740 yen (tax included).
[Image 1d31231-90-a1b47465c800f60e9f24-0.png&s3=31231-90-18ec4cf0eb50166c01c88fd0836b884f-768x607.png
[Image 12d31231-90-f85f0328acf03739dc35-1.jpg&s3=31231-90-bff1d34182e3d83d8b3db597c8df8f45-1200x1200.jpg
Daily entry image
[Image 3d31231-90-7992593ade56ecfde365-2.png&s3=31231-90-9f42ea3ec2379cba1404394a6676019c-425x324.png
Daily entry details
[Image 4d31231-90-e49b2a3a77d8570167c7-3.jpg&s3=31231-90-217c94c39f6dcd932d91b91ebf1a1f9e-1200x1200.jpg
The mini monthly can be clipped to the notebook cover
[Image 5d31231-90-cb672b9627437373913d-4.jpg&s3=31231-90-ebe5a9172e7ae8a0b945daa2b6ad9db9-1200x1200.jpg
When wearing Mini Monthly
[Image 6d31231-90-0e8fb9ccf7dedf80e21d-5.png&s3=31231-90-090eb53405b00e164308ff34872b2523-779x766.png
Using mini-monthly and daily together
[Image 7d31231-90-f7e9fd2a5ccd583128e5-6.png&s3=31231-90-d42c37a824cf54aa4fc7a1ca687a827f-757x456.png
The notebook cover is navy and ivory
Features of the notebook “HIGOLOG” that keeps daily records neatly How to use video
1. Easy to carry with separate book specifications
The daily notebook is divided into separate volumes for the first half and second half. Solved the weight problem when carrying.
(198g refill is equivalent to 1 box of instant curry)
[Image 8d31231-90-fdde076b264463ac6192-7.jpg&s3=31231-90-053bcdc1192502a7d623ea1f59db1825-1200x1200.jpg
First half-2023㋀-June)
[Image 9d31231-90-975525187e7c942f0a80-8.jpg&s3=31231-90-d71484e8a8e05f796806df0fb562c1e0-1200x1200.jpg
Second half (July-December 2023)
2. No need to turn pages: You can fill in your daily records while watching the mini-monthly ・You can check your daily records. [Image 10d31231-90-9fc1377384a9aff9ca66-9.jpg&s3=31231-90-e5533af12ba9f5c6b104a58facbf9a1e-1200x1200.jpg
3. The daily notebook is one page a day. Record (log) title entry → detailed entry → summary of the day
[Image 11d31231-90-2627bb47504f4d4e8b2d-10.png&s3=31231-90-08f90ae25323f8185608fbc434b2b125-768x863.png
Left part of the page: 5:00 to 23:00 on the hourly time axis Right side of the page: blank note (you can fill in the details of the record) Bottom of the page: grid memo
(Same specifications as spread) *The time axis and grid notes are light blue. In the daily notebook part, you can fill in the record (log) of the day on one page per day.
One page is split into three. The left half has an hourly time axis (5-23 o’clock) set vertically. Write the record like a heading in the “・” between the hours. The blank memo on the right half fills in the details of the record (log). In the grid memo at the bottom of the page, write down your reflections and observations of the day. [Image 12d31231-90-f85f0328acf03739dc35-1.jpg&s3=31231-90-bff1d34182e3d83d8b3db597c8df8f45-1200x1200.jpg
Daily entry image
Background of the birth of HIGOLOG
In the report of the results of the 2020 health survey announced by the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare in January 2021, the number of survey respondents who answered “yes” about worries and stress in daily life (N = 1262). 72.1% of In addition, when we conducted an Internet survey on “diaries” in 2022, we could see a tendency to use diaries to “organize” the mind and feelings.
Against this background, we thought that it was necessary to develop notebooks and diaries that could be written continuously while enlightening people so that they could reduce their worries and stress by using diaries.
The new product “HIGOLOG” to be announced this time is a notebook that leaves a daily record (log). Although it is a notebook, it was developed with the desire to play a role like a diary.
[Image 13d31231-90-32796fd54d86744f711d-11.jpg&s3=31231-90-1ab89f6dc3f4ead94d2dea4cf01d68c8-1200x1200.jpg
Eri Kurita, Yumeki Rock Division, in charge of development
I also like SNS and post on it, but I used to write in my diary the things I didn’t want others to see and the things I wanted to keep to myself. I also like to keep a daily activity record (log). On the other hand, I’ve heard from customers that it’s ideal to write a lot, but that it’s impossible for me. So, is there something that can be used by people who want to write a lot and people who are not good at writing a lot? I thought.
At first, I made a prototype of something like a log book. However, when I read it back later, I found that the events at that time became clearer if the time and activity record (log) were linked, so I changed my direction to a log book with a time axis.
That is HIGOLOG. The thought that “I want you to leave a daily log properly” is included.
・People who like to write → Use illustrations, stickers, and markers to make it gorgeous
・People who are not good at writing → To leave a feeling of “writing” even with just letters. So that you can enjoy the margins
I think.
“HIGOLOG” is not just written and finished, but after reading it later, “It was hard at that time, but I did my best!” I hope you will. [Image 14d31231-90-af80bab31f5b103a6bb3-12.jpg&s3=31231-90-a54e60b29ff3c3edb61166663c685aeb-2115x1948.jpg
HIGOLOG Specifications
Product name “HIGOLOG”
Price: 3,740 yen (tax included)
Format Daily (1 page per day) + Mini Monthly
Size B6 (128 x 182 mm) *Refill condition without cover
Set contents Daily first half (January-June): 1 book
Second half of the daily (July-December): 1 volume
Mini Monthly (January-December): 1 book
Cover: 1
Thickness inside 10mm
Weight about 198g (body only)
Number of pages Daily 192 pages
Mini monthly 32 pages
Cover PVC (with pen holder and card slit)
Period Daily first half: January to June 2023
Second Half of Daily: July-December 2023
Mini Monthly January-December 2023 (starts on Monday)
Vertical Daily: 5:00-23:00
Text paper Ito notebook original paper IS cream (forest certified paper) specification daily
■ Annual calendar 2023/2024
■log page: grasp last year’s record and annual schedule
■ Daily page
・Moon phase notation
・There is a holiday notation
・Weather mark
・Grid memo
■ Handover log: Record what you want to hand over to the later daily [Image 15d31231-90-dd274ba42a758624f479-13.png&s3=31231-90-ce9d6e8b85b11f19f239694c95fa1ba8-776x550.png
■ Grid notebook (5mm grid)
mini monthly
■ Annual calendar 2023/2024
■ Monthly page (starts on Monday)
・Moon phase notation
・There is a holiday notation
■ Grid notebook
■ Age chart
◆ Sales location: Ito Techo Yumeki Rock EC site
・ Directly managed store: (* Recruiting 60 participants for the purchaser privilege event “Daily record to enjoy with a circulation notebook” only at directly managed stores)
・Rakuten Market Store ・ Amazon store:
・Yahoo store Ito Techo Co., Ltd. Company Profile
Founded in 1937 by the grandfather of the current president as a private business. In 2008, the organization was changed to Ito Techo Co., Ltd. and Akihito Ito was appointed as the third representative director.
Moved the factory department from the head office and factory (Higashi-ku, Nagoya) to Komaki-shi, Aichi Prefecture, which was 100 tsubos at the time of business succession. Maintained sales growth for 18 consecutive years.
In April 2022, the Komaki 2nd Factory (2nd Base) will also start operation. We will manufacture 12 million notebooks annually on a site of 1,800 tsubo. Business growth rate of 9.20% (4 years). Eleven years ago, he founded his own original brand, Yumeki Rock, for individuals, and developed a separate diary, a notebook that can be divided into upper and lower sections. A total of 100,000 copies have been sold. We are consistently engaged in the development and sales of unique and useful products, such as the development and sales of the “TETEFU” notebook that can be folded into a small size like a handkerchief. Trade name: Ito Techo Co., Ltd.
Representative: Representative Director Akihito Ito
Location: 〒461-0034 Headquarters: 3-42 Buzencho, Higashi-ku, Nagoya City, Aichi Prefecture TEL: 052-936-2363
Business: Manufacture and sale of various notebooks, manufacture of general books, manufacture of vinyl products
Capital: 10,000,000 yen
URL: Ito Techo Official Site
▼Own brand Yumeki Rock EC site
Directly managed store:
Rakuten Market Store: Amazon store Yahoo store

Details about this release:


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