News Release The November 2022 issue of the SDGs magazine “Sotokoto” that creates the future, “The art of making places where people gather” has been released!

Sotokoto Planet Co., Ltd.
The November 2022 issue of the SDGs magazine “Sotokoto” that creates the future, “The art of making places where people gather” has been released!
We will approach how to create a place where everyone in the area can feel safe!
Sotokoto Planet Co., Ltd. (Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, President: Kiyohiko Okubo, Kazumasa Sashide) announced on October 5 (Wednesday), the SDGs magazine “Sotokoto” that will create the future, November 2022 issue “Placemaking where people gather.” technique” was released.
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“Sotokoto” November 2022 issue cover
The special feature of the November issue is “Placemaking Techniques to Gather People”
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Are there any places you are interested in?
If you go there, you can meet someone and have fun.
“There” may be inside a building, or it may be a waterside where a pleasant breeze blows.
One thing I can say is that it is full of premonitions that something will happen, and you can hear someone’s breathing and feel relieved. The “placemaking technique that brings people together” is always in progress, with each person getting involved in a different way. “Placemakers” from all over Japan taught us how to do it and the fun of putting it into practice!
“Sotokoto” November 2022 issue Table of contents
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“Sotokoto” November 2022 issue table of contents
[Special feature] Placemaking techniques that bring people together ・”NATURE STUDIO” where you can live and connect with nature! ・”Tanokami Station” is a complex of restaurant + shared kitchen + brewery + satellite office.
・Playing in the park becomes more fun, “Ikoen to the park”.
・From a point to a line. Kumagawa-juku begins to move.
・ The reason why you want to go to the sauna as seen from “The Sauna”. ・Comfortable relationship between agriculture and food, “Traki root vegetable market”.
・”Shelter Inclusive Place Copal” that nurtures the power to live. ・Shusaku, a go club that does not create fences.
・2022 New Place Catalog
・Even if you don’t have anything to do, a place where you can think “Let’s go there” on a daily basis ─ Yukoko Yamashita, an open space artist.
Sustainable Book Guide.
~ Placemaking idea book ~
・ Planning: Nana Mitomo
・Management: Hideyuki Morita
・Planting by Rio Tase
・Equipment/equipment ╳Tomohiro Suzuki
・Refuge ╳ Hikaru Yamazaki
・Administration ╳ Daisuke Yamada
・Michi: Mayuko Mitani
・Event: Hideaki Izumi
・Shared kitchen / Chiichiro Kitaike
・Public bath/Katsuhito Okubo
・Skateboard Park / Shoro Homma
[This Month’s Specials]
・For a better future for me and the region. A step forward from “Kamijima Juku”. ・”KAMIKURU” ── A co-creation project that starts with paper recycling. ・ A light EV packed with “a little good for family”.
・Academies delivered by “Region x Sotokoto” are being held in various places! [serialization]
・Japan in pictures
・ Kotoizu: Masakatsu Takagi
・Futuristic indigenous culture: Daizaburo Sakamoto
・”Life” as Philosophy: Toshiro Inaba
・I’m gay, but the stars are beautiful and the meat is delicious. : Naoki Ota ・SOTOKOTO ZINE
・Notice of the next issue
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